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The Me in Menopause (@the_me_in_menopause)

Yesterday was gym day. Are you lifting weights to retain, well, the use of everything really!?!? To put yourself in the best possible position for quality of life, independence and longevity.... Then this morning I was up early for a walk in the winter sunshine, stretching out the good muscle aches from yesterday 😀 Love it when I can achieve a modicum of discipline amongst the annoying control of hormones, even now, 13 years into menopause symptoms. I was the most disciplined person pre early onset menopause, caused by CFS (and post fertility treatment when, I assume the hormones got out of whack). It's really difficult going from disciplined to at the mercy of the waves of inability to move, think straight, stop crying and stop feeling overwhelmed. But you must find a way to keep moving. If you feel like you're being dragged along by hormonal chains, try B6 tablets morning and night, and sage leaf tea for flushes. Ditch sugar and dairy, and increase your protein. Take up meditation or mindfulness of some sort, to keep you relaxed and in the now, and have more chance of seeing and dealing with the hormonal patterns. Get a kettle bell and dam we'll swing it! You'll feel better, and your body will remember to stay toned and strong. I don't know about you.... but I want to still be capable of a great life long after menopause is a distant memory 😀 #liftweights #bestrong #midlife #healthymenopause #menopause #aginggracefully #beinspired #tone #wellness #wellbeing #50andfabulous #50andfit #menopausal #menopausesymptoms #copingwithmenopause #moveyourass

Drug Free Menopause Remedies (@drugfreemenopauseremedies)

Clary Sage Oil - According to herbalists and natural health advocates, clary sage oil contains high levels of estrogen-like chemicals like sclareol. Although sclareol is actually not an estrogen, it can successfully mimic it, especially if the woman has an estrogen deficiency. Visit us: http://bit.ly/1erm5TR #ClarySageOil #MenopauseRemedy #CopingWithMenopause

Drug Free Menopause Remedies (@drugfreemenopauseremedies)

Studies show that yoga and breathing relaxation methods are especially effective in fighting menopausal symptoms. #yoga #copingwithmenopause

Drug Free Menopause Remedies (@drugfreemenopauseremedies)

Talking to your partner about menopause. Lean on your loved one for encouragement & let them know how much their understanding means. #menopause #talkaboutmenopause #copingwithmenopause

Drug Free Menopause Remedies (@drugfreemenopauseremedies)

Reduce the health risks that may accompany menopause by eating the right foods. #eatright #menopause #copingwithmenopause

Drug Free Menopause Remedies (@drugfreemenopauseremedies)

Chronic drinking can impact weight gain in menopausal women. #copingwithmenopause

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