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Nicole C. Caballero ® (@nicoleccaballero)

When ill intentions are so ill you can smell them from miles away, your success will only ever be made for Social Media and fake audiences. Keeping it pure, and keeping it real keeps me getting blessings, on blessings. ✌🏾💙🏄‍♀️.

Graeme R. Kirkland, CIM (@argosykirkland)

The inimitable! Golf legend Jack Nicklaus! More great thinking from more great golf talent! So much like the stock market and investing! It is quite a parallel. Thinking right for success achievement! Graeme R. Kirkland, CIM #graemekirkland #argosykirkland #argosysecurities #torontogolfshow #toronto #golf #great #legend #jacknicklaus #golfing #photooftheday #photography #usa #american #amazing #life #lifequotes #invest #retirement #enjoy #beauty #investment #marketing

Kaitlyn Dee (@futuristicinspirations)

🚀 My extension to the Quantum Theory about waves and the interconnectedness of the universe... Life and our possible paths are like an ocean of waves with infinite ripples and connections of exponential growth and possibilities extending throughout the universe, expanding and become more complex as more connections are created. 🌠 Eventually, we all overlap and impact eachother in wave like motions depending on the strength of our decisions and actions over time, and also depending on how far and with what strength we can propel our wave from our inital spot. We can somewhat spontaneously activate wave like actions or momentum in people that are not physically next to us, to enact more and more wave like actions and ripples and connections, and more harmony of thoughts, and having the unity of a collective conciousness. 😀 Here's to a theory that to me means that there is enough hope and positivity in the World to help others also activate their own power and strength. Here's to a theory that will help humanity grow and evolve into something unique and beneficial to all. #quantum #quantumphysics #science #theory #wave #waves #ocean #universe #life #lifequotes #connection #growth #impact #decisions #action #momentum #thoughts #conciousness #hope #positivity #helpothers #humanity #grow #evolve 👍 Hit like and leave a comment with a thought? Take care and wishing you all a good day!

Mariah Gondeiro Watt (@mariahgondeiro)

With all the turmoil going on in the world, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with fear and grief. I am reminded of those who have gone before us to prepare a way. Those who walked with humility, love, and compassion. Today I am reminded of Billy Graham. This is a late tribute but better late than never. His legacy speaks for itself. I hope I can love like he loved. It’s a simple task, but yet very hard to achieve.

Motivation / Positivity (@motivateforlife)

Just To Feel A Few Things Twice ♥

NEVER GIVE UP (@claudia_hendrikz)

"How to make healthy choices when you eat out at restaurants * Go in with a plan. Look at menus before you go (you can find some on web sites) and decide where and what to eat. Many chain restaurants offer healthy menu options that follow Weight Watchers or other eating plans. * Avoid casseroles. They often have sugary or salty sauces and lots of cheese. * Choose steamed, baked, or boiled vegetables, rather than those in sauces or with cheese. * Choose beverages without added sugar. A 12-ounce glass of soda pop has about 10 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Water has zero. * Avoid alcohol. Alcoholic beverages have no nutrients. And after you have one or two you may be more tempted to order dessert or a plate of nachos. * Ask to prepare your food without sauces, dressings, butter, and sour cream. * Order each item separately (a la carte), so you can get everything prepared how you want it, rather than ordering a combination plate with less flexibility. * Order regular sizes instead of jumbo or super sizes. * Order meat/seafood that is broiled or baked rather than pan-fried or deep-fried. * Order an appetizer portion instead of a meal-size portion. Many restaurants offer the same dishes in both sections of the menu."


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