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SpiritSexLab (@spiritsexlab)

Polyamory Workshop – 04/22/2018 . Happy to be back! Happy to announce my upcoming workshop on Polyamory at @oasis.aqualounge . When: April 22, 2018, 8.30PM Price: Free with paid club admission . Polyamory translates as “Loving Many” and is a form of consensual non monogamy. This open relationship type allows for physical and emotional connections among multiple people. . The presentation will focus on various relationship styles; from swinging to polyamory and everything in between. Explore both the challenges and rewarding benefits as well as feelings around jealousy and trust. . Topics will include: - Monogamy and Cultural Expectations - Boundaries - Jealousy - Scheduling - Safe Sex - Other Open relationship Models Q and A . See you soon!!

2 WEEKS PROMO 👉🏼$80👈🏼🙀 (@proper.stacked)

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Cassidy Cook (@possibly__poetry)

A letter: To the people who know me personally, I am FINALLY me, unapologetically. I don’t want to follow you back. I’m afraid of what I’ll see in all my vulnerability. I don’t want to see the life you portray so perfectly. Because I can’t, I simply don’t know how to make my life seem better than it really is. I love the struggle, I bathe in it. And even though I never wanted you to see this side of me...I don’t have enough energy or pride to keep up this ideology anymore. I am not strong all the time, and I am not beautiful all the time. I will not pose naked for a staged picture with props and then photoshop it. Please do not expect me to look as I always have. That was never the real Cassidy. So I hope that when you meet her through the words on this page, you’re not disappointed that it doesn’t match up to the facade you might have wished I kept up with.

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We keep this love in a photograph❤️.. Feliz cumpleaños 19🎂😍


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