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Hello hey it's me again trying to absorb this sunset into my soul 🔥 Swimsuit: @uturnvintage Photo by: @udon_noodon

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 3!!! (@pixlanechennai)

PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 3 - ENTRY 2 __________________________________________ Pic by : @divyakumar90.dk __________________________________________ HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN CONTEST? 1. Being Month of March this contest is for all Women Photographers. 2. Theme : Beauty of the Beaches - Snap pics of Beaches, Lighthouses or anything to do with Beaches. 3. Tags to use : @pixlanechennai and @adornelegance. Do not mention tags in comments. 4. Hashtags to use : #pixlanechennai, #adornelegance, #pixlaneadorncontest. 5. Story mention mandatory. (Tutorial avlb in our insta story) 6. Only ONE ENTRY per contestant. 7. Wait to get featured on our page. 8. Post with max likes wins. AMAZING PRIZES TO BE WON!!! _______________________________________________ #picoftheday #chennai #beachlove #lonelyplanetindia #currytraveler #yourshot_india #chennaidiaries #travelingram #atravelbuff #memories #photoblog #seaiswhereibelong #dametravels #girltravel #indiapictures #instablog #photooftheday #incredibleindiaofficial #fernweh #wanderlust #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #girlsborntotravel #inspirationaldestinations #beachesoftheworld #wonderfulwildwomen #pixlaneadorncontest

R A N D Y 🦄 (@mirandaallender)

Patterns and patent 👠👛

Awesome Daily lifestyle Photos (@whatif_casualliving)

Pretty girls on boards🤗 Credit to @a_surfers_world : @longvibemcz Inspirational scenic images and gorgeous ladies: Tag, share or regram, anyone who would love this post. 👇👇👇👇 Also follow us on: @whatif_fitness, and our daily motivational page: @whatif_motivationalliving.

EM. (@instant.hunter)


Missa Mae (@missa_mae)

0319: new life. My cuttings are growing babies. Is it spring yet? Even though today was a long day, and tomorrow will be longer, there's always something to look forward to. . . . . . . ----------------- #missamae365 #picoftheday #potd #potd📷 #2018missamae365 #mmproject365 #yyc #missamaephoto #mmphotoaday #photoaday #project365 #photography #photo #blog #photoblog #succulents #succubabies #indoorgarden #plant #sprout #cuttings #leafpropagation #kalanchoe

Jacob Lewis (@jacobrlewshoots)

on the steps of the palace

Sapience ☀️ (@sapience_theheritagephotoblog)

The city wall was built for defense reasons..soon the city had to expand beyond the brick walls and they were brought down. The gates that once were the control points along the periphery of the fortified city, are mere traffic islands and thoroughfares today. Neglected and deteriorated, they stand alone today without their walls by their side. Time changes and so does context! . . . #ahmedabad #ahmedabad_instagram #amdavad #gatesofahmedabad #citygates #fortifiedcity #worldheritagecityahmedabad #sandstone #ahmedshah #mahmudbegada #architecture #heritage #monument #heritageofahmedabad #walledcity #walledcityahmedabad #gujaratheritage #ahmedabadtourism #conservation #photoblog #instagramahmedabad

🌈Val And Daves Adventure Tour🌈 (@valanddavesadventure)

Off to Vietnam ✈️Last night we spoke to a man at the hotel to confirm we needed to be at the airport for 6am 👌🏼 sorted! Yesterday on the boat, when we were perched half sitting, half laying, minding our own business, a lovely lady offered to take a photo of us. The problem was, the angle of the photograph and the position we were in. She clearly was no pro photographer, in fact, as a woman, I query whether she might ever of taken a photo before, as she so obviously ignored the standard unwritten rules of flattery! I instinctively leaned forward to ensure my baby fat was nicely tucked away, however, Hayls missed the memo and seemed to forget all photo etiquette and experience she had, and just posed as she was.Well, when we examined the photo, she nearly had a breakdown at the sight of it! It was not kind, and perhaps the least flattering photo she may ever of been featured in! So then began the dreaded body dysmorphia that all girls occasionally experience. Referring to herself as anything large- whale, elephant, sausage roll, to name a few! So a bit of gentle reassurance and a couple of hours later, it was happy days! Then the man on reception this morning apparently didn’t know anything of our free shuttle to the airport, and had as much English as a newborn🙈 but technology these days ensured ‘google translate’ to the rescue! He started writing, me and Hayls doing our best impression of an airplane hoping he will get the jist 🤦🏻‍♀️ he finally turns the phone around to Hayls, who’s now staring at it with a bemused face, I walk over, nearly losing my head at this point, and read the translation out loud, “would you like to lose weight?” 👀 I couldn’t believe it!! After all the hard work I grafted last night to make her feel better 🙈 I could of bopped him right on the nose 👊🏼 Hayls fortunately saw the funny side replying “oh no, he saw the picture too” 😂 I don’t know exactly what he was trying to say, and I think that will forever remain a mystery 🙈 anyway, after a long and stressful half an hour, we are at the airport, and we got here for free! Winner winner 💪🏼 p.s Hayls diet starts today 😂 #travel #travelling #photoblog #travelgram #instablog #laos

Stephen Szczerba (@wittyidiot)

Ink, paint, music, comedy they all are tools for someone to work through, in their own time and way, shit that is eating them up inside for reasons they can’t explain. The residue that remains, that’s fucking art. The tangible tapestry of humanity. If it ends up on paper, canvas, through an instrument or microphone or meme (yes, I said fucking meme) it doesn’t matter, it’s beautiful. All you have to do is be to be an artist. Pick up a utensil and for all our sake work through it outwardly and leave us some residue.


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