#mylittleman medias

Michele Leiker (@michelei_c)

☀️Focusing on the negative won't get you anywhere with your hapiness. My to do list on weekends have grown since having Liam. Only MAYBE half of it gets complete. 🤷‍♀️As I sit here and gaze at our little dude, I'm staying positive thinking about what I DID get done.🏆Which is still ALOT. 😶 Here we come Monday!👊

Jarrod Giorgianni (@jarrodgio_)

Had the joy of becoming a Godfather yesterday!! #Calebjohn #godfather #mylittleman

Alisha Corden (@ali_sha27)

As soon as he walked into the house after being at his dads for the weekend, “you know what day it is? It’s Sunday and you promised me airtime!” So here we are... #happykid #mylittleman #hedoesntforgetanything

Jordin R Brice (@jraee14)

Ry man is 4 months old as of the 17th! He loves bath time, screaming at the top of his lunges, cuddles with mama, eating, sleeping, grandmas tv, his teddy bear and playing with Dirk! He hates tummy time, not getting attention, and getting dressed. He can roll from front to back and back to front. He’s teething beyond belief, and drools everywhere. His favorite thing to do is smile, and his giggles are the cutest. He is a genuine mommas boy, and my very best friend. He has grown so much in just the last month, and it’s amazing to watch all of his new mile stones. I love you to heaven and back boobah❤️ #4monthsold #mylittleman

Loni Judisch (@lonijudisch)

We are snowed in at our yard this weekend- but still had some fun. My son, Leiko busted out the skis and had a blast! I bet with no school tomorrow we will do it again. Stay warm all!! #snowday #mylittleman #bomberhat

M y L i t t l e M a n (@mylittleman_shop)

🌿 Good Lordy I’m exhausted this morning.. having a 3yo is meant to be easier than a newborn isn’t it? 😂 last time I had an issue with jacks feeding I asked for your help and actually resolved it! So today I’m asking for any kind of help or comments regarding him waking through the night screaming out for me, resulting in me going into his room and actually spending the night because I fall asleep there. Last night was it! Went in at midnight (just fallen asleep) and stayed in there all night until I was woken up by the grump himself this morning. I am tired, and over it. Just want to sleep in my own bed 😴😴 . . 📷 @my3ratbagz3614


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