#clique medias

That One Møth (@tylerrsmoth)

I don't eat healthy at all. I need to be careful, but it's so haaaard 😩

wii (@tyjo_wii)

Anyone want to talk? I'm boreееееееd × × × × × × × × × × × #tylerjoseph #joshuadun #joshdun #joshlertrash #joshler #clique #skeletonclique #jennajoseph #debbyryan #jimdun #f4f #follow #like

hi (@billie_aesthetic)

it’s my birthday in like a week ? and i’m honestly not excited at all since it’s on a monday & i still gotta go to school :( also i think this is one of my new favourite m&g pics lol i love this SO MUCH / billie with a fan - milan


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