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sibri (@two_spirit_)

Daily Draw - Four of Cups: Everything is personal if you’re a person, right? That’s a phrase I heard once, but taking things personally and becoming upset or defensive when it wasn’t intended that way usually indicates that we have quite a bit of self doubt going on and therefore comments may feel a little raw. It’s time to develop more of a relationship with yourself. Take some time for contemplation, particularly for healing purposes. You’ve spent quite a bit of time recently isolating yourself and being in ‘self preservation’ mode, and therefore you have become quite disconnected. Whilst it’s a natural emotion to protect ourselves when we feel we’re being attacked, you have to consider whether your desire to do this is due to a sense of a real threat or more of a precaution. If it’s the latter, then consider what needs to heal from your past to help you move on? Take a look around you, there are people close to you who are more than happy to help and support you. They are reaching out and so far you have pushed them away. Take the support from those you trust, strengthen that relationship with yourself, self question, contemplate, and soon you’ll be focussing on your goals once again. Happy times are just around the corner if you are prepared to put in the leg work.

Mike Gutschalk (@mauri_dreamer)

Guten Morgen Hier habe ich noch ein Bild von der Blaumeise auf meiner Hand. Es ist wirklich ein unbeschreibliches und wunderbares Gefühl, so einen kleinen Piepmatz auf der eigenen Hand zu spüren. ☺️ Wie leicht die Vögel doch sind. Wie eine Feder ! Zudem bin ich immer wieder erstaunt, dass auch so ein Wildvogel so ein Vertrauen zu den Menschen haben kann. Aber mit etwas Futter ist anscheinend alles möglich. 😀 Wünsche Euch einen schönen Wochenteiler ! #blaumeise #birds #bestshot #wildlife #erzgebirge #wildlifephotography #tierfotografie #bestbirds #natur #wildlife #bestpics #gutenmorgen #birdstagram #bestbirdsofinstagram #vögel #vögelfüttern #wald #forest #bestpicsofinstagram #clarazetkinpark #leipzig #park #tiershooting #germany

🐝B da Future🚀 #DBLMG🎶🎤🎶 (@b_da_future)

#offgaurd #bestpics #bdafuture #newbeeill #whitegold #tennischains #Dblmg Got Them Tennis chains 💎on an they real blingy💎💎💎 /Draco🔫 make you do the Chicken Head Like Chingy/ (21) @21savage


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