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Gus Theo 🇨🇦 (@gtheo12)

“You won’t always love the workout, but you’ll always love the results.” Chest and cardio💦done✔️I really want to be in the best shape possible this year and so far I can say it’s been an incredible start!! Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday Monday!! Remember to always believe in yourself!! You CAN and you WILL!! #bodybuilding #fitness #fitfam #fitnessaddict #workout #training #gymlife #weightlifting #hardwork #noexcuses #motivation #inspiration #instafit #flex #strength #dedication #gainz #muscle #nevergiveup #strong #lifestyle #determination #train #gym #exercise #health #ontariomuscle #sweat

Andrew Lorenzo (@andrewlorenzoactor)

Not too bad after a couple of weeks of virtually no training and so so eating. Still on the road to recovery 💪✌️


Congratulations @dawngroszko on her bronze medal! She had a tough road, coming up against Paige Pearce-Gore, Eleonara Sarti, and Linda Ochoa-Anderson, before losing to Yesim Bostan, placing Dawn in the bronze medal match! There, Dawn took on the #1 ranked woman in the world, Sarah Sonnichsen and stayed close to her the entire match and won in the final end by 1 point! We’re proud of you Dawn! #podiumfinish #nevergiveup #staystrong #believeinyourself #womenwhoshoot #teamcanada #redandwhite #mapleleafpride #archeryalberta #calgaryarchery #primepro #primetime #indoorworldchampionships Photo courtesy of @yanktonarchery

Sebastian Toplician (@sebastiantoplician)

Happy Family Day everyone! The word family can be a funny thing at times. For me it goes well beyond just being blood related. It's about having a tight circle of people who you can share just about anything to. From having a great time with one another to where you get in fights and feel like you detest one another. You can live far away from eachother, yet when you meet it's like you pick things up where they left off. I know I may not have been spending as much time as I should with my family over the past year (parents, my brother and everyone else included). I'm just at a point where I am trying to challenge myself as much as possible and putting in the work in everything I do. I know sometimes you guys wish I could just relax more and have more fun, and asking me what happened. I want to have a big impact and motivate others. It's such a rewarding feeling to have a positive impact on others. Especially to those who feel like no one is listening to them and feel alone. A few years ago just about this time of year I bought my parents a motorcycle because that's how they first met and they let go of that when I was born. I don't believe in good things happen to those that wait. Take action. It's about making the sacrifices for the people you love. I don't take no excuses for being busy, or not having time. It's either you make it happen or you don't. I know most don't think this way and that's fine, but think about your actions next time you tell yourself you can't do it. Wishing everyone the best! Surround yourself by family whomever that may be! 😁

Lilla Fletcher (@lillfletch)

These too may look like an odd pair but they love each other like sisters. . . Like sisters these two have fought. In the beginning they fought so badly that River has an indent in her nose and Nala had to get sisters. We feared they would never get along. Time has passed, River got spayed, and things changed. We persevered and conquered the challenge of having two dominant females. Now these two are like sisters. They kiss and snuggle with each other daily but disgruntled/ annoyed noises can still be heard. The real difference? They figured out that they are a pack now and have to take care of one another. . . . #sisterdogs #pack #dogpack #nevergiveup #keeppushingforward #theyfoughtnowtheirfriends #dogbehavior #couldntbehappier

Spirit Trading Company (@spirittradingcompany)

Our personal magic works in mysterious ways. Just put whatever you BELIEVE in into motion, take action towards it, and KNOW you will receive it. 💫 . Sometimes dreams come in an instant (angels, this is our preferred method!)... and sometimes, we can't see their power at work as they are being co-created for our highest and best good. Alarm clock ⏰ . The main message here is BELIEVE. If you know you have done your part, then NEVER stop believing. The Universe is waiting to bring you your wildest dreams and many times, they may be even better than what you thought. Expand your mind, there is more than one way to get there... open to RECEIVE. We love you! xx 🤗 . . . #believe #magic #quotes #freespirit #gypsypirit #wildspirit #believe #dream #nevergiveup #spirit #followus #spirittradingcompany #subscriptionbox #launch #candles #crystals #aromatherapy #spirtuality #goddess #selflove #selfcare #wellness #inspiration #meditation #dreamstoreality #liftyourspirit

Ty Pinney (@thank_you_pinney)

Dialing my voice in 🤣 If you think Some label is going to fucking hide that you are a cruel human being then we are going to have problems 🤪I know why you want to hate me 🤪 everything happens for a reason ☠️ There is always Fuck everything 🤪 be happy just being you 🤪I am fully loaded #ladies 😂 What’s this fight for freedom bullshit? Shit. It’s a fucking scam! Fightfor pussy. The real fight. Thankful for every day I wake up ❤️ Mental note 2:2018. You’ve been in this fight since 10/2010 just saying 😂😂😂 thankful to be alive still. Love the life you live but fight for the life you want. #BrutalPUFFS. ☠️ #foreverhealer #dailymeds #nevergiveup 🤪❤️🤙🏻🔥🌳❤️🌎✌️#stonedAF 🤪 doctors order 🤪#enjoytheride ☠️ fuck everything’s 😂✌️ something to do 🤪


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