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Verónica Segreto (@verosegreto)

Te paso algúna vez que comiste una barra grande entera de chocolate sintiendo como que estabas robando un banco? Comes algo que te dio ganas o antojo pero que mentalmente lo tenemos como "ilegal". Entonces lo comemos rápido, sin que nadie vea, lo comemos del paquete y con esa sensación de...bueno ya esta, veni culpa que te estoy esperando. Lo que te propongo es legalizar ciertos placeres. Si queres comer un chocolate, elegí el que más te guste, nada de comprar los "dieteticos" y date ese gusto. COMELO. Lo que está mal es hacerlo a modo de atracón, comer la tableta entera y que esto sea sistematico, todos los días. Tratate bien! Come una porción, guarda el paquete para otro día. Sentate y disfrutalo. Nadie te va a llevar "detenido"😂 Compra paquetes pequeños y no tengas en casa mucho de lo que sabes que te provoca descontrol. Si tu punto débil es el chocolate, compra los pequeños y disfrutalos legalmente!!! Baja muchísimo la ansiedad cuando empezar a legalizar ciertos placeres!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #pensalo #salud #bienestar #vidasana #yomecuido #motivación #chicafit #wellbeing #nodieta #sepuede #sercoach #comersanoesdivertido #comerricohacebien

Ana Claudia Antunes (@anabowlova)

#nofilter #StPaddysDay #myeyesaregreentoday #MathematicalSongs "You're once, twice, three times elliptic and I love you!" #weargreen #StPatricksDay2018 Have a green night!🍀 #smileyheart😘 #climateaction #connection Wild Thoughts #healingtouch #yoga #yogaeverywhere Born Free! #amwriting #author #books #rhymes #song The Tao of Physical and Spiritual: https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/14234996 💘 ACrossTic: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155403009392372&id=663742371 💋 #songquote If you want to save humankind, First you take care of Nature. It's the legacy we leave behind, To bring us hope, that's for sure! #quotes #quoteoftheday #healthystyle #wellbeing #wellness #fun #heartofgold #heart #dance #quotestoliveby #Artist #meditation https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/44083345

A i m e e R u i z, L.Ac. (@eastbayacupuncture)

Hot springs baths for the win. 💗

Ashley Lydiatt (@ashleylydiatt)

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is, infinite.” -William Blake

Gold Brew® Turmeric Blend (@goldbrew_co)

Golden slice 😋 you can add gold brew to basically any recipe that calls for turmeric, coconut and ginger #sweet & #savoury #scrumdiddlyumptious #foodinpso @of.oat.and.earth

The Oil Grove | dōTERRA (@the_oilgrove)

Simplifying life can be a quick way to de-stress + focus more on what matters to you. The choices we make each day add up, and making a choice to swap out the bad chemicals for plant based alternatives is a great step towards going back to the simple. I’d love to have a chat with you about how you can make this choice, send me a message today x

doTERRA✨Meredith Reilly (@essentialoilboymom)

In my past life (aka before I became a mother), I was a publicist for many years to numerous skincare companies many of which I’m still dear friends with. I was entrenched in skincare. I learned a boat load about proper skincare regimes, what products to use, what to avoid, etc. ..................... Now, I’ve mostly focused on educating on the dōTERRA oils, knowing that I’d eventually dive into all the other amazing health and wellness products that are available, but this one is too good to hold off sharing. ..................... Whether you are worried about dark spots or would like a brighter complexion overall, the new Brightening Gel packs a serious punch at a low price point. Yes, there IS a product that’s not laden with harsh chemicals that actually delivers! Not only does it contain some amazing oils (bergamot, juniper berry, and Melissa), it also uses natural extracts and ingredients like Vitamin C, which are known for their skin brightening benefits. Using microencapsulation technology, this formula protects the Vitamin C from breaking down (by reducing exposure to oxygen), which allows the Vitamin to be efficiently and effectively administered to the skin. .................. The beauty of this Brightening Gel is that it can be used to target certain problem areas, and provide overall brightness and clarity to skin. It’s gentle and effective. Bergamot holds purifying benefits for skin as well as a lovely uplifting aroma. Juniper Berry has natural cleansing properties and acts as a natural toner for skin. Melissa has properties that help skin remain clear and healthy. Daisy extract helps to brighten complexion by promoting an even skin tone and reducing appearance of dark spots. Ginger root extract helps promote even skin tone and radiant skin. Vitamin C brightens and keeps skin looking youthful. ................. I apply after washing and before using moisturizer/SPF twice daily. Apply to face, neck and any other areas of concern. Who wants fresh, youthful, illuminated, glowing skin? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

The Naked Smoothie (@thenakedsmoothie)

Obsessed with this print from @freedom_australia 👌👌👌👌 #thenakedsmoothie

Donna Zook (@dzook18)

So grateful I can get back to my yoga practice today! I’ve taken a week off as I’ve been dealing with a nasty upper respiratory/sinus infection. Sometimes you have to take a little time off and that is ok. Listen to your body. #wellbeing #selfcare

Clare (@artyfartyclare)

Been a super duper busy week for me again, but a super productive day today means I'll be all caught up for Monday! 🌞 I thought this quote is very relative to today's society, as I am constantly noticing (even in myself a bit), that we are consumed with greed. Greed is not to be confused with need, it is more a case of our minds seeing something and wanting it, such as money, food, or pretty much anything else you can think of. Be happy with what you have, and thankful that you have it. There are many people in this world that only have what they need, and they are the happiest people on this earth. Without the feeling of greed there to consume you, life will feel much more rewarding, satisfying and fufilling 🦋🌱 - - - - - - - #art #doodle #drawing #fineliner #creative #quote #artyfartyclare #positivity #inspiration #calligraphy #staypositive #try #pink #pastel #positive #seek #soul #fire #bethebest #livelife #wellbeing #strong #goals #want #need #love #foodforthought

Gabrielle Sierra 🦋 (@gabrielle.sierramist)

"Tell me where it hurts." . . Well, my loves, this will be my third and final contribution to my "Mental Illness Ink Series". Creating these pieces has been a real experience for me as an artist because not only have my skills with ink gradually evolved since I started them, but I also had to take the time to look inside myself. . . I would also like to use this post as an opportunity to talk a bit about mental health; I know mental illness is so seemingly commonplace nowadays, it's easy to shrug it off as nothing, but I can't stress enough how serious it truly is. So many people neglect themselves and turn all of their feelings inward, trying to bury them because they don't feel like they can access help, or don't feel that they would be safe in doing so. But there are options besides just, taking pills and going to therapy. One of these options I'll always stand by is a website called 7 Cups of Tea. You can sign up anonymously and chat with real people (who spend their free time volunteering as Listeners) who will lend you as much emotional support as they possibly can. It's a massive online community, with subommunities dedicated to more specific things (i.e. depression, anxiety, LGBTQ, self harm, etc) and if you are truly in need of help, I'd recommend you at least give it a try. The link can be found in my bio ❤ Lots of love to everyone 💋 . . . . . #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #wellness #wellbeing #selfcare #ink #inkonpaper #instaart #myart #inkdrawing #micron #copic #copicmarkers #ballpointpen #artistsoninstagram #sketching #drawing #sketchbook

Brian Varela (@bvpersonalfitness)

After 3 weeks of virtually not working my shoulders, and a week off after pulling my lower back, I finally feel good enough to tackle 18.4. This is what the @hotboxftl does on #stpatricksday ! 🍀💪🏽 . . . if you’re looking to #getlucky with your #fitness #goals , DM me about getting started with your personal training program! All levels are welcome! Special pricing if you mention this Instagram post! #hotboxftl #homegym @roguefitness #roguefitness #roguegym #crossfit #crossfitopen #18point4 #gayswhocrossfit #crossfitgays #lgbtcrossfitters #gayswholift #wellbeing #yearofintention #workharder #deadlift #HSPU

Anka Hoerster (@ankahoerster)

Saturday hike among petroglyphs

Gilly Millar (@mylolovex)

Im lying in bed thinking about cardio. I even dreamt about cardio last night! But since its almost midnight and im about to take painkillers for my head (which will have no effect anyway), i thought id share my opinion on cbd oil instead. So ive been using it for about 2/3 weeks now. Everyday, morning and night. I use it to try and control or dull the symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia. I didnt think it would work, not at this strength but figured it was worth a try. Anything to try and control the pain. So as far as the effect on pain, there has been zero effect. Still there, everyday. When i first started taking it my anxiety increased a lot! My dad started using the higher strength one for his MS and found the same, he got hit with bad anxiety at night. I persisted with it though and have found that my anxiety has dulled a bit and more that i sleep a little better. Im going to try the higher strength stuff, if it doesnt work then its back to the drawing board for the never ending search for something to stop or dull the pain. I would say to anyone with TN that is considering trying cbd oil, give it a go. It might not work for me but we're all wired differently and if theres even the smallest chance it could help you, then its worth it. It may also help by controlling things that may trigger it, like anxiety. If it doesnt work, youve lost nothing by trying but it if it does work youve found yourself something that will make your life so much better. Because living with chronic pain in your face and head is not a fun way to live. #cbdoil #trigeminalneuralgia #chronicpain #naturalremedies #keeptrying #wellbeing #fatlossjourney #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #fitnessgoals #healthy #strengthtraining #weighttraining #cardio #gym #workout #motivation #positivity


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