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Jessica Summer 🍍 (@jkgfruit)

The strength and courage it takes to try something new, the bravery it takes in order to receive a decadent reward. . The modern conveniences of this time I am grateful for but I can’t help but feel there is something lost. Lost is the effort it takes to produce and harvest on your own accord. There is something so rewarding about working directly with your hands to harvest your food. . So here’s what I ask, the things that you are able to produce with the work of your hands, do it with all of your heart, do it earnestly. You were designed to bring light into this world and bear fruit everywhere you go, no matter the season. You were created for glory!

chiharu (@111chiharu)

#クライミングホールド ガバホールドの#FUJI #富士山 🗻 完成✨ 朝から白いのがチラチラ降ってきた❄️ 積もるかなぁ⛄️ 電車に乗ると見える富士山も雪が積もってキレイ✨ しっかり防寒して、お届け作業に行ってきまーす^ ^ (今日発送分は雪で遅延する可能性もあるかなぁ) 午後はシリコン型に今までの発砲ウレタンじゃなくてFRPでカバー(シリコン型が歪まないようにする型、ジャケットって言うらしい)を作ろう💪🏻

Si Dowling (@simon__dowling)

Annapurna - 8091m The 10th tallest summit in earth. Annapurna's main summit is considered one of the most deadly peaks in the worl to climb, with a fatality to summit ratio of a staggering 32%

Centro qi (@centroqioficial)

Inicia la semana con el pie derecho, programando las horas a las que irás a hacer ejercicio. Consulta el calendario con las clases que tenemos. Te esperamos en #centroqi.

Paul Chavez (@slimracing)

Stemming up "The Ramp" at Mission Gorge. Super fun climb on a beautiful day. #climbing #rockclimbing #tradisrad #sandiego

Madie (@madieclimbs)

I DEFINITELY caught that dyno 😜

Jonathan Rogers (@jonathanrogers81)

The homie Marco with the sit rest before the send. “Buck wheat”5.11b and me with the obligatory selfie. #sandrocks #sandstone #climbing #sportsclimbing #alabama

مهرنوش Stephanie (@go_climb_ice)

It has been hard splitting my weekends between touring and ice climbing ... but yet again, as long as I’m in the mountains, I’ll be ok 👌🏻 #shotonmoment

Kya Butterfield (@km.butterfield)

I can’t even say how much I love these Scarpa Chimeras! They’ve brought me so far, projecting and competing alike! Thanks @scarpana @scarpaspa #climbing #climbingshoes #scarpa #scarpaclimb #rockclimbing #chimera #bouldering #sport #projecting #compclimbing #comp #competition #ifsc

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