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We are working more and more every day to observe what purpose people use to Instagram and to share these statistics with people all over the world.

My most liked photos on Instagram?

This moment of the year again, when everyone is taking a look back at everything they did in 2016. Curious about your most popular photos on Picgurum.

Why do you use instagram?

We can say this, Instagram is a photo sharing app which allows users to assign filters to photos and share them with followers.

What can we do with Instagram?

You can take pictures within the use photos or mobile app that already exist in your camera roll. You can give your image a title, which is helpful and fun. Images can be instantly shared, not only on Instagram, but also Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Snap and Tumblr.

What’s new in Instagram too?

In this Instagram Update, we’re going to go over the new streamlined ... If the video is too long for Instagram, you can take it straight to Facebook instead.