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Christie Kipp (@coachchristiekipp)

Heyyyy hey!! 🙋🏻Even though you don't see me everyday posting on IG I'm still workin' hard and on my journey!! Day 60/90 knocked out of the park today!! ✅😅💃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️If you'd like to follow our day to day Kipp fam life and how I make this healthy lifestyle work in the cracks, I'm sharing all the time on Snapchat and IG Stories!! Different content in both places. 👌🏻❤️☺️ Pursuing this health journey for nearly 4 years now is about more than just me! *It's about being a present and pleasant wife. *It's about modeling what healthy looks like for my 3 girlies that are going to grow up in a world with MANY false definitions of health. *It's about caring for this body God has given me. *It's about personal discipline and overcoming mental blocks. *It's about all of the beautiful women that are in this with me through countless support groups. *It's about being obsessed with living a life that's about waaaay more than just me and striving to be my best self definitely helps with that. It's not about six packs and booty dimples for me. (Although getting back into pre-baby clothes is a nice feeling of accomplishment! 😉) It's really about a LIFE INTENTIONALLY LIVED....and I've gotta be willing to show up in order to make that possible. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I have help from people on the journey with me everyday!! We'd love to help you too! And don't be afraid to take care of YOU too. It's the most selfless thing we can do!! Take care of us, so there is more of us to give. 💕

Charlotte Proud (@charlie_proud91)

My 3rd Marathon in just over 5 weeks time. Really excited for London. Training hasn’t exactly gone to plan due to splitting my head open/severe concussion, rubbish weather and aches/pains/niggles along the way. I’m going to be in London on 22nd April and I’m determined to cross the finish line ☺️ Wondering how many Marathons I can actually complete before my 30th Birthday in 2021 🤔 😂🏃🏻🏃🏻 #running #love #thisgirlcan #hardworkpaysoff #determined #runner #runnersofinstagram #fitfam #marathontraining #londonmarathon #positivethinking #ukrunchat #runchat #runhappy #brittlebones

Marked. by Miller (@markedbymiller)

30% of my Etsy sales will go towards LG from now until the end of April! #oi #osteogenesisimperfecta #brokenbones #brittlebones #fighter #songofsolomon #47

BACT MED (@bact4med)

Online DIABETIC EDUCATOR9 CME Credit hours accredited by DHA https://www.bactmed.com/courses/diabetic-educator/ Whatsapp:00971555593211 #bactmed #heart #sleepy #health #beauty #hormones #brittlebones #heartdisease #hypertension #diabetic #obesity #sugar #regulator #grain #medication #needle

Marie Holm Laursen (@rullemarie_)

Lige nu kører der et forskningsprojekt, som jeg VIRKELIG gerne vil være deltager i! Man vil undersøge et stof, som muligvis kan styrke knoglerne markant, hvilket jo lyder mega vildt! Det vil betyde færre brækkede knogler, og dét er jeg tilhænger af! Der er mange ting, som kan gå i den forkerte retning, og jeg kan ende med slet ikke at komme med i forsøget. Så lige nu krydser jeg ALT, hvad jeg har for, at jeg opfylder kriterierne, så jeg kan komme med! For hvem ved, hvornår (eller om) der kommer en mulighed som denne igen? Jeg kommer til at dokumentere dette forløb på min Youtube, og jeg har netop lagt den første video op! #linkibio #nyvideo

Juan Pablo Fausto (@oi.teampablo)

When we stick together we can accomplish anything thanks for all the support, love my family!!! @hnosmoreno @jasminemore @feli_17_ #oiteampablo #osteogenesis imperfecta#brittlebones

Jeff Black (@jeffunbreakableblack)

Focus. Every rep total focus. That’s difference between being unstoppable and being a competitor.

Jeff Black (@jeffunbreakableblack)

#transformationtuesday •• Last Friday my coach @scoobyprep1_ifbbpro gave me his plan of attack since we are 8 months out from the goal we set back after JR Nationals in 2017. •• Left pic is 8 months out JR Nats, weight 182. Right is last Friday, 8 months out from Nationals at 179. Jason and I agreed we needed to better from the backside. I made sure to tweak my back training and leg training to ensure I would be better come my next time under the lights. •• And that what it is all about to me, standing under the lights, knowing I worked my ass off to be there. To me there is no greater rush or feeling than it. My goal was to better than my last outing and I think we are on the right track for November.

Christie Kipp (@coachchristiekipp)

Time is sure flying by! 💕😭Had a transition meeting this morning at the school getting the first steps knocked out for moving Luci to PreK PT services in August. Whatttt?!?! How can we already be getting her ready for school? Her evaluation will be in April and I can hardly believe it. 😳🙃😢 It's crazy though, I'm pretty sure every teacher feels SO different sitting on the other side of that table. You'd think after attending a ton of IEP meetings and evaluations it'd be simple and easy. Parts of it are but some aspects of switching sides are really scary. Parenting is full of vulnerable and humbling moments (or years ha!💁🏻😂) and sitting on the other side of that table is always one of those for me. Thankful for our awesome PT providers, teachers, and staff here in Sabetha that help us learn the ropes of having kiddos with some special needs. They are the BEST of the best!❤️

Tony Jacobsen (@iamtonyjacobsen)

If you’re a member of the Health&Fitness for O.I. Group on Facebook, you can join in every Monday night! [7pm PST/10pm EST] . We talk about #osteogenesisimperfecta #fitness #nutrition and most importantly #mindset and #motivation Join the group now!!! LINK ➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/healthfitnessoi . . #brittlebones #oi #fragilebones #breakingbarriersnotbones #disableyourdisability

Juan Pablo Fausto (@oi.teampablo)

When we stick together we can accomplish anything thanks for all the support @hnosmoreno @mrsmorenomarquez #oiteampablo #osteogenesis imperfect a #brittlebones


🥀🕊 In my feelings today — been decreasing my medicinal usage a bit to lower my tolerance/relieve the bad allergies I get from smoking but haven’t been able to sleep well as a result. Lots of muscle spasms and nightmares. My usual nightmare changes locations but focuses around being left behind in a group or lost or a mix of the two. Hoping this evening will be more restful! ✨ . . . . . . #cannabis #joints #cannabiscommunity #sativa #indica #vaporwave #rose #joint #flower #vaporwaveaesthetic #aesthetic #blunts #medicalcannabis #buds #medicalmarijuana #thc #kush #chronicillness #chronicpain #brucksyndrome #osteogenesisimperfecta #oi #brittlebones #flowers #zigzag @zigzagworld

Jeff Black (@jeffunbreakableblack)

#mondaymotivation •• When this picture was taken, I was working on my posterior chain with stiff leg deadlifts. I have a lot I am working around that this photo does not show. There is a 1 inch prosthetic lift inside my left shoe due to my left leg being shorter than my right leg by 1 inch. On the same leg I have to move in a very controlled tempo because if I do not, I have the top of my IT Nail that sticks slightly out of my bone that my muscle occasionally just loves to roll over which as you can imagine is quite uncomfortable. All the while in my mind doubt, the biggest mother fucker to all dreams tries getting into my head space. Fear that there could be a break. Fear as with every rep I keep pushing even when sometimes my bones do not feel right, I still embrace and push. Tranquility through quiet contempt rage through my mind silencing it - the waves echo stillness. •• Though There is probably some amazing heavy metal band destroying my ears with blast beats, but in my mind it’s calm water. If I describe it, it would be the most serene place that surrounds the perfect pond. The real trick to achieve this begins with my focus in blocking out the other things your mind wants to run to. To me this is my time and as I exhale, I am avoiding the rocks that get thrown to try and cause ripples during this time. Those thoughts that enter my mind, the chip on my shoulder I carry because of those thoughts, all bring me here to this moment, as with each rep I continually walk the line between the madness of injuring myself and the glory of proving the once deemed impossible. For if there was anything ever to breathe out, it is all the anger and apathy that time has buried into my heart that I chase in the glory of shattering the skies above.


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