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The Norwegian Church where the beloved author, Roald Dahl was baptised, followed by a picture of the Roald Dahl plasa. #roalddahl #readingchallenge #books #writingreviews #BookReviews #bookstagram #makingtheworldbetter #baptise #Church #norweigenchurch #roalddahlplasa

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In order to engage the Millennials you do have in your church, you’ll need a more robust definition of discipleship. We cannot merely think of discipleship as classes and small groups. We must think of discipleship as the on-going, holistic process of guiding people toward becoming like Jesus. It is a process of co-journeying through life as co-pilgrims that fundamentally begins with a personal relationship, progresses with and through shared spiritual discovery and growth in God’s mission and ends only when the relationship ceases to remain. #ministry #discipleship #millennials #church

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+ ... a touchy subject for many. i know SO many people who’ve been hurt by the church in some way or by people who “love God,” myself included. at one point, the only thing, and i mean ONLY, that kept me going to church was the fact that i really loved God and i knew He loved me. i didn’t want anything to do with anybody who represented God and “loved me” but hurt me or judged me. over time, God has healed my heart and helped me to forgive. He showed me that: hurt people hurt people / people’s judgements and criticism is a reflection of them not me. i was truly able to forgive because i once was over zealous and excited, wanting people to be saved & to know the truth about God. i was verbally judgmental and rigid in my thinking because i failed to realize that everybody is on their own path and change doesn’t happen overnight. good intentions, bad behavior. i don’t know what part of your journey you are on, and quite frankly, it’s not my job to know. it’s not my job to label, criticize or judge. & it’s not my job to tell you how to live or to criticize your progression. its my job to show the love of God through word and actions. it’s my job to walk with you, challenge you, support you, cheer you on in a forward direction. it’s my job to be a light—to point you to Christ, the One who saves. to all who’ve been hurt and are still hurting, i pray that you will be comforted and healed. i pray that the hurt won’t convince you to throw the whole God thing away. God’s loving arms are around you. He cares about you and the things you care about. He sees you and He hears you. He sees your progression and is proud of you. He loves you. Have faith.💫 #speakintothesoul #faith #love light #journey #process #church #hurt #healing #comfort #peace


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