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Sarah Clark (@clark_minimized)

Money smarts and #minimalism go hand-in-hand. @amandasteinberg ’s book Worth It is a great read for women who want to have confidence and control when it comes to their finances. #simplifyyourlife #womenandmoney #spendless #financialfreedom #financialsecurity #debtfree


Delta clock in oak by @lawadesign

Laura (@lady_kznz)

Good shoes take you good place

Soha Salem (@sohas.herbs)

🍋🖤 Detox Mint-Lemonade 🖤🍋 = Fresh lemons + Fresh Mint + Activated Charcoal powder (preferably made from coconut shell) + Sparkling water or mineral water + sweetener to taste + Ice cubes or herb infused ice cubes 🍋🖤 Activated Charcoal (Carbon) is made from coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum. One way it is activated is by increasing the surface area by heating charcoal to a high temperature in the presence of an oxidizing gas such as steam or carbon dioxide which then creates many pores in the charcoal. With a massive surface area activated charcoal can then adsorbs many drugs, toxins, and increase the clearance. It also binds unabsorbed drugs/toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and prevents them from reaching circulation. They can then be flushed out of the system with the help of fluids. It is often used in high doses in an emergency situation in a controlled hospital environment. It sometimes appears in hangover remedies, however, activated charcoal does not bind effectively to ethanol. Always consult your physician before usually any herbs or supplements to make sure they do not interfere with the medications you are currently taking. 🖤🍋 This drink usually comes out after I’ve had a weekend of overindulgence. When eating out, you never really know all the ingredients in the food. Activated charcoal binds many toxins and drinking extra fluids help flush them out. I make sure to drink this away from any meals, supplements, or medications due to its ability to interfere with absorption. I find that it reduces bloating, fatigue, and upset stomach due to overindulgence. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids when you take activated charcoal because it can cause constipation and black stools. This is quite possibly the easiest remedy to make and most effective, blend all the ingredients, pour into a glass, and enjoy! 🍋🖤

Daniela (@danielaa_chavez)

LA is weird city, but it has its moments.

MOS (@alittlepeoples)

またまたタイロッケン cap#leuchtfeuer glasses#oliverpeoples glassescord#henderscheme tops#comoli inner/pants#amialexandremattiussi shoes#soloviere


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