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VSE OBO VSEM🌍 (@vse_obo_vsem_world)

ABODE318 by Elenberg Fraser. Melbourne, Australia. 2015 . . . It’s no secret that everyone covets corner apartments. More light and better views, right? Well, not so with Abode318, where everyone gets a view: it’s democracy in action! Look closely at the wave-like 55 storey form and you will realise that each of the horizontal and vertical waves consist of individual rooms articulated as protrusions, creating the effect of a set of drawers pulled out at random. These drawers gives residents the chance to give their home an individual identity as well as coveted corner views up and down Russell Street, challenging conceptions of the homogeneity and limitations of apartment living. Each apartment has a presentation to the street, creating a collection of variably expressed individuals. The building achieves a softness that skyscrapers can’t achieve, because they need vertical facades; Abode318’s three-dimensional curve is an innovation in construction technology. In addition to articulating individual apartments, the curved form also has environmental benefits – art and science! The undulation affects wind pressure, which determines the fluctuating amplitude and breaks up downdrafts to protect pedestrians. Abode318 is clad in low-emissivity glass that appears as a pink blush from the exterior, yet is clear from the interior. The base of the building incorporates industrial design through the detailing of the decorative mesh screen that surrounds it. . . . #officialarchitects #architecture #instaarchitecture #design #instadesign #inspiration #structure #geometry #architects #light #modern #modernarchitecture #skyscraper #melbourne #australia #luxury #apartement #individual #curve #construction #technology . . Source: Divisare Photo by Peter Clarke

MATRA (@matramembers)

Afternoon @californiarentalassn Education Day session Tent lighting seminar at @RSVPRentals in fabulous Las Vegas! 🎪 #MATRA #CRA #MATRA2018 #TENT #STRUCTURE #EVENTPROFS

Chase Mitzelfelt (@chex_mitz)

this is where I learned who I was. this is where I discovered my #passion. this is where my #coach taught me #structure, #discipline, and #commitment. this is where I learned how to #support my #brothers through the good and the bad, and to #respect every #teammate equally. this is where I had heart-to-hearts with everyone. this is where I left my #blood, #sweat, and #tears on every court. this is where I learned to embrace the #hardwork. this is where I learned to #suckitup during the tough times. this is where I've laughed until my stomach hurt more times than I can count. this is where I made some of the closest #friends I'll have for the rest of my life. this is where I wanted to punch teammates in the face during and after challenge matches. this is where I almost got kicked out of #practice for not giving a shit. this is where I learned that slacking off gets you nowhere. this is where I proved to be the fastest #sprinter on the #team. this is where I coached some of the best individuals I've ever had the #privilege to be apart of. this is where I smashed my first #racket. this is where I've spent countless #summernights playing #underthelights until I could barely walk. this is where I'll use my last ounce of energy to finish a match. this is where I've seen good players become great players. this is where I was accepted by the #tenniscommunity with open arms. this is where I've frozen my ass off and where I've been drenched from head to toe in sweat. this is where I grew up. these are my #stompinggrounds. this is my #stressreliever. this is my #happyplace. 🎾 • these #tenniscourts will be the toughest place to leave when I move away, but the #memories and everyone who made those memories unforgettable will always hold a special place in my #heart. ❤️

Josh Karkada (@mrjoshkarkada)

Foggy Mondays 🌬

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