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Tia Sellers (@tiasells)

Get cozy and relax!! Let me handle your home sale! #tiasells #sold #lovethelifeyoulive

S .C H R I S T O P O U L O U (@fly.for.you.coaching)

Η ζωή είναι η τέχνη του καλωσορίσματος και της αποχώρησης ! #flyforyoucoaching for more life tips www.flyforyou.gr #lovelife #lifetips #lifecoach #advices #lovethelifeyoulive #lifequotes #learntosaygoodbye #ενδυνάμωση #πίστη #welcomes

Jamillah O. Yoozooph (@readysteadyjoy)

DESIRE. BELIEVE. ALLOW. RECIEVE. Hmm might sound a bit woo for some, but over the last few days in subtle and not so subtle ways things that I have had a desire for and believed in have started to manifest in my life. Some as if by magic, and some because when you want a garden to grow, you don’t simply stand in a space and affirm it to life. You clear the way, you prepare the soil, you plant the seed, you nourish and with all the will in the world you cannot MAKE that seed grow, so you have to step back, perhaps even let go a bit, and ALLOW the garden to begin to bloom. It’s as much the ACTION as the INACTION that has started making things show up. I mentioned *a thing* a short time ago on social that could have gone unseen, I dunno, and as if by magic awesome magnet that is @keri_do.it.like.a.mother and @do.it.like.a.mother_hq seems to have arrived at this very same thing that I needed. I’ll leave it for her to put into the world. But i don’t think it’s wrong of me to assume that even if subconsciously the seed i planted took. Oh and btw if you want to know more about manifesting she has the most amazing workshop on offer that I attended...now all sorts of good shit is happening to me ✨♥️✨ Other things (that shall also remain nameless...for now) are taking shape because of small actions that I wouldn’t have taken if I had not believed in the possibility of a good outcome. In my internal vision board I included the smallest of goals like getting my eldest three swimming competently. I shared this with the Mister and BOOM💥 when the opportunity arose for exactly 3 spots we were ready to recieve without hesitance. There’s more, lots more but i won’t bore . Small hinges swing big doors, its starts with you and your willingness to believe in and act on what you desire without such a tight grip on the outcome that your hands are closed when it might arrive.

Nanci Lee Virgilio (@fancinancixo)

"To laugh often and much To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends To appreciate beauty To find the best in others To leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition To know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived here This . . . is to have succeeded" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ #iwokeuptothis #heavenlysky #breathtakingsunrise #beautifulinspiration #blessed #serenity #luckywelivehere #noplacelikehome #amazingview

Jenna🏞NaturallyEmpoweredLiving (@jlynnruggiero)

That sunrise this morning. 🏞☀️ Really makes you take a step back, and think how magnificent the world is and realize how blessed we are to be alive. We are the ones who choose the hard, the stress, the chaos. #simplifyyourlife #lovethelifeyoulive #livethelifeyoulove

RiseStudio🌺 (@risestudio1213)

Sweet & meaningful Valentine’s gift! Inside is God’s scripture truth & real rose petals 😊❤️🌹 . . . #roses #valentinesday #valentinesgift #rosepetals #scripture #paperweight #resin #bibleverse #love #godislove #handmade #etsy #etsyshop #lovethelifeyoulive

LifeAsKristinaB (@lifeaskristinab)

Confidence isn’t my thing. Strength is something I have to remind myself I have. Self love is the ONLY love I can ever guarantee myself. Trust that my struggles are real, but always worth it...

DanceBody Emily (@streamteam_emily)

Airbnb wall hanging on point And yes, I’m about to #dancebodyathome in the kitchen cuz it’s a studio #livethelifeyoulove #lovethelifeyoulive

Ann-Britt🦄Hakansson (@cagefree_ab)

Happiness is driving into the valley and seeing everything covered in fluffy white stuff ✨

Erica Rae (@ericaraedesigns)

Should be a goal for everyone. It can be close or far away but go experience a new place wherever that might be! ♡♡♡ #travel #somewhere #new #inspiration #wordsofwisdom #dalailama #wander #betterlife #goalsetting #beyou #lovethelifeyoulive

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