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#belaru#gomel#street#iphonephoto#myphotos#winter#january2018#evening#beautiful#sky#nothingtodo#justphoto вечерняя прогулка с Нюрой,холодно было ,но красиво🤪

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Nabakalebara is a symbolic recreation of the wooden forms of the four deities at Jagannath Temple, Puri. In the cult of Jagannath, this is a periodical renewal of the wooden forms of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshana. The occasion occurs every 8th, 12th, or 19th year of the previous Nabakalebara.The Nabakalebara of 2015 started with the Bana Jaga Jatra in March. The Holy Darius are identified and are brought to Puri. No ordinary Neem tree can be used to make the deities. For the identification of the Darius, some conditions and signs are taken into account. . The "Daru" (woodlog) of Sudarshan should have three branches. The skin (bark) of the Neem tree should be reddish. The tree should have a sign of Chakra(Wheel) with a small depression in the middle. The "Daru" of Balabhadra should have seven branches. The skin of the tree should be of light brown or white color. It should have a sign of plough and pestle on it. Nearby the tree should be a heritage site and also a graveyard. The "Daru" of Subhadra should have five branches. The bark of the tree should be yellowish. There should be a sign of Lotus flower on the tree. The "Daru" of Jagannath should have four main branches. The bark of the tree should be dark in color. The tree should have sign of Shankha (conch shell) and "chakra" on it. There should be a cremation ground nearby the tree. The should be an anthill near the tree and a snake hole at the roots of the tree. The tree should be situated near a river, pond, a crossing of the three-ways, or else to be surrounded by three mountains. There should not be nests of birds on the tree, and no bird has ever perched over the tree. The tree should be surrounded by other trees, preferably Varuna, Sahada. . . #_soi #artofvisuals #shotoniphone #instagram #portrait #portraitpage  #wanderlust #travel #photography #street #500px #natgeotraveller #artofvisuals #lonelyplanetindia #hippieinhills #magnumphotos #lonelyplanet  #passionpassport #moodygrams #worldbestgram #ourplanetdaily #visualsoflife #traveldiaries #iwanderwhy

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