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24 Jan 2018: Daylight come and me wanna go home...

Tanya Nielsen Essential living (@tanya_nielsen_essential_living)

Young Living are spoiling us again. Grab yourself a Premium Starter Kit and you will Receive 2 FREE oils and a Diffuser Necklace. - Get in quick though as it's while stocks last. - phone orders or email orders only. contact me and I will hook you up. -valid until 29/01/2018. 🇳🇿🌊☀️

Shari (@goodfoodweek)

This guy likes to pick out his own clothes each morning and his current 'style' can be described as 'every Croatian soccer t-shirt that Dida has brought back from his holidays' 😝😂😝 He just wants to be part of the team. He is developing confidence and will often go up to older kids with a ball at the park and ask if he can play on their team. It's super cute to watch and you can often tell who has younger siblings as to how they interact with him. I think this kid is going to LOVE team sports! And here is hoping for a smooth transition into 3yr old preschool next week. #mummyblogger #mammarazzi #mumswithcameras #motherhood #mumofthree #mumofboys #mumofthreeboys #raisingboys #outdoorkids #weliveatthepark #imonyourteam #partoftheteam #loverofballsports #soccercrazy #toddlerfashion #croatian #hajduksplit #redwhiteandblue #hajduk #hetakesafterhisdida #growingupwithsiblings #kickittome #takingoversoccergamessince2016 #socceroo2034 #cantwaittobepartoftheteam #thelittledude2018

Beth Busam (@bethbusam)

I am beyond freaking excited right now ✨I just received news that the hubby and I are off to an entirely paid for all inclusive trip to Rivera Maya in April thanks to my little part time job🙌 ✨ I never thought my coaching business would bring us to where we are now. Once we had Seb we literally said out loud that a sacrifice we would have to make for me not working was going to be vacations (the Jersey shore doesn’t count😂) ✨ But thanks to coaching I have taken my family to Disney, Jamaica, Nashville and now Rivera Maya and it feels freaking amazing 😍😘Doing a job I love by helping others get healthy and find their confidence❤️ Now I know more then ever that all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them ✨💕 #vacationtime #beachtime #timetoparty #beachvacation #cancunmexico

Mums Nutrition - Dietitian (@nataliethompson.apd)

One thing that can be hard is changing the self-talk and judgement that was so ingrained and so necessary to keep these types of clients stuck dieting.⠀ ⠀ Becoming aware of how you talk to yourself and judge everything you do as "good" and "bad" is unhelpful as it simplifies things and leads you to the assumptions dieting promises. E.g. If I just do this, I will be able to lose weight and be happy. Only when I do this, this will happen. Unfortunately, dieting never delivers.⠀ ⠀ For the full story, visit At What Point Do You Become A Normal Eater Again After Dieting https://wp.me/p6LHEX-18s - Link in bio

JO. (@jomasha)

What do you mean they’re teaching you self defence? I thought I was paying them to teach you how to wax my car.

Tegan (@bradleybunch_)

This one started Kindy today!! Why do they grow up so quickly it’s not ok that I only have 1 year left of her at home. Then it’ll be just me and Billy 😬 I love having the time just one on one with Billy but man I miss this kids giggle and smile.

Essentials for mums (@essentialsformums)

Two of my son’s favourites 🚗⛴ 😍winner toy from @everbloomkids. Click on my bio to see more of @everbloomkids #essentialsformums

Kate Flatman (@kateflatman)

ⓔⓐⓣ Another favourite in our house - animal sandwich cutters! The poppets loved their little nut butter Koala sandwiches 🐨 + chunky avocado for lunch today after a big morning at swimming lessons. 🇦🇺💚💛 #flatmantwins #australia

Лариса Ш. (@belenca43)

Осталось 4млн. 370 тысяч руб. и 111 дней!🔥🔥 Этот озорной донской мальчуган  с красивой и тёплой улыбкой - Никита Семенчук . Особенный ,1 на 6000 человек ! . Он живёт в г.#Аксай , учиться в  гимназии . Никита увлечен футболом ,  посещает секцию в ФШ-ЮНИОР , с мая прошлого года  он впервые  попробовал владеть мячом , но  слышать тренера и команду  очень тяжело. . С рождения у него одно ушко , второе не развилось 😔, нет слухового прохода, нет ушной раковины , а вместо всего этого - маленькое "подобие " .  Даже при отсутствии одного ушка при заболевании Микротия атрезия слухового прохода, детки все же слышат , пока кость черепа не окрепла , как только окрепнет, сквозь неё звук не проходит , и на то ушко ,что было здоровое с рождения , вся надежда 🙏. Но при простудах и насморках страдает и здоровое . . В случае с Никитой все намного хуже . 😢  Никита теряет слух. В 2016 году была 2-3 степень тугоухости, в 2017 году - 4 степени. Неразвитым ушком Никита не слышит вообще. Как оказалось, промедление может привести к опухоли головного мозга! Необходима дорогостоящая  комбинированная операция в Американской клинике: открытие слухового прохода и реконструкция ушной раковины с использованием методики Medpor. Это позволит Никите самостоятельно  слышать. . Стоимость операции составляет 85 000$ США На сегодняшний день собрано порядка 10$ 😔  Знаю ,что мы можем собрать эти деньги . Но сейчас нужно сделать так ,чтобы о Никите узнали ,для этого нужны репосты, ваши лайки ❤.,упоминания в storis . В очередной раз прошу оказать посильную помощь ,отказавшись от ненужной мелочи. Низкий вам поклон каждому из вас . Добро вернется 🙏 . Документы и отчёты на страничке @help.semenchuk.nikita . . ✔️Реквизиты помощи Никите : ✔️ Карта сбербанка: 4276520013090358 Семенчук Наталья Владимировна (мама) ✔Карта МТС Деньги  VISA :  4042 6690 8710 Семенчук Наталья Владимировна (мама) ✔Билайн 89612810622 ✔МТС 89897032240 ✔️Яндекс деньги: 410015188889744 ✔️QIWI: 89281063625 ✔️Paypal paypal.me/semenchuknata  ВЫ ТАК ЖЕ МОЖЕТЕ ПОМОЧЬ ЧЕРЕЗ ФОНДЫ: 📌ФОНД "ВРЕМЯ ДОБРЫХ ДЕЛ " 👉 SMS на короткий номер 5533 с текстом "ДЕТСТВО" пробел 300 вызов ( где 300 удобная Вам сумма пожертвования).

Valeria Ramirez (@valeriansteel_)

In celebration of #peanutbutterday we made our version of @donna.hay’s Chocolate Peanut Slice. 🍫 🥜 💕

Organic Baby (@organic_bambino)

Those. Cheeks. I don't know about you guys but nothing in the world could have ever prepared me for the love I feel for my little one - totally makes the sleepless nights worth it, right?! 📷: @ssubodhi (thanks for blessing our eyes with this gorgeous photo 😍) . . . . #organicbambino #naturalparenting #parentsofinstagram #babies #organicparenting #babiesofinstagram #organicbaby #mummyblogger #ecobaby #supporthandmade #ecofriendly #youngmum #youngmom #thosecheeks #girlpower

"Mum Jasmin & her tribe of 3" (@our.lil.adventurers)

Madison has loved these little @Preshafruit Cold Pressed Juices. It’s been her little treat to enjoy on a hot day and it a nice change from her drinking water all the time. They come in a 145ml bottles perfect size for lunchboxes and they are delicious pure fruit blends that are free from artificial preservatives or concentrates, has no added sugar and free from heat treatment. They will be great for when little Miss starts Kinder soon. You can find these Presha Fruit mini’s available @woolworthsau. #ad #lunchtime #schoollunches #refreshments #coldpressedjuices #healthy #healthykids #kinder #school #backtoschool #lifestyle #mummy #mummyblogger #influencer #socialinfluencer

Zoe G (@thesubtlemummy)

Any other mums working from home today and feeling me? Absolutely can’t concentrate but it’s my last resort before I chuck on the cartoons. Even then Ambrosia gets bored. She cant watch tv longer than 5 mins.

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