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Revolutionize Nutrition (@revolutionizeusa)

#Repost @avatarnutrition ・・・ You know what sucks?? -- Bingeing... -- You know what a major cause of it is? -- RESTRICTION -- In life, as well as a weight loss journey, we often desire most the things we "can't" have. 😔 -- This is why restriction has left a legacy of failure and left much of the world facing a health crisis. -- Want to make a lasting change in 2018? -- Don't kid yourself by thinking a short term crash diet is going to do the trick. -- Think long term, take a flexible approach, and step back in amazement a year later at all you've accomplished... without having to DENY yourself! -- @mark.f.springer -- @the_fit_dietitian -- #avatarnutrition #iifym #iifymgirls #teamscience #doyouevenscience #macros #revolutionize #nj #gym #bikini #nutrition #npc #ifbb #iifym #figure #fitfam #motivation #inspiration #fitspo #fitlife #fitness #success #workout #grind #entrepreneur #muscle #fitfam #bodybuilding #physique #funny #ifbbproffesionalleague

Russell ZEUS Waheed IFBB Pro (@russellzeus)

Took this a few years ago..this is what I mean by when I go HEAVY with my BACK training

VinnieAccardi (@vinnienyyanks)

Check out the Latest On-Line Deals From Integrity Drive Nutrition: . Vita Driven - Complete Multi-Vitamin CLA Drive - Conjugated Linoleic Acid; Assists in Weight Loss Pure Omega Esstential Fatty Acids Vegan ISO-Driven - Vegan Isolate Protein . Get your FREE T-SHIRT with any purchase of $50 or more of the Purest and most Transparent Nutritional Supplements available from Integrity Driven Nutrition. . GO TO MY LINK (http://bit.ly/2ALPNlt) IN MY BIO AND DON'T FORGET TO USE CODE: VINNIE10 AT CHECKOUT FOR 10% SAVINGS🔥🔥 . 🇺🇸💪👊 **ANY PRODUCT OR ORDERING QUESTIONS MESSAGE ME IMMEDIATELY . ** #fitness #fitfam #bodybuilding #npc #ifbb #supplements #IDNArmy #keystointegrity #integrity #stayfocused #stayhungry #seizetheday #IntegrityDrivenNutrition #IDN #PreDriven, #PumpDriven #IntraDriven #ISODriven #IntegrityDriven #ProDriven #AbovetheRest #shredded #pumped #PreDrivenExtreme #beextraordinary #IDNAmbassador #freetshirt

Aaron Cortez (@aaron__cortez)

Swipe right ➡️ in order to see 2 workouts that I use to optimize the overall Aesthetics on my physique 🤙🏼⚡️(picture is 5 months old) SPRING AND SUMMER ARE CLOSING IN DONT NEGLECT ⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . The first lift is a front Delt raise. Doing these helps me build my weakness up which is my front delt separation which gives the crazy 3D effect that I lack🙃hold the 2 dumbells w an over hand grip as if you were holding a bar. Next try to move the weights in a controlled fashion really triggering those slow twitch muscle fibers that helps build that conditioning and separation. . . The 2nd lift is a upper chest cable fly. My upper chest has always fell behind so I've been emphazing this workout. This helps build that Johnny Bravo chest that sticks out when you walk the streets. I'm not really good w explaining things haha I just do them . So just try to mimic what I do👀 🎥: @kevinjfortenberry

Meghan Clark - Online CPT/SNS (@meghan_clarkk)

I spent so many years of my life trying to please other people. Trying to make sure I never upset anyone, never made anyone feel uncomfortable, etc. So many years wasted not being true to myself. ............ It's a painful life to lead walking on egg shells all the time, never putting your own happiness first. Not living up to your full potential. Not making the most out of your life. I think that's why growing up I never had any real goals or direction. Because I was so focused on pleasing everyone else. ............... Through bodybuilding (I started lifting about 7 years ago) I found myself. I found my confidence. I found the happiness within myself that for so long I placed in pleasing others. ............... Naturally I AM a caretaker. I didn't really realize that until i had Liam. I think that's a part of what makes me a good coach. I think you HAVE to be a caretaker to a certain extent. I ENJOY helping people & I truly care about them, their happiness, & their health. BUT....I'm slowly learning to put my own happiness first when it matters. ............... Do I still care for every single person that matters to me? Of course! & My clients needs are important to me. I want to see them succeed more than anything. But even if you care deeply for others, you can better help them improve when you care for yourself; when you're TRULY happy. So this is just a Sunday reminder to take care of yourself and put your own happiness first at times this week so that you can better serve others and the purpose that God placed on your heart 💜 . . ••• 🏋🏽‍♀️ @1stphorm Tranphormation Challenge Enrollment: link in bio 🏋🏽‍♀️online/in person training - link in bio 👙posing sessions - mgoodwinfit@gmail.com 📲www.determinedphysiques.com 🎥Meghan Clark 🐺 @alphapackfitness code: meghan 💙 @freskincare : MCLARK

Alan Luiz - Personal Trainer (@alanluizpersonal)

A vida começa onde seus medos terminam.

The HOME of CON-CRET (@promerasports)

#repost from #TEAMCONCRET athlete @rucker1021: “LA EXPO 2018 had such a great time with my @promerasports family. We launch our new Alpha Recovery product. Definitely one of my favorite products of our supplement line now. YOU MUST TRY IT IF YOU HAVEN'T. S/o to my boy @simeonpanda DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND DO IT WITH PASSION !! #promerasports #blessed #nevergiveup

Ian Solanzo (@1an5anity)

Hardwork doesn't lie.

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