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Let’s talk ECZEMA & HIVES. Often these are symptoms of food allergies or food intolerances. I added some foods back into my diet recently and my body shouted at me with eczema and little itchy red bumps. While I am certainly addressing these symptoms by removing the trigger foods, I’m also using some natural remedies to treat the itch! If you’re suffering with eczema or hives or any itching, I recommend you begin a healing/elimination diet. That can get you to the root of the problem, whereas these natural remedies calm the itch and “mask” the problem. Here’s what I’ve been doing instead of scratching: . . Use a cotton ball to dab apple cider vinegar onto the bumps and eczema patches. . . Then mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil and lavender essential oil with coconut oil. Rub all over affected area. The peppermint gives a tingling sensation which I find helps, but it’s optional. . . Avoid hot baths and showers, as well as long sleeves or tight clothing. . . If you’re dealing with these horrible, pesky bumps and patches, I hope you get relief quickly! Good luck!❤️

Codie Cabral Zisek (@codiecabral)

No Kombucha is made like @healthade ! They make their Kombucha in small batches and only use cold-pressed natural flavors. Since I have a reaction to EVERYTHING [Thanks to my parasite] I have to be extremely careful what I put in my body. It’s such a relief to trust a honest company knowing they are exactly what they say they are! Phew! Makes life much easier for me... My all time favorite flavors are Original & Power Greens! What’s your favorite? 🌿#FollowYourGut #WhatsYourFlavor

Zoom Whitening (@zoomwhiteningsa)

TOP TIPS TO MAKE YOU MORE KISSABLE! - Keep your lips clean (duh) - Apply lip balm to keep them hydrated - Keep you body hydrated (helps hydrate the lips too but limit alcohol) - Use noroushing oils such as Vit E to prevent them from drying out - Exfoliate weekly with eg a sugar scrub to remove any dry skin - Maintain good oral hygiene to keep teeth and gums healthy and disease free - Clean your tongue to remove bacteria and food that can cause bad breath - Floss daily to prevent food trapping between your teeth causing bad breath, gum disease and decay - Visit your oral hygienist every 6 months (or more regularly if needed) and your dentist at least once a year - Whiten your teeth with your oral hygienist or dentist (white teeth look younger, fresher, cleaner and healthier and those that have whitened their teeth tend to take better care of them afterwards and in turn improve their oral hygiene) To book for your Zoom! Whitening appointment, visit the Find a Dentist section of our website on www.zoomwhitening.co.za #denrist #hygienist #advice #oralcare #wellness #health #southafrica #kissable #whiterteeth #teeth #teethwhitening #cosmetics

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— The Heart of it all — Lyrics by @elias.carat

TMCHC (@themassageclinic.hc)

Do you know that Osteopathy can help with post-surgical recovery, including scar tissue healing? Learn more about how our Osteopath can help you - link in bio!

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nothing is better then something that inspires you @demibagby treat your body right🍎🍓🍌🍋🥥 • • • #nutrition #health #nutrientdense #fuelyourbody

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Keep your breath mity fresh and feeling clean with our Mint Mouth Rinse. Along with keeping your breath smelling great, it also helps whiten teeth!✨ Recommended to use: after brushing with CocoPaste💕

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You have your mind get, that you can see also the roses bloom in december

Most Natural Girl in Nigeria (@mostnaturalgirl)

#Mostnaturalgirl My beautiful ladies, shey Una don hear the ogbonge news for Naija now.....na the Most Natural Girl in Nigeria a non bikini Pageant. Shey you fine, you love nature, Good Health and Clean Environment and you come dey single between the ages of 18 - 25....Oya rush go buy your form @SHODEXGARDENS Anthony Bus stop, Lagos or visit our website @ www.mostnaturalgirl.com.ng make Una see flyer for more Tori. #MNGN2018 #NATURE #HEALTH #ENVIRONMENT #LOVELIFE #LOVENATURE


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