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Mike Scalise (@mikescaliseyoga)

Sutra 1.2 “Yogah citta vrtti nirodhah” ⚡️ “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind” - Patanjali I am grateful for my practice today and every day because it opens up a connection of understanding within the mind 🙌🏻 Namaste.

💫Kelly Kraiss, PhD (@kellykraiss)

I had totally wanted to share my latest progress stats from my new program today, but those don’t seem to matter since I get to eat RICE KRISPIES today! 🙌🏼💓💃🏼👯‍♀️🌟 . Today is a #refeed day on the nutrition plan, meaning I get extra carb servings - and they’re FUN carbs, like waffles and Rice Krispies. So yeah, this is my 3rd bowl today 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ (anyone who knows me KNOWS that I have a slight cereal problem which I have to keep under tight watch, LOL... anyone else?!). . Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be happy to be back to quinoa and whole grain toast, but for today I’m happy to indulge in one of my faves 😁😁😁

The Mill SV (@themillsv)

Who’s ready for some Mill to Mat tonight at 5:30 with these two bad ass girls! @posetopurpose @lisbethansen #themillsv

Jessica | Biggest Little City (@sweaty_jess)

Happy Hump Day! Got my sweat on first thing this morning with a 10.3 mile ride thanks to @fullpedal 😀 #fitness #progress #wellness #stronger #fitfam #sweat #sweatonceaday #fullpedalreno

Jon Liebold (@cedon1)

So today got off to a rough start. Woke up at 4am, was dead tired so slept another 30. Then I made it to the gym and realized I left my main headphones at home along with my new lifting corset, aka my weight belt. So no leg day for me. Hit chest, back, arms, and shoulders again instead. Got past my sticking point on Bench Press. Was only 5 pounds but progress is progress. - #soflife #empoweringresults #sweatonceaday #liftheavyshit #gainz #gymrat #gayfitness #weightloss #beastmode #nolegday #chestday #armday #shoulderday

Flourish+Nourish🌸 (@flourishnourish101)

No Wheat, No Added Sugar, No Dairy! Delicious Avocado & Sweet Potato Brownies✨ •Half an Avocado. •Half a cup of cooked sweet potato. •1/2 cup of nut butter. •2 tablespoons of maple syrup. •3 tablespoons of cacao or coco powder. •1/4 of a cup coconut milk. ••Blend all ingredients•• •Nuts/seeds/chocolate chips or whatever extras float your boat. •Bake at 180 degrees celsius for 30-40minutes🥑 • • #health #fitness #fitspo #healthyfoodshare #balance #nosugar #nodairy #sweettreats #guiltyfreedessert #sweetpotato #rawtreats #nowheat #sweatonceaday #running #gym #training #fit #fitnessmotivation #cleanrecipe #easyrecipes #goodfood #foodie #flourish #nourish

Roberta Rogers (@adventuresofroro)

Is it really that time again?!? Workout Wednesday coming at cha!!! Come join the fun at 10am! #workout #workoutwednesday #sweat #sweatonceaday #personaltrainer #smallgrouptraining

Julia Sementelli, MS, RD, LDN (@julia.the.rd.eats)

Now look back at it 👀🍍 . I realized this weekend while I was in sunny Florida that I am so much more motivated to be active in the warm weather ☀️It can be hard to want to even leave the couch in between December and March here in Boston but the warmth just makes me want to get out and move. And I'm not saying move just for he sake of burning calories- I find that just a 5 minute walk can boost my mood. And while I love my job, I spend most of my day sitting and counseling patients. My new goal is get moving more often during the day- taking breaks to get water, park in the garage that is just a little farther away to get in some steps, and even go for a walk at lunch. Given how unseasonably lovely the weather is today here in Boston, I parked in the farther lot and I plan to get a walk in at lunch for sure! Happy Hump Day!!

Sweat Fitness Studio (@sweatlex)

You got this, Wednesday!! Slay the day! #SweatOnceADay 💧

Katie Uhran (@katieuhran)

Love them or hate them squat jumps are effective, efficient, and will most definitely build up your strength, endurance, and confidence! Whenever I get through rounds of these bad boys I feel pretty freaking AWESOME 🤣🙌🏻♥️… . Make sure you check out today’s NEW blog post in my #linkinbio 👆🏻🙄 because I am sharing a challenging, sweaty, and yes FUN workout for YOU to try. Get ready friends...It is a good one!

Alesha Courtney (@alesha_courtney)

Banded resistance training today with the guys🔥no need for heavy weight, the bands feel like your lifting a million pounds 😂💁🏻‍♂️plus my vest...then finished with stairmaster...try that with a weighted vest and tell me how ya feel🤦🏻‍♀️lets get it today💦what’s one thing you are doing today to reach your #goals? #fitchicks #girlswholift #bodybuilding #lululemon #motivate #grind #hustle #passion #nutritionist #personaltrainer #nike @gymsharkwomen #sweatonceaday #hiit #crossfit #paleo #eatclean

LUXYOGA® (@luxyoga)

#regram @benjamin.sears Interested in self-liberation or wish to be saved by God? ———————————————— The illusion of holiness is at best an archetypal, inspirational myth and at worst a tool for subjugation at odds with equality. Freedom is for all, though managing one’s mind (being present) is a skill that, like all other skills, is a borne of a combination of predisposition and practice. ——————————————— It’s important to consider that there are inborn psychological realities that make this process a far more complex proposition for some — call it Karma if you must — humans are as mentally diverse as they are physically so. If you don’t have it all figured yet, that’s human; keep searching, practicing, forgiving. If you read all this, I don’t know, here are some free hashtags: #yoga #keepiteversoslightlyreal #mentalhealthawareness

Earthwalking_yoga (@earthwalking_yoga)

The Caress is the most profound approach to communicating with the body. It is the backbone of all touch techniques. It is best displayed in how Mom or Dad soothes with touch their young child, or how a dog and dog-lover communicate through play and petting. The medicine of the Caress comes through in how it communicates to the receiver that they are perfect as they are, they are worthy of being touched in a way that makes them feel good, and that they are safe, loved, and cared for. Without the Caress as a backbone most forms of bodywork tends toward being mechanistic. With the Caress, the body’s neuro-muscular-fascial-fatty- lymphatic-vascularized sleeve learns how to uptake pleasure and meet it’s own tension in ways that release and process out through the entire body. This is some of the body LOVE techniques you will learn at our Yoga Bodyworkers Training in Berlin with Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell Oct 15- Oct 24. Head to our website for more details #linkinbio #earthwalking

Melanie (@megamel1971)

We reached Day 20 of our 28 day #oxygenchallenge today. Not gonna lie, I’m freaking tired! The fatigue is setting in and I feel like I’m hitting a wall. Like kilometre 15 of a half marathon kind of wall. Total bonk time. Well it’s called a challenge for a reason. I’m proud of us and I know we’re going to finish. It’s been such a good experience whether we win a trip to Vegas or not. I knew it was never about winning the trip - I mean what a bonus it would be - but it was always about finishing. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. 8 more days - time to dig deep! ps ALL the instructors at @oxygenyogarichmond have been AMAZING!! They are so supportive and encouraging all while kicking our asses! @oxygenyogaandfitness #oxygenyogaandfitness #oxygenyogarichmond #hotyoga #hotfitness #infraredheat #ilovemylife #challengeyourself . . . . . #fitfam #fitcouple #health #fitness #thesweatlife #sweatonceaday #staymotivated #noexcuses #fitspo #fitspiration #cardio #fitnessmotivation #strengthtraining #crosstraining #conditioning #workout #womenover40 #fitandover40 #ootd #athleisure

✖️ A S H L E Y O S T E R ✖️ (@ashley.catherineee)

Grocery haul looks a little different this week 😜 I spy toaster waffles, bagels and a lot more fruit 🍍 weird right? Not! ••• Every two weeks we have a “refeed” day where we eat more carbs and only high glycemic to absorb faster and replace glycogen to your muscles && carb load in preparation for the next day workout...leg day 🍑 ••• Relieves stress, perform better, balance hormones that regulate weight loss/gain & a nice mental break ✨ ••• This meal plan is pretty fun, considering I’ll be eating waffles and bagels all day & that I’m eating about 2000 calories and still losing inches...eating less isn’t always the answer especially when doing tough workouts. Food is FUEL 🔥

Sweat Fitness Studio (@sweatlex)

Sweat brings you the best of friends 💗💧💕 #SweatOnceADay


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