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Temish (@temish.fan)

So guys i have a surprise for all fans nami 😍🙈 The serial #ikyawaan is not stopped but will be re-displayed from 8pm of the 6:30pm 💃💃 In this link 👉https://t.co/5odCHjRzLF?amp=1 😘 مسلسل ناميش مش هيوقف هيتغير معاد عرضه من الساعه 8 للساعه 6:30 💃💃 رغما عن انف الحاقدين موتو بغيظكم كدا😋😂 واعتقد كداااا يا جماعه هنشوف رومانسيه اوفر دوز الحلقات الجايه بما انهم هيكشفو جدته😂 #ikyawann #satya #namishtaneja @tanejanamish

Temish (@temish.fan)

Is there a better morning than this? 😍 Nami looking fire 🔥 #throwback #indonesiadays #namishtaneja #ikyawann MY ACC @temish.fans WAS DEACTIVATED 😢 @tanejanamish

ʳAMIRA || NAMISHʳ (@namish.holic)

G.M✨ ............ "every new day is another chance to change your life⚡️ _______________ " كل يوم جديد هو فرصة اخرى لتغير حياتك ،🥀✨ _________________________ #namishtaneja #satya #ikyawann

Temish (@temish.fan)

What is nicer to be stray and remember something and smile automatically ❤ Good night ✨ #namishtaneja #ikyawann MY ACC @temish.fans WAS DEACTIVATED 😢 @tejasswiprakash @tanejanamish

tejasswi_namish (@temish.love)

. your request @temishxfp😙😙😙 انا بحبك😭😭😭😭😭 اللحظة التاريخية لنتظروها كل فانز راجلاك😭😭❤❤ والله كثير بعشقهم😭😭😭😭 ما تنسوا انو فيكن تتطلبو اي مشهد وانا بنزلو😘😘 ❤ dont forget that you can request any scene for raglak and I will post it❤❤ the most waited moment by raglakians❤❤ throwback to raglak😭😭😭 throwback to my happiness😭 missing them badly😭😭😭😭 this scene takes me to another world full of perfection and beauty i swear I miss u so much 😭😭 hope they will meet soon❤❤ #raginilakshmaheshwari #lakshmaheshwari #tejasswiprakash #namishtaneja #raglak #temish #bestcouple #bestactor #bestactress #unconditionallove #beauty #cuteness #perfection #bestscene #amazing #episode @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tanejanamish @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash @tejasswiprakash@tanejanamish

Temish (@temish.fan)

Look at nami😍😂😂 There is news that it is possible to change time of #ikyawann and has not been stopped but has not confirmed the news yet Hope that🙏 في اخبار بتقول ان ممكن معاد مسلسل ايكيوان يتغير بس لسه الخبر مش اكيد اتمني ان المعاد يتغير بس ميوقفش فخير ان شالله (شبشب ناميش دا هيطلع من عيني اقسم بالله 😍😂) سيبك من باري دي لوحدها اصلا #ikyawann #satya #namishtaneja MY ACC @temish.fans WAS DEACTIVATED 😢 @tanejanamish @prachitehlan


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