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Life Of Ria M.🇯🇲🇰🇪 (@__justriaa)

.....My soul collided with yours but I wasn’t myself and I hurt you, admist the mess my true being arose and wants to love you the way I am meant to... selfish I know, who am I to want that right to give you the world for eternity, to have our souls dance so perfectly for centuries to come ...I understand your pain, your anger but law of attraction doesn’t care for right or wrongs it is impersonal it only responds to vibrations of what our souls feel, and I feel despite the pain I’ve brought upon you, it is only YOU that can make me happier only you that my heart would love even in the after life, I have come to learn my life experiences were all leading to you so when you came I would know & H.L.M. with EVERY fiber and bone in my body I know it’s YOU . YOU are the one my soul has been searching for. Because I feel so strongly on all levels, channels, and panels all I can do is trust the universe and the depth of our connection to gravitate our souls back together. #MissingMyKing #Soulmate #deepconnections #Truelove #lawofattraction #universespeaks #letitgoandletgod #trusttheuniverse #trusttheprocess #spritiualawakening #Awokesoul

~JourneyofaPHATGyrl ~ (@journeyofaphatgyrl)

In life we go through trials, tribulations, relationships, friendships and heartache and at some point in life you come to realize that you have loved harder and been as loyal of a friend that you know how to be and no matter what you do how much you love and even sometimes change yourself to make the other person happy if that person isn't open to receive it as they should be it won't work. No matter what you do what you say or how much you even PRAY some times it doesn't work because #ItsJustNotSupposedTo because it's not #InGODSWill for your life. So regardless to how bad it may hurt and no matter how much you may have loved or love them sometimes you just have to step back for your own physical & mental health and #LetItGoAndLetGod because you can't force someone to change and you can't love someone whose just not meant for you. There is only so much hurt and betrayal that the heart can take and when your heart is full it's just that #FULL and no matter how much you may want to be with this person your heart will #RejectIt!!! So grab hold of God's unchanging hand and move on #OneDayAtATime cry if you must, scream if you must but value yourself worth love yourself more and everything that God has for you will #BeForYou!!!💋💋💋


The closer I draw to You, the more I forget everything else • • “verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest” (Qur’an 13:28) • • • • • #god #tranquility #peace #remembrance #faith #prayer #snow #frozen #letitgo #letitgoandletgod #winternights #winterwonderland #islam #quran #qotd #tuesdaymotivation #salaam #religion #creation #sunset #skyporn #naturelover #natureporn #pinkclouds #muslim

giny tannahill (@rosie_g_1990)

❤in so many ways,everyday! #letitgoandletgod

Wranlanda Little 🇮🇱 (@rhethelight)

HOW TO FORGIVE🗣✨God forgives with the quickness humans do not....Forgiveness does take time. Every-time you don’t forgive a person you imprison them and yourself. You holding your own blessings back because you can’t open your mouth and ask God to remove the blockage from your heart to forgive someone else. ✨ Scriptures: MaTt 6:14-15; Mark 11-25. Yeshua said read it #spiritfilledsaturday #spiritfilledsaturday #scriptures #prophet #savior #forgiveness #letitgoandletgod

Rebeca Lebetkevicius (@rebecalebet)

2018 momento de cerrar ciclos, superar los obstáculos, perdonar para ser feliz.. Sólo Dios sabe el camino y en este año pido sabiduría para identificarlo y acercarme a ese propósito que él tiene para mi, agradezco por cada una de las lecciones que me han fortalecido y preparado para eso grande y maravilloso que viene ❤ Feliz año para todos! 🙌 #letitgoandletgod

Steppin'Out Boutique (@steppinoutboutique_13)

No matter what it is that’s holding you back from your destiny isn’t worth it. Let it go and go get your blessings!!!!🙌 #letitgoandletgod #gogetyourblessing #faithwalker


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