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Josi Maciel (@josi_maciel_jui)

😱😱😱 A melhor receita de leite condensado fake de todos os tempos. Segue lá no @byigorhealthy Para o leite condensado fake . 1 e 1/2 xícara de leite em pó (uso NINHO) @nestle_br 1/2 xícara de água quente 1/2 xícara de açúcar demerara (ou adoçante em pó) a quantidade muda para 1/4 . Modo de preparo: . Bata tudo no liquidificador e deixe na geladeira por 5 horas até ficar bem consistente. . Para a palha : . Pegue a mistura do leite condensado fake e coloque em uma panela com 2 colheres de sopa cheias de manteiga sem sal + 3 colheres de sopa de leite NINHO + 1 colher de chá de essência de baunilha, mexa até desgrudar do fundo da panela. Forre uma forma de pão com papel filme e coloque a mistura, leve a geladeira por 1 hora até firmar. Tire da geladeira e corte em quadrados e passe no leite ninho . . É de comer rezando 🙏 . #food #cuiaba #nutricao #lowcalorie #lowcarbbrasil #instafood #myfitnesspal #foodfit #emagrecer #dietazone #dietaortomolecular #comidasaudavel #comidaviva #light #dietasaudavel #secar #regime #reeducacaoalimentar

คุกกี้ธัญพืช ธัญพืชอบกรอบ (@whole_grain_cracker)

😊😊😊ดึกๆก็จะแพควนไปจร้า✌️️✌️️✌️️ #ธัญพืชอบกรอบ ขนมคลีนจิงไรจิง ทานขนมเยอะแบบไม่รู้สึกผิด มีส่วนประกอบเป็นธัญพืชกว่า 7 ชนิด ไม่มีแป้งขัดขาว ไข่ หรือเนย เป็นส่วนประกอบ คุณประโยชน์ครบครัน เพียงชิ้นละ15 บาทจร้า💕💕💕#thetwentyninthbakery #ธัญพืชอบกรอบ #คุกกี้คลีน #คุกกี้ธัญพืช #granola #wholegrains #lowsugar #lowcalorie #grutenfree 🆔line @thetwentyninth. 📞089-4490934

📧 (@ketojann)

Kereviz cipsim👍🏻😋😌kendileri ‘kalorisizgillerden’ 100 gr da 16 kalori var, yok denecek kadar az yani,, 2 tepsi yapmıştım bu kaldı😂kahvaltıda yerim bunuda galiba🙊 #akşam #keto #paleo #kereviz #kerevizcipsi #mutfak #mutluluk #lowcarb #lowcalorie #highfat #bbg #fit #workout #work #workworkwork #fitstagram #fitspo #fitcalories #pazar #haftasonu #mutluluk #sağlık #healthy #gesund #eatclean #cleaneating #foodporn #foodies #foodphotography #foodgasm

Toni Markette (@eatinwithyiayia)

Vegan Stuffed peppers (throw back). The other day I posted the crumble, caulirice and sauce. Here is the finished dish topped with Nutritional Yeast and served with asparagus with a creamy tofu ranch dressing. #vegan #veganrecipes #plantbased #lowcalorie #low carb #mediterraneanfood #iloveveggies

Sure Fat Loss (@surefatloss)

Love this post by @susanniebergallfitness! If fat loss is your goal, you need to be eating in a calorie deficit. Read & save this post for 6 easy ways to cut calories! . 💥6 EASY EAYS TO CUT CALORIES💥 - 🍦Think you need to cut some calories but not sure where to begin? Well Ive got you covered. Cutting some calories out of your diet may not be as hard as you think. - 🍗Cook at home - Having complete control over what you are cooking and eating is 100% the best way to cut calories. You can choose how to cook your food and if you are meticulously tracking, you will know exactly what you are eating. But, hey, we all like to go out to eat-it’s part of our lives, so enjoy it and know that you can dial it in at home - 🥗Using a smaller plate has been shown to actually eat less.- By putting a smaller portion on a larger plate ,your mind is going to think it needs more because it looks so small. Putting that same portion on a smaller plate, your mind thinks you are eating more. - 🍞You know that scrumptious looking bread basket they always bring you before your meal? Literally can add 300-500 calories on BEFORE you even start your meal. So if you are eating out, you can always pass on the bread basket or, just tell the waiter no thanks on the bread, and it won’t even appear - ☕️Zero calorie drinks can save you a ton of calories. Instead of the 150 calories from a coke, try seltzer water. It’s still got the bubbly, comes in flavors, and gives you the sense of drinking something “special”, not just water. Black coffee is another zero calorie drink staple. Both of those will take the edge off of hunger too. - 🥙Use seasonings instead of sauces - Sauces are a huge source of calories - especially when eating out because restaurants tend to really pile it on. So if cooking at home, try some seasonings instead. Recently a friend sent me a box of spicy seasonings from The Spice House.. It is amazing. I love hot and spicy, and this box has a great variety. Try some new spices to change some things up. Almost zero calories and a lot of flavor - 🥦Eat your veggies. Pile em on. So many veggies are almost “free” in calories.


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