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Kelly Kristin, RN, CHHC (@mskellykristin)

I AM NOT AFRAID. I am not afraid of the darkness, Of what I find in the depths of my soul. I am not afraid to peel back the layers, And let it all unfold. I am not afraid to be uncomfortable, To feel the pain and let it go. I am not afraid to speak my truth, The things I haven’t said for too long. I am not afraid to run, Or stay and be strong. I am not afraid of forgiveness, Even when its hard. I am not afraid of Love, The kind that takes my breath away. I am not afraid of my power, To shine bright from within. I am not afraid to make mistakes, To fail time and time again. I am not afraid to be me, Imperfect and flawed. I embrace it because SELFLOVE will save us all. @mskellykristin Embrace your fears, stop hiding and BE SEEN. The world needs you ❤️ . . . . . #poetry #thoughts #writing #selflovefirst

Natalie @ Resilient Health (@resilient_health_)

Repost @rawcrush My new obsession is Crunchy Thai Salad Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce. Packed full of flavour and goodness in every bite. These are my go to snack on busy days. Crunchy Thai Salad Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce. * 1 baby cabbage outside leaves left whole and the inner leaves thinly sliced * 2 cups of baby kale * 1 1/2 cups red cabbage thinly sliced * 1/2 cup red bell pepper thinly sliced * 1/2 cup carrot shredded * 1/4 cup coriander leaves * 1/4 mint leaves * 1 green onion thinly sliced * 1 large red chilli thinly sliced (optional if catering for kids) Peanut Dressing * 1/2 cup peanut butter * 3 tablespoons coconut cream * 3 tablespoons coconut water * 3 tablespoons maple syrup * 2 tablespoons lime juice * 1 1/2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar * 1 1/2 tablespoons Tamari * 1 teaspoon Sesame oil * 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger * 1 clove garlic * 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds Take the outer leaves of the cabbage and place a small quantity of each of the ingredients along the vein of the leaf. Wrap tightly, cut in half and tie with baking string. Some of my rolls in the pic are wrapped with rice paper because I ran out of cabbage. 🙈 To make the dipping sauce, combine all ingredients in a blender and purée until smooth. Pour into a dish and sprinkle with black sesame seeds. ✌🏻💗 #plantbased #veganofig #cleaneating #detox #healthy #vegan #eathealthy #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthykids #weightloss #instafitness #fitness #TheWeekOnInstagram #fresh #raw #rawvegan #rawrolls #veggieroll #myfoodontv #wellness #veggies #eatyourveggies #eatfresh #health #summer #thaisalad #peanutdippingsauce #thairolls

The Body Love Collective (@thebodyloveco)

relationship status: it’s complicated! remember, what works for someone else, probably won’t work for you. experiment with what works for you without beating yourself up💖 listen to your bodily signals and try not to restrict yourself- life’s too short and chocolate is too good. we can bring balance into all areas of our life when we bring awareness and presence into the equation. ps. enter the giveaway on our last post if you are interested in winning a box of body love goodies!

thatanxiousgirl (@thatanxiousgirl_)

Exactly! Thanks @greatunravelling Anxiety, it's unexplainable, it's extreme, it doesn't always make sense....but it always holds an answer, a clue, a gateway to what we need to know in order to heal. #anxious #anxiety #mentalhealth #wellness #awareness

Mauro Ritter (@mauroritter)

Quando estiver bem consciente de suas emoções e do que elas indicam, nunca mais ficará sem saber o que está fazendo com seu pensamento. Sempre saberá se está se afastando ou se aproximando da meta ou do desejo pretendido. #life #like #love #thoughts #boanoite #happy #joy #goodvibe #fellgood #vida #amor #alegria #pensamentos #feliz #portoalegre #wish #dream #beard #barba #sonhos #wellness #wealth #goodvibe #fé #foco #gratidão #gratitude #leidaatração #lawofattraction #riqueza #força

D M Y A D A V I S (@ddavisfit)

▪At-Home▪ It was a rest day for me but I felt to urge to get a little sweat in after sitting for a long time adulting and calculating how much I would need to save per month in order to have a million in the bank when I retire...( I chuckled then closed my computer 🙄) Anyways, this is a full body workout with a core emphasis. Equipment needed: SOCKS and a slippery floor Try 5 reps each movement without stopping and do as many sets until you sweat! PS the video is speed up!!🤗 #fitness #wellness #strenth #inspire #fitfam #motivation #fitnessgoals #afrogirlfitness #girlswholift #core #shoulders #letitburn #girlswithmuscles #fitspo #getstrong #fitnessaddict #aesthetics #gymtime #fitnessmotivation #sweat #athomeworkout #fullbody #sunday

Lisa Viapiano, DC (@drlisav)

|| This Is What It’s All About. || So much love, positive energy ( and sweat 💦) in one room today @soulcycle. . Awesome people joining together for the Ride For A Child event to sponsor children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. . Thanks @evanarbour and @earthtoearl for sharing your light and fabulous musical stylings with us!! 💪🏼#rideforachild #sweat

Jessica Meade (@oilsbyjess)

Forming good, healthy habits gives me a feeling of accomplishment and success🙂💪🏻. I’m on day 21 of taking these chewables and I’m loving it.

MindfulSelf-Compassion.ca (@mindfulselfcompassion.ca)

Recently, I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop for caregivers. I began the session by having each participant introduce themselves and list their various caregiving roles.  I was deeply moved as each individual shared the family, friends, and pets that they provided support to in their day to day lives on top of their volunteer and work caregiving responsibilities.  So many people relying on the 15 women that were assembled in the room! I felt honoured and humbled to be amongst such giving individuals. . The workshop focused on becoming mindful of the symptoms of caregiving fatigue so that we can respond with self-compassion; learning to comfort and care of ourselves in response to our suffering.  One vibrant woman, I’ll call Betty, identified herself as someone who had very few caregiving responsibilities.  Betty said that as a great-grandmother she felt lucky that most of the responsibility and the inherent stressors related to caregiving were behind her.  Following the workshop, Betty approached me and let me know that her adult daughter was gravely ill. Betty said “I don’t know why I didn’t even think of this when you asked us at the beginning. I think I compartmentalize my feelings as a way to cope”. (Cont'd in comments 👇👇👇)

Deborah Seidner (@cleverlittlemadam)

Go a mile deep and really dig in rather than spreading yourself thin and going a mile wide. Choose a whole day this week (if you can...otherwise an hour would be better than nothing!) to focus on what really matters to you rather than allowing yourself to get distracted by little things.

🇫🇷 Emmanuel GENEVEY-METAT (@egm24dm)

✨ KICK OFF 2018 - DAY 2 ✨ Deuxième journée d’une très haute qualité !! 🔥 🍃 Reconnaissances !! 💥 🍃 Formation nutrition par le Dr Jacques Manic !! 🍃 Récompenses régionales !! 🍃 Développement personnel !! 🍃 Partages d’histoires !! T E A M ❤️ ➖ 👥 Facebook : Emmanuel GENEVEY-METAT 👻 Snap : manu2u 📷 Instagram : egm24dm ➖ #kickoff2018 #lyon #congres #formation #seminaire #leadership #independant #coachs #leaders #developpement #business #equipe #team #event #onfire #energie #puissance #vision #futur #smile #inspire #inspiration #wellness #coaching #bienetre #impact #entrepreneur #remiseenforme #rencontre #training

maya moverman (@mayamoverman)

The arch of the neck mirrors that of the low back, the groin, the foot. Come bask in the impeccable nature of your design w me this week @skytingyoga :: Monday 8am (TRI) + Thursday 10am (CHI)

Shredded Strength Institute (@shredded_strength)

Relaxing after yesterday’s Sunday Class! What are you most grateful for? Yesterday I took some time out to really focus on what I’m grateful for in my life and what changes to incorporate this year to make sure I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and enjoy every day despite any ups and downs. 2018 is going to be a great one!! I’ve set some goals and am focused to smash them!! 💪👊 Australia Day on Friday, get you workouts in at Shredded to help you feel bikini ready!! 🙌🙌 After 2 weeks eating all the rice, sake and everything else in Japan, ( including pancakes for breakfast 🙊🙊🙊), I am back on track with training and nutrition that makes me feel fit and strong! 💪💪🏂 I’m on a GBC program for the next week ( more focused on fat loss) and then next week will be moving on to a split routine focusing on hypertrophy. ( building muscle) 💪💪 If you need a new program to get you on track, give Shredded a call and we’ll get you one sorted that’s just right for you! ❤️ Kelly xx ( just in case you thought this was Marty in his bikini 😜😜) www.shredded.com.au #perthgym #grateful #timeout #perth #australiaday #health #wellness #chill #program #goals #meditation #silence #lovelife #livelife #dolife 👙: @seafollyaustralia

Simplegreenearth (@simplegreenearth)

We are so excited about our grand opening on 2/1/18! 🎊We want to be your number one choice for all things healthy. Whether you are a die hard health fanatic, a passerby, vegan, kosher, think health conscious folks are nuts, curious, or just have enough knowledge to know that we deserve better than feeding our bodies toxic products come take a look 👀. Whether you shop individually or in bulk, we have you covered because convenience and variety will be at your fingertips. See you soon 🥂#wellness #earth #organic #organiclife #green #livesimple #simpleliving #cotton #yoga #artisans #community #handmade #nodirtybeauty #ecofriendly #bohochic #hippie #sustainability #simplegreenearth #trendyandgreen #peru #africa #india #miami

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