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Samantha Merritt (@samanthammerritt)

Others: “I’d only run if I was being chased!” Me: “I am, by my goals and I plan on beating them!” That’s not the sign for 3 it’s the sign for 6! First 6 mile run post baby! 8:25 pace and feeling good. I definitely had to push to make it happen. My legs were tired, my belly empty, had a million other things to do, but I left the house and hit the ground running. Literally. Went without my buddy while he napped. And got hit on by some ten year olds. 😂🤣

l i t t l e • teggypegs ➰ (@little.teggypegs)

Late night necklace-making 📿 can you spot yours? It’s very therapeutic cracking through your orders when everyone else is asleep, though I think I’ll be joining them shortly 😴 • 5 hex teething necklaces are £6 plus p&p - orders taken via DM 💌 • • • • • #supportsmallbusiness #handmade #teethingbaby #shopsmall #shophandmade #babygift #babygifts #pregnant #newmum #newmumgift #personalisedgifts #sensory #sensorytoys #teething #teethingnecklace #breastfeeding #nursing #teethingjewellery #teethingjewelry

Meranda (@mummaplusbubba)

FIT - What do you see in this image? Strong or Skinny? I see a fit and strong woman and this is my aim for this year - after having injuries with my natural labor I want to be Strong again this is my goal for 2018. . . . The 8 Week Shred is going to show me the steps up achieve this. What small steps are you doing today to achieve your goals? . . . 📷 via Pinterest . . . . . #newyearnewyou #newyearnewme #8weekshred #joinmeinmyjourney #trusttheprocess #fitgirlsguidechallenge #meetthenewyou #joinourtribe #choosehealth #menarewelcome #healthylifestyle #goldcoast #goldcoast4u #soloparenting #solomum #withsupport #goldcoastbeauty #goldcoastevents #mumblog #mumblogger #goldcoastlife #mothersofinstagram #igmums #newmum #firsttimemum #singleparent #betterlifestyle

K A T I E | R A L P H (@katyyrosexx)

the hardest but most rewarding challenge. because he can even make me smile on bad days, i just want him to be proud 🖤 ——•

Libertybelle Design (@libertybelleco)

Personalized name prints for your little ones nursery 💗 check out the personalized print section on the website ~ can also do custom designs if you don’t see what you need up there! . 📸 @lifewitholivialouise . . . . #personalisedgifts #personalised #prints #designerprints #floral #wreath #watercolour #nameprints #nurseryart #kidsroom #kidsroomdecor #kdswallart #kidsprints #babygirl #babyboy #newbaby #newmum #libertybelledesign

Mummyblogger Firsttimemum (@portiamoodie.bp)

@aster_and_oak #aostylistsearch18 My babe and I would love to enter!! @bpayne_5 and I are first time parents to our Lacey girl! I absolutely love taking photos of her! Lacey is a super happy smiley girl who has recently learnt to sit up! And is almost crawling! We are located in TAS, but moving back to NSW very soon! ♥️ All my Mommy friends go enter!!

▪️Mama & Personalised Keyrings (@dollsanddudes)

•T h e• •D o l l s •&• D u d e s• •‘D R E A M E R’• • Such a cute little something for the home. • Lots of colour options available. • Personalised with a name/initials of your choice, or a word, eg - •L O V E• •H O P E• ... • ▪️New Product▪️ ▪️Special Offer Price▪️ ▪️£10.00 + £1.50▪️ • • • #RoseGoldMamaKeyring #Hangies #giftsforhim #giftsforhim #giftsforall #birthdaygift #siliconebeads #siliconenecklace #mama #mummy #changingbag #keyring #siliconekeyring #bohostyle #dreamcatcher #nametag #personalisedkeyring #siliconebeads #babyshowergift #newmum #personalisedgifts #shelfies #lanyards #nurserydecorations #garlands #decor #dreamcatchers #homedecor #nurserydecor

A S H L E Y S M I T H (@ashleysmithfitness)

#sidebysidesunday edition. 🙌🏽 . Left side. 2013. Engaged. Before babies. Before real life really began to happen honestly. Unsure of herself and what her purpose in life was. No solid workout or health routine. Inconsistent and extremely insecure. . Right side. 2018. Married. Two kiddos. Supportive fit family and community. Found her purpose and passion in life. Given herself permission to be imperfect & find grace in it. . Pictures are worth a thousand words they say, and these pictures share a lot. Of course on the outside; the transformation is there. But on the inside; it’s greater. . Close to a year later after that picture on the left was taken, I’d be introduced to my #fitfam and fall in love with taking care of myself body, spirit, and mind and find passion in helping other women do the same. . That picture on the right says it all for me. Barely any makeup, undone hair, glasses, but a huge smile sitting there on the floor of my retreat home a week ago. And you know why? Because I’ve finally figured out who I am. God has brought to light gifts and passions I never knew I had, given me friends I never knew I needed, and empowered me to make changes I never thought I could. I finally for the first time in my life feel confident in my own skin and secure enough to be who I was created to be. Unapologetically. . Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith and trusting in something or someone bigger than yourself to experience the greatest transformations from the inside out. ❤️ . You’re brave and you’re bold. It’s all inside of you. Trust it. Embrace it. Lean into it. Don’t be afraid of the unknown for that’s where the beauty lies. The adventure and the excitement. The good stuff. ✨ . Life has changed tremendously over the last five years since I got engaged to the love of my life. Change is good; it’s makes you a better person. I’m so grateful for this journey of self discovery I’ve been on, and the cool thing is that it’s not anywhere close to over! A journey takes time and that’s where the JOY is to be found. 💗🙌🏽

Lindsay Erin (@thelindsayerin)

This is for all you moms. You go 💯 all day every day because these little rays of sunshine light up your LYFE! It’s pretty incredible really 💗 you become a mom and you imagine your heart will explode but instead it just expands. It’s like the heart has no boundaries. Right?! And you literally pour yourself into these littles all day every day because it’s what you were made to do. And you forget to fill your own cup. And one day you realize it’s empty and when it’s empty you’ve simply got nothing left to give. Which is absolutely heart breaking because your number one job on this earth is those sweet babes. Right?! I know. That was me a year ago. I was so freaking happy. ((Doing something for yourself doesn’t mean you’re unhappy PS)) And I truly worried that my heart would not handle 2, but as soon as this tough, determined, strong willed little girl joined us it happened all over again. 💗 But I knew I had to make time for me and fill my cup. Here’s the thing though - I teach and I have to be to work super early and I’m just not going to the gym before or after school. Not happening 🙅🏼‍♀️ #keepingitreal And really - doing something for you doesn’t = gym time. It could mean getting your nails or hair done, seeing a movie, getting coffee with a friend. Whatever it is do it for you - fill your cup. You deserve it. And do it with people who deserve you. . . . . . #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #iteach #middleschoolteacher #mom #newmum #girlmom #girlmum #boymom #momoftwo #introvert #redhair #teacherstyle #teacherootd

B a b y A r i a (@mummyandbabyaria)

I mean how do men actually manage to sleep through anything?! The world could be coming to an end and Kez would be snoring away 😩😩 Aria is teething so shes up every few hours and apparently her cries are only at a pitch I can hear !! Urgh! MEN!! #mommemes #mummyandbabyaria #mum #mummy #newmum #parent #parenting #mumofone #babygirl #pinkbaby ukblog #ukblogger #personalblog #mummyblogger #mummyblog #mumblog #mumstuff #babystuff #sleep #teething #5monthsold

Audra•Kuh (@audra.kuh)

We all have that pair of jeans that we wish would just fit a little bit better, that would button a little bit easier, and would just overall look better. 👖 . These jeans are a size zero short and they fit last December when I got pregnant. I had never worn less than a size 4 for as long as could remember or started buying in the juniors department. . I’ve always had wide hips, big thighs, a “wide booty” 🍑, and the dreaded love handles. 😑 Those were my goal areas to whittle down the last couple years and I got rid of them last year with consistency and hard work. . These workouts have gotten me to my best shape of my life once and I’m determined to do it again! Here’s to 73 more days til these pants fit perfect again! 🙌🏼

Lynelle Jones (@the_oil_change)

School goes back this week!! For a lot of families this means new school shoes, uniforms, pencils, packing lunches, and rushing out to do the school drop off each morning. This year it means something different to us; homeschooling! Which means we can spend our mornings doing this 👆! I’m excited yet nervous to be doing this, but super happy that we have our essential oils to help support us. If you’re interested in hearing how exactly essential oils can be used to help kids (AND parents!), as we all head back into the school year, whatever that looks like for you, I’d love to invite you to an online class we’re having tonight over on Facebook! It’s free, it’s fun, and there’s a giveaway! And you might just learn something life changing, and sanity saving!

Little Lover's 主售嬰兒用品 (@little_lovers_998)

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Little Lover's 主售嬰兒用品 (@little_lovers_998)

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Little Lover's 主售嬰兒用品 (@little_lovers_998)

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