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Wendy Lee Jaques |Health Coach (@wendyleejaques)

Christie Oar - Matchmaker Extraordinaire of the Tri-Cities new matchmaking company, Tri-Cities Singles. Christie has been my client for the last 6 months. She resigned from her job of 27 years looking to make a change and take herself, her life and her career to the next level. She came to me with big dreams, high hopes,stars in her eyes and tons of enthusiasm. She had a heart full of ambition and a renewed sense of adventure but wanted some coaching on how to pull it all together and find her new passion in life. We discussed various options in the beginning and I challenged her to really consider going out on her own and being her own boss. A few weeks into our coaching, Christie came to me with a business idea. A matchmaking company! With a total edge on the market and with there being nothing like it in the Tri-Cities, it was a winner. Little did she know that when I was in Houston I was a consultant for an Elite, upscale matchmaking company. Kind of like Millionaire matchmaker. Let me give you a little back story on that. I was one of their Life coaches. I brought a unique skill set to the company and is one of the reasons they sought me out. As a health coach I would take clients through an entire program polishing them to be their best self. In turn this would create an attractiveness they did not possess before. When you are your best, you will attract what you want. It supports not only finding the love of your life, but achieving the life you have always wanted. This is the program I offered my clients in Houston and now here in the Tri Cities and is similar to what Christie will be offering her clients. Certified Life and Health Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Fitness Training, Hair Consult, Make-up and Grooming Specialist, Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consulting, Date Coaching! #healthcoachlife #matchmaker #frommetowe #TriCitySingles #lifecoaching #lifecoach #datecoach #nutritionist #fitnesscoach #hairandmakeup #malegrooming #personaltrainer #personalshopper #personalchef #love #elitematchmaker

Fitness Squared (@fitness2squared)

🔥Daily Brent - Episode 31🔥 Grab your kettlebell!  You may want two…..heavier one for the squats and a lighter one for the rows!  This circuit combines lower body strength with range of motion, core stability, balance, endurance, shoulder strength and stability and overall body control 🔹Equipment - one medium kettlebell or one heavy one medium…. 🔹Circuit Wide stance kettlebell squats - 15 reps Kettlebell upright rows - 15 reps Wide stance kettlebell squat heel lifts - 20 reps Wide stance kettlebell squat heel up pulses - 20 reps - 🌊Ashley is a fit young woman who wants to get stronger.  She loves swimming, and wants to be fast, and her future goals include a physically demanding profession.  This circuit will help her increase her lower body strength and endurance, which is foundational, along with a strong core, to all the strength that she will add in the future.  In addition, I want her to have plenty of range of motion and endurance. - 🔥 These squats start with a stance wider than hip width and your toes turned out slightly.  Feel your heels rooted into the ground and send your hips back.  Keep your knees wide, in line with your toes.  As you sink down into your squat, feel your hips open and your muscles stretch.  Then push into your heels, squeeze your glutes and stand up straight and tall. - 🌊When you move to the upright row set, move your feet back under your hips, and pull the kettlebell up with high, wide elbows.  Pull the handle to your chin and your shoulder blades down and together.  Pause at the top and control the weight on the way back down. - 🔥Now pulses, sink back into your wide squat, hold your body low and lift and lower your heels for 20.  Then keep your heels up and lift and lower your body in a slow controlled motion.  Feel those?!? 💪💪💪 - #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #fitlife #fitspo #fitnessjourney #fitnesstrainer #fitnesscoach #fitnesstips #workouts #workoutideas #workouttips #coreworkout #core #exercises #exerciseideas #exercisevideo #exercisevideos #workoutvideo #onlinetrainer #personaltrainer #hiit #personaltraining #functionaltraining #coretraining #choosetomove #fitnesssquared #squareworko

Lily Rattana (@letsgetfitwit_lily)

OUR NUTRITION CLUB ALWAYS POPPIN !!As you can see we have different coaches thur all the week we do all kinds of different workout. Every Week we focus on certain area's down below has more Detail. Class are only $5 Get yourself a Great workout, A delicious Shake, and tea to give you energy to continue the workout! Sound interesting DM for more Details. Ask for Coach Lily when you arrive to get you FREE EVAULATION 💚💚💚💚- - - MONDAY'S: LEGS &BUTTS TUESDAY'S: ARMS UPPER BODY THURSDAY: FULL BODY FRIDAY: FULL BODY SATURDAY: BUTTS &GUTTS- - - #noexcuses #makeachange #icanhelpyou #fitnesscoach #fitcamp #letsgetit

Jack Hanrahan, CSCS. (@jackhanrahanfitness)

If you’re trying to build muscle, stick close to the basics and perform them with stellar technique. Own the weight. Don’t let it control you. There is a time and a place for explosiveness and ‘loose form’ movements but you’ll get the best results when you learn to stabilize and isolate the target area - so you can fully stretch and contract the f*ck out of it (recruits way more muscle fibers). _______ Take this seated row for example. I’ve locked down the core, hips and spine and I’m isolating pure shoulder girdle movement. Performed this way - I feel the most intense contraction in the mid back. ________ I often see sloppy form with this exercise. A far too heavy weight used, huge amounts of momentum and no where near a fully contracted position being reached. All that does it give zero results and probable shoulder issues. _______ Next time you train, I want you to really think about your form. Every single rep. You might have to use lighter weights but trust me, you’ll get far better results 👌 _______ #jackhanrahanfitness ‘Smarter training, Superior results’ ________ #fitnesscoach #healthandwellness #strengthandconditioning #trainsmart #painfreetraining #healthyjoints #movebetter #functionalbodybuilding #strengthtraining #functionalstrength #shoulderhealth #shoulderpain #backexercises #seatedrow

Emir Garibović (@garo_fitness)

who says you can’t do something exactly the way you want it? 🤔😜 #beautifulday #nature #winter #running #fitness #positivemindset #fitnesscoach #dema&garo #comingsoon 😁💪🏋🏻‍♀️

Circuito Fefys (@circuitofefys)

Não importa qual seja o seu esporte. Mexa-se! 💪💦 #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesscoach #funcional #treino #diadoesportita

GymLanes (@gymlanes)

Relationship goals? 💪💪💪 What do you think? - FOLLOW 👉@bossfitguides👈 for more - 📷@_stefitness *No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved to original content owners. - - - - #bodybuilding #aesthetics #motivation #strength #fitness #fitfam #inspiration #gym #hardwork #muscle #abs #instafit #workout #fitnessmotivation #dedication #fitnesscoach #fit #fitness #gymlife #sport #instafitness #gym #trainhard #influencer #grind #lifestyle #muscleandhealth #fitfam

Nathan Bancroft (@nathanbancroftcoach)

Being more active doesn’t just include smashing a workout. The work outside of the gym is just as important. Link to video in bio.


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