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quando um fã de my chemical romance (que não superou o fim da banda) abre uma empresa... #MCR #voltamcr #pleasecometobrazil

Catchlight Portraits (@catchlightportraits)

A supported group shoot for anyone looking to build images in their portfolio and gain confidence in shooting models. Paula did a test shoot with us last year and is one of the most experienced female models we've shot. Paula has worked with some of the best photographers in the game and really knows how to work the light to her, and your advantage. The event image shows just a handful of some of the amazing images we got in the hour we had with her. We'll be structuring the session so that there's no paparazzi style free for all. The session will be split between two lighting set ups, with a break for refreshments and for Paula to change. We'll do a quick demonstration with Paula, then hand the triggers over for you guys to have a go. Timed, taken in turns and under our guidance if needed. This will be a perfect workshop for photographers to get some experience with a fantastic working model. Gain some confidence in model direction and some amazing photos for your portfolio. Saturday 17th March, 1-4pm. £35 per photographer, only 12 places available. Limited places so message the page asap to book. - #studiophotography #studiotraining #photographytraining #manchester #bury #mcr #modelphotography #portraitphotography #fashionphotography #strobist #flashphotography #technicallighting #perfectlighting #photoworkshop #photographyworkshop #groupshoot #improvement #nailyourlighting #sayNOtoshitlighting #itsacatchlight


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