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Missy (@liquidphoenix)

Someone said puppies.... yup, let’s make it a thing. 2011 #internationalpuppyday #merlinwashere

CAROL KENDALL (@lagom.concepts)

crews available in black & heather grey

Leah (@doxenmomof3)

#happynationalpuppyday 💑🐶🐶🐶 From the very first photo to the most recent. We don’t know what we would do without these 3 personalities in our lives. We smile and laugh everyday because of the joy the 3 of you bring. You make our hearts swell with love, pride, and happiness. We couldn’t have hand picked a better family. ❤️🐶🐶🐶❤️🎇🎆 #wedontdeservedogs #dog #dogs #dachshund #dachshundsofinstagram #dachshundoftheday #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram #dogmom #dogparent #adventureisoutthere #love #mustlovedogs

Sue @ The Little Shack (@littleshackonthehill)

Slime to the rescue! A couple of days ago I once again attempted to use Slime to seal up Honey’s ancient air shocks. I had first used a bottle that required my squeezing it to press the Slime into the valves, and then the tire inflator was attached and used to push it through into the actual air shock. Using this for repairing a flat tire is one thing. Getting the Slime all the way from the valve to the air bag is another. I found that squeezing as hard as I could was probably not enough to get much Slime into the tube and then into the air bag. So, another trip to Canadian Tire. I found exactly what I needed! A large jug of Slime with a pump attached! This pump pushes more Slime with a single pump into the valve than I was able to, and continued to pump it in. I gave each valve about 10 pumps, which was equal to roughly 300ml of Slime. Then pumped each bag up to 55psi. When I removed the Slime tube from the valve, some did leak back out, but most stayed in. Today, I took Honey out for a ride to give the airbags a chance to bounce around. Once home, I crawled underneath and was pleasantly surprised to find that one airbag is still completely inflated, while the other is a little soft. The first picture shows the airbag prior to any Slime or air. It didn’t look like it would hold air then. Now, it has made a comeback with Slime!! My weak first attempt at using Slime was a fail, as the airbags quickly lost pressure after a drive around the block. Now, with this jug and pump I’ve managed to fix one, and possibly 2! The soft airbag is further from the valves, so possibly it will need another shot of Slime and air. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes👍

☼ tayla lee ☼ (@itstaylagiles)

🐴🎪🎟 Spent the afternoon wandering through mazes of market stalls, looking at all the adorable animals in the petting zoos and making friends with this handsome horse called Angus at the Mount Barker District Show 🎟🎪🐴 #mountbarkerdistrictshow #mountbarkershow #mtbarkerdistrictshow #mtbarkershow #fair #show #countryfair #countryshow #horse #animals #me #selfie #selfportrait #photography #nature #landscape #scenery #mountbarker #mtbarker #adelaidehills #adlhills #sa #southaustralia #adventure #adventureisoutthere #event #eventssa #market #carnival #country

Jordan Stancombe (@jordanstancombe)

Today we drove the Steese Highway and touched the Alyeska Trans-Alaska Pipeline with our own hands! • “It took 70,000 construction workers and $8 billion of investment capital to build the famous 4-foot silver thread that snakes its way through 800 miles of Alaskan wilderness to reach the nation's thirsty refineries, crossing mountain ranges, earthquake zones, permafrost, and rivers. Some 420 miles of the pipeline are elevated (with 554 animal crossings), and outside Fairbanks is the place to see it. As you watch, consider this: Every hour, more than a million dollars of black gold flows through it.” - Alaska.org

ЦветТрэвел (@tsvettrevel)

Туда, где телефоны не ловят. Туда, где тишина и покой.💙 #Repost @man_influence with @get_repost ・・・ Place to escape 🙌🏼 Tag someone.. by @jeremyaustiin via @love_mood_style

ЦветТрэвел (@tsvettrevel)

💛Доброе весеннее утро, дорогие путешественники! Желаем вам хорошего дня и прекрасного настроения! А у нас туры на любой вкус: 🏝экзотика или автобусные по Европе 🇫🇷, круизы⚓️ и даже Раннее бронирование на будущий сезон!✈️❤️ Приходите, нам есть что обсудить за чашечкой кофе☕️Сегодня работаем до 17 на ул.Советская, 55 (2 минуты от кинотеатра Беларусь)📽и до 16 в ТЦ "Клондайк" на ул. Советская, 126, офис33!☕️🍪Заходи, у нас мнооого интересного!👍🏼у

J E N △ Gonzalez (@gonziglesias)

Baobab tree, not only famous in Madagascar 💚

Sierra 🌹 Knott (@sierraroseknott)

Look what arrived in the mail today just in time for a Bishop trip! I'm stoked to try out this beautiful hand salve that's infused with CBD and native healing essential oils thanks to @lady_zissou at @heavypetalsd 👊🏽🌸 • • • There's a lot of talk about the topical healing benefits of CBD and I'm excited to see how it translates into bringing some skin back to my shredded fingers after climbing outside all weekend! Stay tuned! #healing #cbd #cannabinoids #naturalmedicine #climbingsalve #getoutside #goclimb #getoutstayout #goexplore #neverstopexploring #climbon #rockclimbing #climber #bouldering #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climblife #womenclimbing #pebblewrestling #adventure #adventureisoutthere #climbingnation #climbergirl #climblikeagirl #girlswhoclimb #girlswhoboulder #boulderingbabes #slaydies

Leah Kathryn🌻 (@darlingimamess_17)

Hoping one of these places calls me tomorrow offering an interview. It's time for a new adventure. #adventureisoutthere

𝔸ℕ𝕀𝕊𝕀𝔸’𝕤 𝕃𝕀𝔽𝔼 (@shutova_anisa)

Здравствуй мир , ой как долго меня не было в #ИнстаМир ‘е ( OMG почти 8 месяцев ) 🤦🏻‍♀️ Как говорят в Голливудских фильмах «Восставшая из пепла» - так это как раз про меня 😂 Многие мне пишут : « как я? , где я? , с кем я? ) почему ??)» Произошло столько всего за эти 8 месяцев моего ‘молчания , будто я прожила уже 10 жизней...) Честно , даже не знаю с чего начать свой рассказ , но готова многим поделиться 🙌🏻 С чего бы мне начать ...)???🤔🤓


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