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For The Love Of Plot! (@foliovore)

I had such a wonderful time in Canterbury! Lots of bookshops (Chaucer bookshop, Burgate Books, Waterstones of course and many charity bookshops - tomorrow I’ll show you the results of my crazy run through them) and cafes; beautiful cobbled streets are surrounded by castle walls. People seem calm and pleased with life. A perfect place to get away - just about an hour’s drive from London. . Кантербери превзошел все мои ожидания. Окольцованный стенами замка, центр города вмещает в себя поразительное количество книжных магазинов, кафе и прочей радости. И это при том, что от конца до края в любом направлении не больше 7–8 минут неспешным шагом. Здесь есть и вездесущий Waterstones, и Chaucer Bookshop (где ж еще быть автору Кентерберийских Рассказов), и еще несколько хорошо курируемых благотворительных магазинов - в Burgate Books я вообще проторчала час, сама того не замечая. Завтра покажу, что я там, как дикая, понабирала. . В общем, всем советую - от Лондона час езды всего. А если вы с детками или просто любите животных, то обязательно посетите Howletts Wildlife Park, в 10 минутах от города. Там можно погулять с лемурами 🤗

Nicole (@books_art_life)

Beautiful Daunt book shop in London 😍 #dauntbooks #bookshops #vintagereading

Books for Amnesty York (@books_for_amnesty_york)

As today marks the start of student volunteering week we would like to take the opportunity to thank our many student volunteers, whose work helps keep us going. We are very grateful for everyone’s continued support 🕯🕯🕯⠀ To ask about any volunteering opportunities feel free to email us yorkbookshop@amnesty.org.uk⠀ -⠀ #studentvolunteers #Amnesty #StudentVolunteeringWeek #bookshops

stage manager/prop maker 📓🛠 (@ct.woodruff)

When you think the weather is getting better but no its actually still shit. I liked my hair when I left the flat this morning, 5 minutes later it looks grotesque. Cheers, weather.


We like to spend sundays #learning in #bookshops instead of #churches 📚📖💫 #realmagic

Christian|Messianic|Ten Tribes (@top10disappearances)

Beloved Christian, is it possible that you can be baptised, reborn and speaking in tongues and then land up in hell-fire? I want to share with you something that Yeshua (Jesus) said that is earth-shattering and defies description… . ➡Do you know that Typology is a system of Scripture interpretation applied by early Scholars to the OT by which certain events, images, and personages of the "pre-Christian" era could be understood as prophetic types or figures foreshadowing the life of Messiah. Typology, literally—the study of types—is thus a method of re-reading the OT in context in terms of the NT; so that Adam, Isaac, Jonah, and other characters or events are pre-figures of Yeshua, and so on. . ➡In this book it will be proven from the Typology study of Yeshua seen in His fulfilment of the FIVE OFFERINGS OF LEVITICUS, and from the VERY WORDS HE SPOKE in the NT, and CONFIRMED by Paul, that you can indeed go to Hell even if you are reborn IF you do not fix this 'ONE' area!! This is one of the 'most crucial' teachings and is specifically aimed at the re-born Believer and not the non-believer. . ➡This is the major snare and 'epicenter' of satan’s device – YOU MUST UNDERSTAND YESHUA’S WARNING ON THIS! . ➡Come journey with me as we explore the 'one' major area where man is deceived, unknowingly by MOST Believers…Brace yourself, this book will challenge you. A fundamental truth that must be distribute to your loved ones! . ⭕PDF format at MEGA RESTORATION STORE http://www.hrti.co.za/shop/ Contact prof@htg.za.com for info. Or register at Amazon: all titles available in Kindle format. . #readbooks #readersofinstagram #bookshelf #bookstagrammer #bookstore #booksofinstagram #bookshop #picturebook #bookslover #bookshelves #booksarelife #picturebooks #booksale #bookseries #booksandcoffee #booksforsale #bookslovers #bookshelfie #bookstores #bookseller #booksmart #bookslove #booksaddict #booksonbooks #booksamillion #bookshopping #booksales #bookshops #top10disappearances #commonwealthofisrae

The Books Are Everywhere🇬🇧 (@booksareverywhere)

Misery - Creeper🎧 / / / / I love colourful books! And little surprises under hardbacks are so cute. What’s your favourite hardback edition of a book? #book #books #love #read #reading #bookish #bookworm #booklover #bookblogger #yareader #yareads #bibliophile #booktography #bookporn #bookgasm #booklove


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