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Adony Pierre (@meatpierre)

Almost done with this one, working really hard on it... #producer #grind #beats #808mafia #musicproduction #flstudio #haitian #darkmusic

teratoma مسخ ي (@art.teratoma)

Regrann from @pushing.daisies - ••• An absense of light from within this beating chamber Has made way for a lonely darkness in its stead Trying to escape from the pain Yet it follows So to the shadows I run To fill this once full heart now hollow And gather what pieces are left of me to mend ••• “Running Back to Me” Photo & Poetry by Destiny Rose 💀 © 2018 🎶 Alessandro Cortini - Rovine ••• Life has a way of stealing the best of us sometimes, and some of us need a little time away from the world to make sense of things and rebuild ourselves. I’m slowly making my way back here to do what I love, which is make art. Thank you all for the support and sticking around, it means the world to me. Lots of changes and more to come soonish...🖤🥀 ••• #dark #grim #gothic #cult #darkambient #darkness #music #darkmusic #life #death #spirit #sick #ink #mood #instamood #artist #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram

CULTIVATED® (@cultivated.hiphop)

TOP 5 EARL SWEATSHIRT VERSES - Happy Birthday to the generations greatest lyricist, @soapmanwun 🎂! - These are what I think are Earls 5 BEST (not my personal favorite) Verses. - (This post originally had videos but Instagram wants to screw me over and not post it with the videos) - 1. Oldie 2. Whoa (Verse 2) 3. Hive (Verse 1) 4. Really Doe 5. Grief (Verse 1) - When it comes to just straight bars from Earl, I think these 5 verses showcase that the best! Earl completely kills all 5 of these verses with some of his best wordplay and flows that he’s ever provided. I ranked these solely off performance and wordplay and not off of any personal bias, I truly think these are his best 5 verses skill wise (unless I may have forgotten or looked over a verse but I don’t think that I did). I just wanted to do this quick post on these 5 verses and wish the man happy birthday. I will go into Earls music more on later posts but didn’t want to review every track and things of that nature on this post. - Did I forget a verse? What do you think are Earls 4 best verses?

Jemma Nicole (@jemmanicole_music)

* WOMEN TO THE FRONT* Just a casual reminder that I'm playing at @retreat_hotel_brunswick with my FULL BAND on March 4th. The Retreat are running shows for two weeks with only FEMALE FRONTED acts. It's going to be super special so make sure you get there! Support those who identify as female in the music industry ❤️


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