#homemadesushi medias

MissMelissa💋 (@xoxo_miss)

Turned out amazing🌱..thanks babe😘

Valerie Sikes (@vsikes)

We cook like we’re feeding 20 people #homemadesushi #tacostacostacos @a.y.pak

JennyRandall (@jenny_randall_)

SUSHI 🍣. I don't know many people who don't like sushi. If you don't, you can still have "sushi" without the fish. I also want to encourage anyone who hasn't tried to make their own sushi at home to try it! It's super easy, and you get to know what you're eating. Most of those prepackaged rolls at the store and even rolls at restaurants have weird preservatives and chemicals in them (go read the labels!). This is simply brown rice, sprouts, carrots, cucumber and I topped them off with a touch of chive cream cheese and sweet chili sauce 👌🏼👌🏼 So crisp and refreshing and makes a great snack or "side" with a protein for a full meal.


First time attempting to make “fancy” sushi rolls. I love having access to high quality fish. #sushi #sushiroll #homemadesushi #mitsuwa #mitsuwamarketplace #dinnerdate

Emma Sonne Ebbesen (@emmasonnepedersen)

Vi prøvede at spise langsomt, men det gik ikke #homemadesushi

Daniela Brantlind (@littlemisswitty)

Made sushi for the first time ever and now we are all in a sushi food coma. It was AMAZING! 🍣 #homemadesushi #sushi

Derrick • Vegan (@vegederrian)

Heading back into the sushi game for the first time since moving to Arizona last summer. I did all right 👍🏼 Here are 11 fillings packed into 6 different rolls: 1.) asparagus 2.) peanut avocado carrot 3.) avocado asparagus carrot green and orange bell pepper 4.) spicy chickpea roll with green/orange bell pepper and spinach 5.) veggie bologna spinach carrot and avocado and 6.) a classic from 2016, the chick’n mac n’ cheeze roll, inside out. As always, but more so than usual bc I didn’t buy any cucumber, #fuckyourcucumberrolls #vegansushi #homemadesushi #wrapyourmacaroniinrice

Kelly Giovanna Gwendolyn (@yokellzian)

Vegane Sushi Variation 🌱 •Paprika-Avocado-„Frischkäse“• •Karotte-Avocado• •RoteBeete-Tofu• •Avocado-„Frischkäse“• #vegan #vegansushi #vegandinner #homemadesushi #veganjapanesefood #veganfamily #avocadolove #foodie #foodlover #foodblogger #essen #abendessen #cremevega


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