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This month's Facebook Live topic will be the first of a two part series called A Portrait of Family Dynamics. Part I will take place on 23/1/2018 at 8pm GMT and Part II on the 20/2/2018 at 8pm GMT. . Click on the link to view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvR9n96Q8EM&feature=youtu.be . Tune in and we will answer your questions and comments LIVE each month. . Log on LIVE TUESDAY to explore a portrait of family dynamics. ➡️https://www.facebook.com/noelmcdermott1 . Videos for Mental Health and Freedom: https://www.youtube.com/user/noelmcdermott1 🎥 . Website in bio 👆Sign up for our weekly newsletter. . . . #mentalhealth #psychotherapy #hope #professionalhelp #recovery #addiction #selflove #therapy #psychology #picoftheweek #uk #addiction #trauma #codependency #parenting #relationships #relatives #familyties #family #children #divorce #singleparent #coparent #brokenhome #raisingchildren #parents #relatives #homeiswheretheheartis @icaadevents #familytherapy

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😍Funny but true post from @singlemom.life. 💯As Single parents we been doing it on our own, & we will continue to thrive. Be all in or keep it moving.🏃🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 👆🏽Double-tap If you agree! 💡Please feel free to share your thoughts. 👥Tag a friend who would love this! 🚶🏽Please follow for more! ✅ DM us for collabs ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 😍 Publicación divertida pero verdadera de @ singlemom.life. 💯 Como padres solteros lo hemos estado haciendo solos, y continuaremos prosperando. Sé todo adentro o manténlo en movimiento.🏃🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 👆🏽Toque dos veces si está de acuerdo! 💡Por favor, siéntete libre de compartir tus pensamientos. 👥 ¡Haz que un amigo que adore esto! 🚶🏽Por favor, sigue por más! ✅ DM usamos para colaboraciones


It’s a warm 70* today so we spent an hour and a half at the park. I forgot to pack a lunch so we stopped in to the kid zoo. This location even had a patio, but too much wind for me.

Divorced at 30 (@divorcedat30)

Time for Shout Out Saturday! This is Tiffany Ann. She is an author, divorce expert and life coach. She is also the CEO/founder of @dreamsrecycled. She’s an amazing entrepreneur who I’ve connected with. I’ve had the pleasure of guest blogging on her site. Need to sell your wedding dress? Rings? Really anything related to your divorce? Look no further. This is the site for you www.dreamsrecycled.com #shoutoutsaturday #divorcedat30

ANDI KATZ POTLER (@achievingabsolutehealth)

Inch Worms, Spiders, Ducks, Bears, Gorillas, Crabs...OH MY I dislike animals today! Eventually I hope to love them again! 😂 . . Flamingos might be the only ones I like because I was praying I was going to survive. 🙏🏻 . GOOD NEWS!! I survived this intense Cardio Flow workout even if I couldn’t really smile at the end because I had to find myself again. 😀 . Day 6 and I am loving it! I am proving to myself that I can set my mind to something and do it! I am feeling changes in myself both mentally and physically! The best feeling in the world! ❤️🌎 #AndiIsObsessed #80DO #cardioworkout #weekendwarrior #animalsarenotmyfriend

king lyd (@king_lyddie)

Honesty is the best policy. Saying I don't have time, or I can't is a lie.. and an unnecessary one. My kiddo is working on her homework and I just burst into tears reading it. I didn't realize her hurt was so deep. She is so strong and brave. I'm so proud to be her mom. #bestkidsever #momstrong #singleparent #strongenoughtobemomanddad #bravegirl #proudmom #familyovereverything #familyfirst

Tara (@bigblueteejay)

⚠ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT FOR THE $15 REFERRAL BONUS⚠ I keep trying to tell you guys!! You don't want this free money!!! It's simple... 🔹click my link in the bio to download the app and sign up 🔹link a debit and/or credit card, get $5 for linking 🔹earn cash back for places you shop, eat and when you book hotels 🔹share your link and get others to sign up as well 🔹that's it, no thinking about it, no hard work. Just earn earn earn!!! #singleparent #singlemom #hustlinmama #hustlesmarter #couponcommunity #couponing #savings #savingsfinder #workworkwork #couponingmama #freemoney #giftcards #paypal #earning

Kate ♥ Hartley (@katehartleyuk)

Day 6: 80 Day Obsession Journey 74 days left to go - whaaaat?! When I started this workout this morning, my muscles felt tight and weary and to be honest I felt fairly wimpy and was kinda hoping it would end miraculously early. 🙏 I can't work out if I'm smiling or grimacing in this image!  I so struggled with that move on the pic, so maybe I was happy to kind of do it! I really needed to put my courage on today to get through this. It was definitely mindset which made me keep on going. What's your self-talk when things get tough?  Do you beat yourself up before you've even given yourself a chance or do you try to do it, pat yourself on the back for giving it a go and know that you're building strong foundations for the next time? Remember, MINDSET wins or loses this game.  Our bodies are so much stronger than we give them credit for.💪💪💪 So be kind with yourself.  Stop the negative internal chatter and give yourself a big, loving, heart hug. ❤️ Tomorrow is rest day - yippee! Have a great weekend! ❤️✨💦🍋🙏

A. J. Cruiz (@gelaicruiz)

About last night!😂 late post..knocked out early... had a long productive day! Haha😂 After working NightShift, headed to attend the Honor Roll Mass at my kids school...another proud Mama moment for me! I can’t explain how much joy these two angels bring me everyday! ❤️🙏🏻 went for a brunch with my aunt, uncle and mom..quick nap after and stuff I had to do later in the day...😉 yesterday , God reminded me of how beautiful life is (The Homily of the priest centered on Life)... a reminder to me that regardless of the situation I am in, my kids are in, we are blessed in so many beautiful ways. Life is really beautiful! We control our lives, of who we want to be in it, of how we want it to be..and every single choice affects our life and the lives of the people around us, especially the ones we love..❤️🙏🏻 God brings people our lives- to make us or break us..and it’s always up to us to make the most of everything God has provided us. I am beyond happy of the blessings He has bestowed me and my little family. We are not complete but we definitely do not lack anything. God is very faithful to us and I trust His plan...Every little sacrifice I do as a mother, is all working well for my children. My hands are full but my Heart is much fuller!!! It’s amazing! I’m a very proud Mama!🙏🏻❤️ . . . #latepost #proudMama #singleMom #singleMama #singleparent #proud #overjoyed #WorkingMom #blessed #family #blessings #faith #Godisgood #Happiness #life #love #selfies #happyMom #Mama #beautiful #FridayBliss #Asian #Pinay #Chinay #Chinese #Texan #FilAm

💞Teashia💞 (@dont_giveup_easily)

Lord if I ever have another child, please let it be a healthy baby boy!!! Doing hair is cool but when you gotta do 2 full heads of hair, my goodness!!!!! #hairchronicles #donebyme #cutiepatootie #myworld #noimnotpregnant #singleparent

Larissa 🌿🌿🌿 (@prinseszelda)

Sooo sleepy 😴😴😴

Tressena Jones (@tressenaj)

A single mom was told by her "mentor" that she is not capable of having a business because she has an illness and is a SINGLE MOM. As a single mom, I offered her some words of encouragement and I said in my comment "That's not a statement of pity but of power" and messed around and encouraged myself. Unfortunately, single moms are misjudged and by those judgements disqualified from all the best of life. We are often blamed for the failures of a man not staying to care for that which he created. And we are often criticized for failures when the fact is we are one parent bravely doing the job meant for two. I can't say I won't shed any more tears from the things people say about my single mom status, but I do know I won't ever feel like a less than in society. He left. I stayed. We are going to be okay.😇❤🙌 #mom #singlemom #singleparent #toughmother #grace #notastatus #stopjudging #quitassuming #besilent #helpnotharm #family #absentfather

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