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Kirstin, Khloé & Phoebé (@kcoulstcreative)

Khloé’s first official day of Kindy 2018 💗 She was very excited to be a part of the new facility a joined to her old daycare. It gives me a sense of relief knowing her and Phoebé can still yell at each other through the boundary fence 😂 and make sure each other is ok. Khloé loved being in the old Kindy room last year and learned so much already that I know this year she will push herself to learn even more and be super ready for Prep. It blows my mind the little sponge she is and how quickly she can pick up new things. While dropping her to Kindy was like our normal routine, I know that in a years time, the real struggle will come for me and those tears I won’t be able to hold back at all. 🙈

Natalie and Elara (@wild.babe.of.mine)

Her grumpy face gives me life. Today has consisted of dramatic tantrums, throwing herself on the floor then slowly (carefully not to hit her head) turns onto her back to lay out like a star fish. Can't even deal 😂 But over all, I think my favourite part was when she decided tonight to stay awake in her cot for 2 hours, pulling out the oldest trick in the book "I'm gonna do a poo and mum will have to change me, heh" Well it's didn't work girlfriend! Like a ninja, I came in, changed her and left. Two seconds later she was asleep 👊

Adeline, Amye & Ryan (@the_adeline_social)

Just another one I love... I had a shit day today! Squabbled with one of my friends that I think of like a sister (it was over clothes). It hurt. But then I got over it and thought isn’t that what all sisters fight over? I’m lucky to have friends like that. People that will put me in my place even if they think I am out of line 🤷🏼‍♀️ i would go mental without my online mama friends. I have very few friends here in Melbourne with kids and my online friends keep me from going surely insane! #mumblogger #onlinefriends #mumlife #our_everyday_moments #momtogs #momlife #momsofig #momsofinstagram #laceylane #laceylaner #laceylanecommunity #thecommunityig #stylishkidstrends #magicofchildhood #pixelkids #toddlersofinstagram #toddlerfashion #trendykiddies #littleandbrave #justbaby #supportlocal #botanicalgarden #clickinmoms #mumswithcameras #momswithcameras #kidslookbook #tinyfashionfeatures

E N A (@mew_c6)

☃️☃️☃️ . More than 20 centimeters of snow accumulated last night. When I was walking on the street, I fall on my backside.. ⌓̈⃝✸ ༘ . 昔オースティンに行った時、サンフランシスコでトランジットで何時間も空いてて、当時の彼に「絶対寝ちゃダメだよ」って出発時何度も言われたのに、椅子に横になってたら見事に寝ちゃって飛行機行っちゃってサンフランシスコで1泊して次の日の飛行機でオースティン行った。 今日も入院中の母からわざわざ「絶対急がずゆっくり歩くのよ」ってLINE来たのに、いつもの癖で早歩きして見事に雪に滑って転んでお尻強打した。 ほんと期待を裏切らない。ただのバカ😂 . でも本当に激痛で歩くのも座るのも辛い。くしゃみすると全身に激痛走るし、眩暈もひどくなって仕事も早退。 旦那さんに骨割れたんじゃね?って言われた😭 . みなさんもお気をつけて!

Leila Balin (@leilabalinphotography)

'Every great artist has a closet full of bad paintings' Never be afraid to try, never be afraid to make mistakes. Each step is a place to learn and explore. They say the process is more important than the outcome and I truly believe that. This was my first attempt at trying to achieve a double exposure in camera using long exposure. It failed in terms of my vision but I learnt enough to try again. Something I plan to do over the next few weeks. Have fun and enjoy the failures as much as the successes . Thanks @lauraedwards_photography for being my model 😊 #ifatfirstyoudontsucceed #valueinfailure #essexphotographer #momhub #embracingtheedge #january #leilabalinphotography #momtogs #naturallight #photographyeveryday #blackandwhite #embraceeverydayjoyfully #mom_hub #momswithcameras #yougotthis #ilovemyart

LovePaperInk | Luxe Baby Style (@lovepaperinkau)

Happy 2 weeks Miss Aurora Belle 😍😍 You are a true little sleeping beauty and look utterly divine with our Harvey Rose matching wrap blanket and milestone cards 💜 Our sets are just perfect for newborn announcements and packed with a HUuuuGE 70 milestones, moments & ‘Love Notes for my Baby’ (across 35 double sided cards), you really won’t miss a moment. . Pictured: Harvey Rose matching wrap blanket and Milestone Cards (Harvey Rose Baby Luxe Style Set) . 📷 by mama bear @mrs_turner8890 . • • • • #pregnantbelly #babybump #bump #preggo #babybelly #pregnancy #momtobe #pregnant #mommytobe #mom_hub #newborn #mumtobe #babyontheway #momswithcameras #newbornphotography #grossesse #preggers #childofig #pixel_kids #simplychildren #maternity #momtogs #clickinmoms #candidchildhood #jj_its_kids #stylishbump #cameramama #childhoodunplugged #floralmilestonecards

S t e p h (@steph.soj)

We have had such crazy weather here lately and most of my photos now are from the cold days where we’re all rugged up because the hot days have just been way too hot to go outside for photos! I’m missing it! We went from 18 degrees one Sunday to 38 the next Sunday 😳Hoping for some nicer days at the coast this weekend!

Babies and Kids Essentials (@babiesandkidz)

Please oh, our pregnant mommies send us your hospital list let's help you sort all items and deliver to you. Even all that your new baby would need apart from the ones in the hospital list, you can count on us to deliver. __ Why would you stress yourself when we are here for You? Please patronize us and help this small business move to permanent site🤗🤗. __ Biko, we are waiting for you in the DM. Thank you and God bless you as you slide in🙏🙏

Swathi Xavier (@swathixavier)

Turned FIVE months yesterday! Son, Why are you in such a rush to grow up?? I'm still not ready for your speedy developments! #shaynethan #shaynsmonthly #thankinggod 🙌🏻

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