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Entrepreneur Coach + Travel (@yoadrianfrance)

Sunset on the weekend but don’t let the Sunday scaries darken your day. • There’s a couple things I do to avoid those scaries and ensure a productive week. Try these out! • Name your frogs. What are the 3 big ugly tasks you must get done for the week? Name them and plan time at the beginning of the week. • Tadpoles. Plan your week ahead - meaning time block on your calendar. I usually have 3 big things I must get done for the week and smaller things I have to get done each day. The first thing I tackle in the morning are those frogs, rather tadpoles, before I do anything - even emails. • Read. It’s good to end the night being inspired, focus and motivated. • Get some sleep and have a great week!

Intuitive Mentor + Strategist (@lindamclay)

List 3 things that went right (or wrong) today. 💕🌺🌸

Rachel Goodwin, Mindset Coach (@rachelstruthbombs)

Have you ever wanted to be more like someone else? Like you watch them from afar, creep their social media or whatever else because you really want to live life as freely as they do? I want to be more like my daughter and let me explain to you exactly why. Today I watched my daughter play with her cousins. Really watched with my full awareness and attention. They live out of town, so we don't get to see them very often. In previous times, Nyla was crazy timid around her cousins. She wouldn't play with them. If she did, it took a good hour or more for her to become comfortable. Today? She played her heart out. Her WHOLE heart. She didn't need me to encourage her to go have a good time. For the first time, she just DID it. Laughter and giggles flowed from her little body and it seemed like she was having the best day of her LIFE. I want to be more like my two year old. Even in the face of things that don't come natural, we should keep trying. We should keep getting uncomfortable to live more comfortable lives. We should laugh way more. Not the fake, half laughs. The soul laughs. We should enjoy our days and not pay attention to time when we don't need to. We should most definitely say no to things we don't want and yes to every thing else. Who knew you could get so much inspiration from a child just shy of 3 years old. Appreciate it Nyla Bug.💕 If Your children have taught you anything lately, feel free to share below! After today...I want to live more and never look back. Just like Nyla.#mombloggers #motherhoodunplugged #anxietywarrior #1111 #spiritualgangster #letthembelittle #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodrocks #yogaposes #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #selflovequotes #letthekids #lifecoach #bodyposi #lifecoaches #confidentwomen #toddlertantrums #toddlerhood #postpartumdepression #empoweredwomen #womenempoweringwomen #confidentwoman #toddlerlife #loveyourself #yogamoms

Rochelle - "The Real Deal" (@rochellesanch)

Is your email nurture sequence driving you nuts? You may be overthinking it. What's one thing you want people to do, right now, that will solve their problem? Write it down. Then write out 2-3 more nuggets of wisdom that compliment it. These will be the main topics your follow-up sequence! Set up your email list with your freebie and follow-up sequence. Share that link where appropriate. Easy peasy!

Keara Palmay (@keara_palmay)

No filter. No, seriously. This is the most magnificent place I’ve ever stayed. I’m grateful as f*ck for this experience. I don’t take it for granted.

Mindful Missions Holly Hartman (@mindfulmissionshollyhartman)

Stop Before Action (Check-in) Is your choice to act based on your Core Beliefs or Limited Beliefs? Choose the action based on your Core beliefs. If you are sure of your core beliefs. Let me know and I can help you discover them. #corebeliefs #limitedbeliefs #lifecoach #lifecoaches #lifecoaching #lifecoach2women #lifecoachforwomen

Lorraine Whyte (@life_strategistuk)

The best is yet to come! So we are now in the third week of 2018. Time has flown by! For some, January is usually a time when you just go for it, and go at it. They call it getting off to a good start. But in order to start, there has to be an end goal. Ask yourself: what do you want to have accomplished by January 2019 in your business, in your personal life, or your health for example. Then ask yourself: is this aligned to my purpose/ calling? Numerologically, 2018 is a special year for you if you want to make powerful breakthroughs in your life. I’m speaking to those of you who have a dream or a goal which you have been working towards over the past few years, but without success. I want to tell you that 2018 is the year to make it happen. The best is yet to come in 2018, if you really want it! I will share more about the energy of 2018 in my next post. #numerology #intuitivereading #motivationalquotes #lifecoach #lifecoaches #coach #coaches #coachescoach #purpose #lifepurpose #soulpurpose #calling

Kelsey Horton (@kelseynichorton)

Sunday Funday with my fam! 💏🐈 Plans today included rooting for the Jaguars and booking our lodging and train tickets for our upcoming trip to France this spring (!). I've been studying the French language since I was 12 and am so grateful to be able to go SPEAK it and explore France for the first time. Wishing you all sparkles and joy as we move into the week ahead ✨

Keara Palmay (@keara_palmay)

Embracing the beauty of Hawaii. 🌟 . . It is #heaven

Success Coach & Creative (@polly_alexandre)

Tomorrow at 12 noon on my Weekly Motivation Monday Facebook Live Training the topic is "How to Deal with Copying". I'm going to be opening up the discussion about how to handle it when someone copies your brand, website, ideas, visual, creative ideas or writing. Creativity is one of my top values, and it's always a challenge when someone else consciously or unconsciously copies my work, ideas and artistic output. And I know I'm not alone - so many of you have reached out privately to share your own experiences this week, after my whole website and brand (and even my written content) got copied by another coach. . I'll be diving into how to handle it from a practical point of view but most importantly the emotions that come up.... the anger, frustration, injustice & how to deal with these. I'll be talking about why it happens, and how to create an empowering mindset around it... come join the discussion over on my Facebook Business Page (@pollyalexandreltd on Facebook) . . . . . . #moneymindset #positivevibration #intuitivehealing #intuitivecoaching #thetahealing #successcoaching #successcoach #raiseyourvibe #raiseyourvibration #abundancenow #selfdevelopment #newyou #newyou2018 #newyearnewstart #newyearnewgoals #goddesslife #copying #upliftingwomen #lawofattractioncoach #positivemindset #positivevibration #livingbeautifully #sayyestosuccess #inspiredliving #powerofpositivity #livewithpurpose #moneyblocks #businesscoachforwomen #businesscoach #lifecoaches

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