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Christy B. 🥑 (@runningonavocados)

Happy Tuesday!!! Woke up to another couple of inches of snow on the ground! According to the forecast it’s supposed to continue snowing till tomorrow night 😅😅 Wish I was having this bowl of oats today but I woke up super later this morning. I tried @beazysbites Salted Caramel Oats following Recipe except I made it overnight oats. ~dEATS~ 1/2 cup @bobsredmill rolled oats 1-2 cups @califiafarms vanilla almond milk 2 chopped Mejdool dates Cinnamon 1-2 Tsp sea salt Toppings: Sliced banana @purely_elizabeth Almond butter granola @traderjoes Raw crunchy almond butta @navitasorganics Cacao nibs ~Directions~ I made these oats on the stove to let the dates melt into the oats. The only think I would do different is add some more milk to the mixture when I throw it in the fridge so it’s more creamy in the am. I have to say adding dates to oats is a game changer and this was soo yummy! Hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday 💚💚

Yasmeen (@cookingwithyazz)

Another day another bowl 😋 I’ve taken a little break from putting bananas in my oatmeal, just trying to change it up a bit. This is blueberry and pecan oatmeal topped with pomegranate, blueberries, blackberries, coconut and 85% dark chocolate 🍫 Tastes like a dessert but fuels me better than any other breakfast food! Have a great Tuesday! Feel free to leave me any suggestions for meal ideas and I can create my own spin, or any questions that you have! 😊😊😊

Sabrina Healthy Lifestyle (@sabrinahealthylifestyle)

*Mediamaña* Es muy importante consumir alimentos entre comidas, pero más importante seleccionar aquellos que nos aportan nutrición y energía. . . A mí me gusta consumir carbohidratos y Cereales sanos y una o más frutas. . . Este es un ejemplo de mi mediamaña de hoy! Un bowlsito de avena cocida con chía, remojada en leche de coco (tipo colada). Encima le puse Almendras, Amaranto, Semillas de Linaza, Pitaya, miel y semillas de cáñamo. Hay muchas ideas saludables para pasar las mañanas! Ya les iré compartiendo más! #SabrinaHealthyLifestyle #Wellness #HealthyLiving #HealthInfluencer #Colombia #HealthyRecipes #OatMeal #OatMealBowl #HealthyBreakfast

Christine Louise (@onepartnormal)

“If were not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food”- sally edwards ... A lot of people complain that they don’t have time to make healthy breakfasts but I disagreee. Made this organic oatmeal (came out a little messy) in the microwave in two minute cooked with homemade almond milk- added some @thrivemkt peanut butter, organic raspberries and blackberries, @mammachia chia seeds, @manitobaharvest hemp seeds and bam I have a complete fiber rich and protein packed breakfast in under five minutes- dump the junk💪🏻 . . . #oatmeal #rolledoats #oats #oatmealbowl #breakfastbowl #breakfast #healthy #healthybreakfast #breakfastideas #fuelup #youarewhatyoueat #healthypregnancy #pregnancyfood #igfood #foodstagram #berries #peanutbutter #yummy #eeeeeats #foodpics #followforfollow #instahealthy #tuesdaymorning #eathealthy #smoothiebowl #instagood #protein #eatclean

Veg Baby (@veg_babies)

I call this oatmeal bowl the "last breakfast." Getting my wisdom teeth removed today so aside from some plain oats (no fun) I won't be having my crunchy pb bowl of goodness for a few mornings😭 • • I'm such a foodie so I know it's going to be rough but my mom is on deck with a bunch of goodies to make smoothies. Stay tuned for our smoothies creations 😋

Manasa A. (@simplyplantmanasa)

NEW RECIPE✨I’m back in school (ah😭), so I thought I’d share yesterday’s amazing lunch!! It was an Indian dish called Palak Paneer but instead of cheese I used Tofu and it tasted so good!! I swear it tasted like the real thing!! Recipe coming soon so look out for that!✨🌱 anyways I hope you guys have an amazing day today, spread love and smile always ❤️💕

Cait (@beautifully__honest)

You guys.. @gomacro has three new flavors out and they are ahhhhmazing. My breakfast this morning was inspired by the blueberry + cashew butter flavor. Blueberry overnight oats: ▪️Soak oats overnight in @thenewbarn almond milk with a splash of blueberry extract (if you haven’t tried this before I highly recommend) ▪️mix in @good_karma_foods yogurt ▪️ @furtherfood collagen peptides ▪️ blueberries ▪️ strawberries ▪️ pumpkin seeds ▪️ cashew butter ▪️ @gomacro blueberry bar (duh) Such a good way to start this snowy Tuesday!

monica (@wafflesandwellness)

anotha oatmeal bowl for this long day of classes & homework 😴 deets: 1/2 c old-fashioned oats refrigerated overnight w/ 1/2 c almond milk and 2 T PB fit. topped with strawbs, frozen berries, pepitas, and nanas. happy tuesday!! 😋

themindfulfoodie (@themindfulfoodie.co)

I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie 🧟‍♀️ All the miles I’ve been putting in at the gym seem to have caught up to me, so I postponed my run and slept in. I also whipped up an iron boosting oatmeal bowl to help put some pep back in my step - oatmeal with molasses (25% of my daily iron), pumpkin seeds (magnesium helps iron get absorbed more effectively), and some chocolate cherry granola (because it tastes good). Gym bag is packed and my goal is to get my speed training in over lunch. 🤞🏻 #halfmarathontraining #runninggirl #listentoyourbody #nourishyourbody #feedyoursoul #intuitiveeating #glutenfree #soyfree #dairyfree #eggfree #vegan #veganeats #veganbreakfast #pumpingiron #oatmealbowl #oatmeal #mindfuleating #mindfulfoodie #allergyfree #allergyfriendly #fooddiary #buzzfeedfood #eatwell #healthyeats

Lisa🌱❤️👩‍🍳NYC & LI (@lisasprojectvegan)

Chocolate Oatmeal inspired by The How Not to Die Cookbook by @nutrition_facts_org with recipes by @veganwithoutborders. Such a satisfying and nutritious breakfast (or anytime meal!) Oats with raw cacao powder, ground vanilla and ground flax topped with bananas, berries, a dollop of homemade almond butter and sweetened with maple syrup. And a healthy dose of cinnamon. It covers half of Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen! This is one of many fantastic recipes I’ve made from this book for the #vegancookalong. What are you having for breakfast? #vegan #hownottodie #hownottodiecookbook #veganwithoutborders #bowlofgoodness #chocolateoatmeal #oatmealbowl #chocolateforbreakfast #drgregersdailydozen #soyfree #glutenfree #dairyfree #wfpb #wfpbv #superfoods #powerbreakfast #bowlofgoodness #eatforhealth #eatplants #plantpower #mostimportantmealoftheday

Josie Fallin (@jmf.fitness_)

Good morning!!☀️ So a little update for this week, I had a medical issue come up where I have to skip a few workouts 😕 so I’m just sticking to eating clean & I’ll be back on it hopefully by next week!! Started my morning off with some oatmeal, banana, chia seeds, dried cranberries, blueberries, crushed almonds, & honey! 😋😋 - - - #healthy #healthyeating #fit #fitness #powerfood #vegetarian #oatmeal #oatmealbowl

Jetta (@mymadmouth)

CINNAMON ROLL🌀🍂 I mean just because something triggers your anxiety and eating disorder which really ‘wasn’t’ in the picture before the weekend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It means you should keep doing it. But even so I found the weekend really difficult at times. So I’m quite glad and not glad to be home🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m glad to have my food choice back again so I had a super yummy 💥cinnamon roll 😍oatmeal 💥 this morning topped with frozen banana, berries, trader joes mixed nut trail mix and maple syrup 🍌🍓🌰🍯🍂🤤 which was absolute fuel food for a a morning run🏃🏻‍♀️and full body training really focused on back, abs, legs and upper body💥🏋🏻‍♀️I spent last night traveling which exhausted me so you know I had the rest of my ice cream pint in which I felt a little sick after which made me sorta feel like I probably shouldn’t have stuff like maple syrup in the morning but honestly I woke up hungry and had my maple syrup and I’m fine👍🏻🙄absolutely winter in the uk and I need to get my fat on🐻 which means I need to prioritise that over whether I’m mentally comfortable or not... keep fighting through this (beautiful) abomination called life #breakfastlover #oatmealbowl #cinnamonlover #recovery #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #realrecovery #recoveryishard #strongnotskinny #recoverywin #foodie

Love & Zest | Healthy Fit Food (@kristinalaruerd)

I’m savoring the last few sips of herbal tea before the day begins after a quiet morning of writing. New recipes are coming soon my friends— pinky promise. Side note, anyone add cottage cheese to their oats!? Just dollop it on top with the rest of your favorite toppings. So good and satisfies needed #protein punch! . #protein #cottagecheese #oats #proats #strawberries #peanutbutter #pecans #bananas #breakfast #oatmealbowl #oatmeal #breakfastofchampions #orlandofoodie #momlifeisthebestlife

Oats Mcgee (@oatsmcgee)

Oats du jour...keeping it simple with a beautifully bruised banana brought to you by @aldiusa and some @krogerco brand cinnamon. Banana sweetens up the yogurt and the cinnamon literally brings me joy (google it I think that's a thing) #overnightoats #oatstransformation #oatsmcgee #oatmeal #oatmealbowl #oatmealbreakfast #porridge #totesMcOats #oatstagram

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