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Kaylin Brockman (@tinyhumanadventuress)

The Kids absolutely loved making melting snowmen this week. Shaving cream and glue, who knew? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kaylin Brockman (@tinyhumanadventuress)

Our Martin Luther King Jr Projects turned out better than I expected. My students loved making them! ❤️

Kaylin Brockman (@tinyhumanadventuress)

To many a request, this is my “classgram” that I have outside my door. I bought the template off of TPT from @teachcreatemotivate. (Who has all kinds of amazing stuff btw) I then printed the template without the pictures on white and glued it a “iPhone” I made on butcher paper. I ran the entire thing threw the laminator and then added little velcro to each square as I placed a picture. As the year goes on I add pictures. I will also change our older pictures for newer ones. Everyone in the hall loves stopping by to look and the kids just love seeing themselves!

Alyssa 🍎 (@miss2ndgrade)

Ooh IKEA! I chair-ish you! 😍🤤 I am heart eyed about my new pink teacher chair! (& btw☝🏼 I have had this on my online wishlist for sooo long, but it’s been sold out) #thelittleobsessions 🤪

Kaylin Brockman (@tinyhumanadventuress)

Our Hibernating Bears came out quite spectacular. And my kidney table was only kind of destroyed 👌🏽

Kaylin Brockman (@tinyhumanadventuress)

Time to Party, We are 100 day Smarties! 🎉

Inspirocollege Midden-Limburg (@inspirocollege)

Leerkracht Wetenschappelijk Werk gezocht! Interesse? Mail als de bliksem naar info@inspirocollege.be of bel op 011 52 22 10. #inspirocollege #teachersofinstagram #iteachtoo

First Pres Academy (@firstpresacademy)

Our students are loving the Fun Run activities this week... especially those earning awards like Crazy Socks Day!

Lacey Trebaol (@laceytrebaol)

Mini #photoshoot this morning because it was “Dress Like a Teacher Day” at Claire’s school. She put this entire look together and totally nailed it, right?! 😍❤️ . . . . #toddlerfashion #fashionista #instagood #spiritday #newengland #newhampshire #yourvibeyourtribe #highvibetribe #momsofgirls #momsofboys #parenthood #teachersofinstagram #teacherootd #totebag #glassesgirl

Coppa Stone (@a_me_name_coppastone)

Yesterday in a place called De La Vega City...not sure how you spent your Sunday...but these #TellJA students & scholars were putting in that work...Discipline & Dedication...UP... TEACH. LEARN. LOVE. JAMAICA... #TheYaadManEmcee #coppastone #academic #social #initiative #intervention #mathematics #education #revolutionary #conciousness #empowerment #studentlife #jamaica #teachersofinstagram

Homeroom (@_thehomeroom_)

In that moment, at 5 years old, I was taught what it meant to be a teacher in America. . . 👉🏽My father was also a special education teacher, coach and now entrepreneur. ✨ . 👉🏽He didn't mean any harm, he was just sharing his own very real experiences with me. ✨ . 👉🏽After graduating college, this narrative is something I deeply struggled with..because our paycheck doesn't match our value or our worth. .👑 . 👉🏽This frustration led to Homeroom--a platform that makes people who do GOOD work feel valued, inspired and connected. Follow Us!! @_thehomeroom_

M I S S • Z (@misscraftymathteacher)

UNLOCK THE NEW YEAR! ✨ // Yesterday I tried out my first unlock activity as a test review and let’s just say it won’t be my last! 😊 This activity is •AWESOME• because it can be used for ANY grade level, even a high school setting like mine! I had my kids placed in groups of 4 or 5. Together they had to complete six challenges (which are editable to fit your students needs!) in 55 minutes. Once each group was finished with a challenge, they all had to show their work and check their answers with me. When they were given the okay, they would go to board grab the next challenge along with moving their group’s game piece. The game pieces showed both the students and I where each group was at within the activity. It encouraged the groups who were falling behind to work together as a team to catch up with the rest of the class. If you’re looking for an engaging, fun, and rigorous activity - this one is it! • Credits to @cootiesandcuties and @2ndgradesassypants for the activity! My appraiser even stopped by to observe me and she loved it! Thanks for making me look good y’all 😉😊 • #unlockthenewyear #geometry #math #mathteacher #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #teacherlife #lifeasateacher #iteachtoo #highschoolmathteacher #highschoolteacher #teacher #misscraftymathteacher

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