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Barber Andy 💈 (@andyfademaster)

I don’t know why - READ . . I’ve been cutting for almost 17 years, and this was one of the more difficult haircuts for me to conquer. . You start off on the right steps and following the guides but it gets tricky when fading towards the back and transitioning to the longer Hair. . After tons of practice I figured out the easiest way But WHY.... Is this being called a burst fade. Lol am I the only one that feels it’s a strange name. I understand it looks like a circle burst and faded up but when did someone put a name to a faded Mohawk.(what people been calling it since 05) for me it sounds strange because before all the shows and battles it was just a faded Mohawk and imagine a grown man walking in and asking for a burst anything lol. . Either way I think it’s a dope haircut and comes out super Fly. I actually made a YouTube video explaining how I execute this cut. BURST, LOW BURST, BURST FADE, BURST TAPER, BURST BURST BURST . Check it out, leave your thoughts, on the BURST FADE. Or on barbers randomly naming Haircuts. 😂😂💈

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