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Agradecida a Dios por permitirme la oportunidad de poder conocer un lugar nuevo, una tierra ajena pero con muchas personas alegres y muy amables que me an recibido con mucho cariño esto ah sido una experiencia muy gratificante!! Y aquí está Un poco de lo que eh vivido en el estado de Veracruz, Mexico hasta ahora. 🇲🇽🤠 #escapetheordinary #newhorizons #veracruz #bocadelrio #mexico #thankful #livingmydreams #happinessishere 🥥⛱🌊🌴

Eleanor (@lilflyercracker)

Made it after a 4 day drive!!! Loved meeting the Austin and Phoenix communities along the way ❤️Felt so good to reconnect with peeps in LA💜 Can’t wait for SD! flying high with @glen.acro ~ ~ ~ #acro #omb #livingmydreams

Gyöngy Kata (@sottolaluna)

20 odd years in the making, but dreams do come true eventually ❤ Finally made it to Buenos Aires! #livingmydreams #above30degrees #holidaymood #buenosaires #casarosada

Lifestyle Design 🌿 (@sunkissedkateblog)

You're eating some chocolate and your dog is sitting at your feet, tail wagging, drooling profusely. He watches you eat your chocolate and with each bite his anticipation grows. You know that all he is thinking about, wishing for, and dreaming of is having a bite of that chocolate. You can tell how badly he wants it, but you refuse to give him a piece. - Why? - That chocolate is really bad for your dog! It could make his life really miserable with even one bite! - But he doesn't know that, he just sees the chocolate and wants it. And no amount of wishing, begging or pleading will put the chocolate in his mouth. - Can you relate to this dog? - What if you were the dog and the holder of the chocolate was the Universe. The chocolate is something you want so badly in your life, but no matter how much you dream, wish, or beg the universe for it, you won't get it. - Maybe you're not meant to have it. - - Maybe your chocolate is coming, but this just isn't it. The Universe is cookin' and is making you a big batch of "better -than-chocolate-and-won’t-make-you-miserable”. - - Be patient. - And enjoy your Sunday night! - - - - - - - - - #lifestyledesign #dreamlife #goaldigger #goalsetter #livingmydreams #lawofattraction #motivation #motivationalquote #motivationalmonday #lifecoach #liveyourdreams #dontquityourdaydream #dreamer #soulsearching #girlboss #ladyboss #likeaboss #motivational #findingyourself #livingyourdream #findyourwhy #successcoach #mindsetcoach #highvibe #spiritualcoach

Alex Perez (@arcturianalex)

Turned this book I was writing into a comic series. Been getting real creative with these stories what's crazy is that many will think it's fiction but it's a true story. Regrann from @arcturianalex - Water is liquid gold what does that make the shamans that can manifest healing rain? Writing a book about the boy who believed he could save the world using music. He believed and shouted from the top of his lungs with other expressions of himSELF at Mt Shasta that it would rain for the highest good of all life and it did. It doesn't matter how much they spray when you are a multidimensional guardian of Gaia you are given access to planetary consciousness to restore balance to the plane. Thanks a lot❤️ Thoughts are things and words have power EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Cabal I forgive you for trying to depopulate the planet but I HAVE to make sure California gets enough rain to avoid the devilish intentions you have I love you<3 Working on a BIG storm. Nothing is more important than making sure all life has enough water to thrive without water there is no life. California WILL be full of snow and all the lakes and rivers WILL be full for the highest good of all life. With the right intent and the right amount of love ANYTHING becomes a possibility. It WILL be really nice when it rains in California. God give California lots of healing rain! I AM manifesting healing rain I really AM! I AM the Violet Flame In action in me now I AM the Violet Flame To Light alone I bow I AM the Violet Flame In mighty Cosmic Power I AM the Light of God Shining every hour I AM the Violet Flame Blazing like a sun I AM God’s sacred power Freeing every one Transmute transmute by the Violet fire All causes and cores not of Gods desire I AM a being of cause alone That cause is love the sacred tone! Thank you for all the blessings And blessings in disguise I've received I AM humbled and full of divine gratitude And I AM forever at service To all that is and ever will be #shaman #shamanism #prayer #prayerworks #rainbowwarrior #rainbowwarriorprophecy #californiawillnotbedestroyed #lifesatripthenyoulive #lifeiswhatyouthinkitis #livingmydreams #lawofattraction #elohim #namaste


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. A brave man is not he that does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela . I was recently asked what’s holding me back. Whats keeping me from that next thing—the next step. It was easy, at first, to not have an answer. To say that there was nothing...at least nothing I could control. . But that empty answer wouldn’t let me be. I had never been asked that question before, and for the first time I had to face myself and dig deep for the truth. The truth that I was afraid. Sound familiar? . The fear of the unknown. The fear that my best wouldn’t be enough. The fear of failure and I told you so. Because If I don’t take the step, I don’t have to be afraid. I had never let myself rest in this truth long enough to realize how much it was limiting me. . I believe fear can either be your lid or your launchpad. It can limit your potential, or propel you to opportunity. . I don’t know about you, but I don’t want fear to rule my life. I want to run after it, towards possibility, trusting God to show up and catch me.

Sarah e Lewis (@feraluna_)

'Mind ful' by Sarah Lewis $75.oo brass finish wall hangers already attached. 23×23 square framed. I love this one, Sunday afternoon with some Doobie Brothers on and, here she is.. #abstract #abstractartist #abstractforsale #abstractlove #abstractart #abstractmood #abstractoninstagram #art #artforsale #artoninstagram #acrylic #acrylicpainting #acryliconcanvas #magic #artheals #creativityfound #livingmydreams

MG (@mikeg300)

Success is doing what u want when u want,where u want,with whom u want,as much as u want. Face your fears then get at me #Dontsettleforless #Paidmydues #Livingmydreams #Getup #Getout #Getafterit #Followyoursdreams #Manifestyourdestiny #LA #Hollywood #Dreams #Chase #Therace


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