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Hair Magic by Draie🌸🌹🌼 (@thecolorfairy)

Five weeks later... Swipe! ➡➡➡ I LOVE it when my clients take care of their hair color. Info on how to make your vivids last are in my previous post. 👌 . You don't need to avoid blues because you're worried about it fading to swamp hair. 😂 I know you know the color I'm talking about. 🙊 It's all about formulation & methodical application.

Hair Magic by Draie🌸🌹🌼 (@thecolorfairy)

Swipe!!!➡➡➡ Vivids that get better over time... 😍😍😍 How? 30% is how your colorist formulates and applies your color{s} to create a vivid canvas that's *prepared* to fade {don't fight the fade, you can't avoid it, work withhhh it. That's the best part!}. And SEVENTY PERCENT, I repeat, 70%... is how *you* care for it at home. Because heaven knows if she had gone home to use a bottle of suave "just really quick, it won't make a difference"... 😑😑😑 this color would have been like #BYEEEEEE and would have faded like 3 weeks worth in one sad shampoo. That stuff is like dish soap. So major props to her for caring for her gorgeous locks! . This is what Kelly did to make her color last: . 🌹 Dry Shampoo is GOD because it allows you to delay shampooing without oil buildup... and delay she did! 🌹 Condition your mids~ends BEFORE you get into the shower. 🌹 Shampoo with a color safe shampoo, only at the roots. 🌹 Rinse with lukewarm~cool water. 🌹 Use hot tools minimally {but still have fun with it 😏}. 🌹 And again, dry shampoo is god. . And the best part? She'd been so amazing about caring for her color, she hadn't even needed to use her custom color refresh masque. 👍👍👍 #YasGirl #GoldStar #ClientGoalz . {P.S. ~ I tried to capture the color dimension in different lighting/angles to show the color as accurately as possible. You can see near the window the colors really pop and in more diffused lighting {{see my next post}} the color is super smokey. It was seriously unreal. Also! The photos from Transformation Day were taken as the sun was setting, and the photos of the fade~out were taken mid~late afternoon with brighter light visible, which helped to really show off the color.}

Javette... Aka Miss Jay (@missjaystudio)

This is nothing but the truth every hair style , texture , life style change requires maintenance #lesson #stylist #michiganstylist #ypsilantihairstylist #annarborhairstylist #missjaystudio #info

Fearless Beaute (@thatsherhair)

SPRING IS HERE!! Book today!! Call/Text 248-677-1381 #ThatsHerHair #Beaute


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