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R a c h e l L a b e l l (@rachelfitchik)

Prepping food ahead of time makes it sooo much easier to heat up and go when it comes to a busy week and staying on track! -Ground chicken✔ -Mix of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, zuchini, squash, peppers, and onions✔ -Zoodles(zuchini noodles) and brown rice on the side ✔ *Love what you do & keep your vision clear on WHY you are doing what you do.

MARGO (@_margoqueen_)

Есть безделья , которые выше трудов, как монеты различной валюты. Есть минуты, которые стоят годов, и года, что не стоят минуты🙏🏼 #würzburgcity #arhetecturelovers #beyourselfalways #wintertime #dontlikeitdontlook #beautifulview #januarymounth #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #travelphoto #happyholidays #iliveasiwant #germany #phylosophyoflife #adventureculture #newplacesnewfaces #dontworrybehappy #imnotablogger #mylivemyrules#newstyle

🌻 Brianna Snyder 🌻 (@brie_breezer)

You’ll never have enough time, so focus on the priorities and make time for what you love 💕

the lotion bar co. (@lotion_bar_co)

Badass. Quote by Jennifer Lawrence

Vincent Keller (@vincekellerneo)

PITCH PERFECT Who has seen the movie? @pitchperfectmovie

Jessica Ireland (@theinnerjourneytolove)

You should never have to question whether someone loves you, whether they are in your life, whether they will be there for you when they say they will, or whether you can feel safe enough to feel and express yourself in the moment. I don't think there is anything more heartbreaking and painful than to have someone promise they are there in your time of need, only to turn their back on you and walk away. This world is a hard enough place to live in as it is, and the worst thing you can do is go at it alone. Please surround yourself with people who show up and love you when you need love, and won't turn away from you and leave you wondering if they care. They are out there, I promise, don't stop looking. Find your tribe, the ones who let you be you and experience your difficulties and who will hold you when you need them the most. And when you do find them, never let them go, be there for them too when they are in need. Real true love and friendship is the most beautiful gift our soul can receive. You deserve something you don't have to question. Real isn't who is there to celebrate, it's the person next to you at your rock bottom. You deserve someone you know is there, no matter what. You deserve to know you are safe and loved, always.

Katie Lou (@katie__lou_lou)

One of my favs. Support everyone for who they are. #beyourselfalways

By Jenni Hardiman (@1__9__6__4)

“What will people say”....words that kill more dreams than anything else! Are you living by what others think you should do, should say....are you the creator of your life or do you live in the pack, bound by what others think or say. As the quote says, some will love you, some will hate you and none of it has anything to do with you! So Dream big....love yourself and those around you....live a life that makes your heart sing and build yourself a tribe. Just be you.....how does it get better than that? . . . #beoriginal #beyourselfalways #beyourownkindofbeautiful #beyourownsuperhero #lovewhatudo #melbournestyle #buildyourtribe #grateful🙏 #lovelaughlive #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #makeyourmark #justbeyou #hdigbtt #believeinyourself #thankyou

Aleksandra Kiebdoj (@womencocreated)

Your intuition is never failing you, so start listening to it

Halima’s Law (@halimas_law)

I used to consider what people would think of me if I wore certain clothes, made certain choices, and even now on my insta-story I worry that I’m talking too much. Then my sister from another SISTA told me the other day “Never dim your light for anybody”. And that’s when it hit me, I could dress nicer than I’ve been dressing, I could be way greater, and be a way better version of myself. I look at her and see her shining all the time, and me, I only shine when I’m amongst other shiners. Where’s that light when I’m amongst the average. Hiding out somewhere. But from now on I will shine amongst the elite and amongst the elite less lol .....shine with me people. Happy shining! #lifestyleblogger #lifequotes #lifehacks #beyourselfalways #happy

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