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Marsha Hudson (@marsharaehudson)

When President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky came to light, Billy Graham called for forgiveness. Clinton told Peter Boyer of The New Yorker, "He took sin seriously. But he took redemption seriously." #BillyGraham #heroofthefaith #lovepeople #christtheredeemer #gospel #bornagain #loverofpeople

Rich Wilkerson (@richwilkerson)

Dr. Billy Graham went HOME today! I love this picture, Thankyou @deancurry, because it was taken at the #TacomaDone in 1983. I was there! On Friday night of that week my father-in-law, Dr. Fulton Buntain who was the chairman of the crusade, had a group of us young ministers in a side room to speak with Dr Graham before the event that night. I was so scared I was shaking. Someone asked Dr Graham to tell us how he had achieved such success. His response made us want to kneel down and weep in repentance. He covered his face with both hands as if to shield himself from the perceived praise of men and said...”Oh NO! I’m not successful. You men are successful. I feel like Martin Luther, I’m just a worm!” I never forgot that as long as I have lived. The greatest gospel preacher of our time...In his own mind..A WORM. God help me to remember Your greatness and my smallness! Thank God for the great FINISHER! Dr Billy Graham. #LoverOfPeople #FriendOfSinnersLikeMe

Emi Norris (@emillew)

I once had the misconception that to succeed, there had to be a plan. An A-Z, fool proof system guaranteed for success. Once I realized my plans weren’t working, the excuses came up in attempt to save my ego. I was offered a trip on a rocket ship and I tried so hard to figure it all out, I missed the view. I obviously knew I needed to re-evaluate, and for me, that meant letting go of the plan. Realizing nothing is fool proof, and fear is no excuse to not try. I began willing things to happen. Instead of β€œI want” or β€œI wish”, I started saying things like β€œI will”. Once I adapted a new line of thinking, the wall crumbled. I realized everyone is scared at some point, and if I wait until I’m an expert, I’ll never get there. I then noticed my days were getting better, my attitude was positive, worry was fading, and even my bank account was slightly growing. I’m now on my rocket ship, in my unplanned seat.... loving the view. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Nicole Hammond (@nicolehammond99)

I have the most beautiful dinner date ❀️ and the. You know you raised em right when she wants to give the homeless guy a bowl of soup, the blanket in the car and some protein shakes that you just bought at Costco. #gorgeous #beauty #beautifuldaughter #glam #beautyinsideout #Godsheart #loverofpeople #defenderofmankind #seniorpictures #senioryear #destinedforgreatness #daughteroftheking #worldchanger #differencemaker #ghs #gregori @alexis.hammond @markhammond1968

Britni Wilson (@homeamongthewvhills)

Ever since creating my page to focus on home decor I've been struggling with how materialistic it is. In the big realm of things it's so unimportant. I never want my page to make anyone feel uncomfortable or that I'm bragging about what we have. In this home, God gets all the glory. We are beyond thankful for what he has done in our lives, and I hope to make this place a house of comfort and beauty. & That when people enter it they feel a sense of peace, and feel warmth and invitation into our lives, and the life we live for Jesus here. So while my pictures do focus on things of this world, let it be known my heart does not! Love you all, and thank you for following! Ps. Happy Monday!! πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ #farmhousedecor #oldthingsmadenew #shadesofblue #wedolovejesus #loverofoldthings #loverofpeople

Lee Tafari (@lee_tafari_music)

Happy Birthday Earth strong! to my musical daddy Tuff Lion. I am grateful for the life of this true human being. #loverofpeople #peacemakers #NahWarWithYou

That girl Sinclair! (@sinclairthegr8)

@theoriginalchin thank you for introducing me to @ave_blake!! @blake_ave Ave from day one you and I clicked on so many levels! A Leo & Aquarian. (πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ) I’ve helped so many on my journey. Been BURNT time and time again. But YOU my dear have been Consistent. You’ve worked with my tight budget!!Hell no budget at all. Yo I’m humbled man.. I’m a believer that one day you and I will Reach the MOON & STARs collectively & individually!!! Last night πŸ’• My confidence was thru the roof.. This was another one for the books!! Shit we gonna need mad BOOKS!!! Love you, Avaleen Blake. You deserve this and so much MORE!! I can’t wait to have you full-time.. stay tuned. Have a blessed Sunday Afternoon everyone! #supportsmallbusiness #blackowned #designer #muse #blackgirlmagic #believer #humble #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #youready #nextlevel #blackexcellence #wakandaforever #art #loverofpeople #love #sisterlylove #moneymoves

Jeneice Meyers (@jdmeyers88)

I just don’t know how some people survive #icanteven #loverofpeople #justdontgetit

zippora marti (@one_theproject)

VALENTINES DAY My hubby loves rose jam and bubble baths - so what could be better than giving him a rose jam bubble bath for Valentine's Day or our 6 1/2 years anniversary which is also today? I love to give things that I know will bring joy. And it's even better when the gift is wrapped in a reusable furoshiki! . . @lushschweiz . . #lustauflush #lushlucerne #lush #rosejam #loverosejam #rose #furoshiki #furoshikiwrapping #furoshikipresent #sustaibablegiving #sustainablecosmetics #faircosmetics #naturalcosmetics #one #oneyearonedress #onedress #crueltyfree #planetearth #noanimaltesting #sustainableproject #cosmeticschanger #ourplanetourhome #lovemyplanet #loverofpeople #rosesence #ecopower #blogger_ch #ecoblogger #oooleh


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