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Anne-Louise (@creationsdanajewellery)

Hey! It’s #fivefactsaboutme o’clock! I was nominated by Leonie at @mapleandoak so here I go with 5 quite random facts about me me me: 🔷 I live in Sneem, a small village in the South West of Ireland. Because I’m originally from Quebec, I’m often asked “how did you end up in Ireland?”. Well it’s the love the love! I met an Irish man one day in beautiful New Zealand. So I traded the snow for the rain! Just your typical love story eh. 🔷 When I was 20 I lived in Seoul for 6 months. I went there to teach English even though I certainly was far from being qualified for the job i.e. my master of the English language was limited. On my first day at work I was given a fake TEFL certificate and I was good to go! #waitwhat? 🔷 I like thrifting. I dislike shopping malls. I actually hate shopping malls with a passion. I find them cold and grey and generic and they make me a little anxious. 🔷 I few years ago I bought an SD card for my camera. The card was brand new in its package -sealed & unopened- yet there were 985 photos of total strangers from the 60's and 70's on the card. I've been thinking of doing some kind of project with these for a long time. 🔷 The concert I went to that moved me the most was Leonard Cohen. What a man; his words, his voice. Another concert that I found very moving -the cause being too much Malibu being consumed hence causing the ground to be moving- is the Violent Femmes a long time ago. I enjoyed it. 🔷 I have a soft spot for bad jokes. Tell me a bad joke and I’ll be your friend. 🔷 Oh that's 6 facts now, thanks for reading xo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #designermaker #thesimplethings #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #mybeautifulmess #handsandhustle  #calledtobecreative #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #slowfashion  #ethicallymade #chooselovely #creativelifehappylife #myeverydaymagic #seekinspirecreate #vinylcommunity #abmhappylife #vinyladdict #vinylrecords #vinylove #calledtobecreative #abmlifeisbeautiful #craftsposure #mycreativebiz #makerslife #irishfashion

Bret Von Dehl (@bretvondehl)

Took a stroll to the local record shop. Picked up this OG ‘85 copy of Run-DMC’s “King Of Rock” because there IS none higher. Honorable mention to the DualDisc (memmer those?) copy of the DOGG’s “Doggystyle”. Came with all the videos. Pretty tight (plus “DualDisc”.😄 Mad early-2000’s-type shit.)✌️#BuyingMusicIsDope #GoToRecordStoresBitch #Vinyl #VinylRecords

Pop Obscure Records (@popobscurerecords)

The inside sleeve Journal for Plague Lovers by The Manic Street Preachers. ...for Richey James Edwards, wherever you are. #manicstreetpreachers #vinyl #vinylrecords #lp #waxaddict #records #recordstore #artgallery #larecordstores #dtla #album #filmlocation #recordcollector #fashiondistrict #downtownla

Stamp_Out_Disco (@stamp_out_disco)

The only good thing about coming home from holidays are the packages waiting for you when you get home. Misfits “Horror Business” 7” original on clear yellow vinyl. Also has haunted house insert, fiend club insert and the single sided rejected cover. Apparently the story goes, Danzig didn’t like the original run of covers, so they reprinted them and Danzig cut up the rejected covers and used it for promo & scrap paper. Chasing a first press Bullet 7” and first 3 Hits From Hell 7”. #misfits #themisfits #horrorbusiness #plan9 #plan9records #danzig #fiendclub #vinyl #records #vinylrecords #recordcollection #vinylcollection

John Baggs (@bohnjaggs)

Nirvana - Unplugged In New York (1994) - Happy Birthday, Kurt...

Oscar 🇮🇹 (@33oscarlp)

Stevie Nicks has discussed her reasons for recently limiting her involvement with Fleetwood Mac, saying that she wanted to keep their tours feeling “special” for both the band and their fans. Nicks is well-known for alternating between group and solo work, and it’s thought she’s the main reason Fleetwood Mac haven’t released a new album in recent years. “A big band like Fleetwood Mac needs to get out of the spotlight, so that’s what we’ve done,” Nicks told TeamRock in a new interview. “We should always be off the road for three years, because when we come back it’s an event. I think that’s very important. There’s a lot of famous bands and a lot of important people out, and you’re going to make a choice of which ticket to buy, and if you haven’t seen one of them for three years or more then that’s going to be at the top of the list. It feels more special. “And being away from each other for three years is good. It really sets you up for a good time because everything’s new and everybody’s got new stories and everybody’s been doing crazy, different things, so when you walk into rehearsal that first day everyone’s really happy to see each other. If we toured every other year it wouldn’t be like that.” She said moving between her two roles was a “really great thing,” adding: “You can do your own thing until you get bored and then you can go to the other thing and do that until you start to get bored, and then you can go back to the other thing. It helps you stay more excited and uplifted for what you do so you’re not just doing one thing year after year.” The main advantage of going solo was that she could be the boss, she continued. “I’ve decided I do like being the boss, but I’ve been in Fleetwood Mac for so long I understand how to not be the boss and be part of a team and a team player and it’s okay. Part of it knocks your ego down, makes you humble. So there’s a lot of good things about being in a band.” #33oscarlp #vinylcollectionpost #dustyfingers #vinylcollector #vinylrecords #recordcollection #vinyladdict #vinylclub #nowspinning #vinylcollection #vinyloftheday #vinyllover #33rpm #vinylrecord #records #instavinyl #vinyllove #vinylporn #lp #vinyljunkie #vinyl

Scott Rice (@white_rice76)

What better vinyl record to order online and have autographed from the artist, then Chase Rice. This will be getting framed and given to our own li’l Chase Rice! 🎤👶🏻🎸 #chase #chaserice #lambsandlions #vinyl #vinylrecords #autographed

Bert M'Gert (@rawbsy)

When your homie shocks you with some old school, @DestinysChild amazingness 😭 Lurve you, Seth. Shout out to LeToya and LaTavia! #BettaSayTheyName #1997


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