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Kerry (@irishmedic87)

Ready to just ride fk all the rest of the bullshit.... #STU #Ride #Ghost

Faeza (@stubbornbourbon)

Some kids wake up to morning kisses and sweet names whispered by their mothers and some to delicious smell of breakfast waiting for them at the table and there was little John, unlike others he always woke up to painful cries and disturbing arguments caused by his parents. Day by day, those toxic fights started ruining every bit of him. His peace of mind was lost and his heart broke into pieces every time he watched his parents fight over a piece of property worth 10 million dollars. As soon as he turned 16, he left his home and moved to another city to live all by his own. Years passed and he lived peacefully in an apartment he recently bought. Even though he found solace for not waking up to disturbing voices, he still wished for his mother to be by his side every time he opened his eyes. It was Christmas eve and he was sitting alone thinking of good times he had on this day. Suddenly he heard constant knocking on the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw his mother weeping outside. "Your father and I got separated. There's someone else in his life. I'm so sorry for treating you like this, will you forgive me?" her mother cried. He immediately asked her to come in and from that day he too started waking up to lovely breakfasts and got never ending love of a mother which he have been craving for so long. It's been 3 years and everything was going fine until his father showed up. John opened the door angrily and asked him to go away. "Son, I'm sorry but I need to talk", he walked in and said "I should have informed you before, your mother...." "Stop! I don't care about you." John yelled and started walking upstairs to call his mother. Meanwhile his father had an ulterior motive for visiting his son after ages. He planned on killing him in the hope to get entire property which was registered on John. ---------------- As he took his gun out and was about to pull the trigger, a heavy storm dispersed which clashed the window glass, causing a relatively large piece of sharp glass hit his arm. John was terrified and clueless. He kept looking for his mother. (Contd. in comments)

Legion of Ghost Official (@legionofghost)

[MESSAGE TO THE LEGION] . We wish to inform you that the schedule for the 2018 Rocklahoma event this May has been officially announced. Ghost is playing Saturday May 26th. Also, single day AND weekend GA & VIP tickets are onsale now! Plus, ALL tickets️ are available to purchase via layaway until February 28! Click the link below to get more info and purchase: . http://rocklahoma.com/tickets.html . #ghostlive #ghostritual #ghosttour #papaemeritus0 #papaemeritusiv #namelessghouls #ghost #ghostbc #thebandghost #thebandghostbc #ghostband #ghosttheband #legionofghost #ghostnola #childrenofghost #unholytrinitypt2 #reaktorrecordings #lomavistarecordings #spinefarmrecords #carolinerecords #trickortreatstudios #yordreemcreations #yordeemoils #frightrags #gear4geeks #merchvice #bluthunderbomb #thebillyvanillaexperience

zanyalovesyou (@zanyalovesyou)

Patrick Swayze was the OG lesbian. - Ghost (1990)

Darren Murray (@katalyst200)

Had the most haunted castle in England to myself today... :/ #castle #ghost #berrypomeroy #devon #instagram


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