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Bolzplatzhelden (@bolzplatzhelden)

So ihr Fußball Experten. A,B,C oder D? ——————————————– ⚽️➡️ @bolzplatzhelden ⬅️⚽️ ——————————————– #bolzplatzhelden #wwm #werwirdmillionär #dfb #dfbelf #diemannschaft #deutschland #schland #dfbteam

BigKevvoLittleBitch (@bigkevvo_)

A nigga was headed in the wrong direction , I had to stop and just change my ways 💯 #WWM 🌍💰

When We Met (@whenwemetband)

YOTB is our feminist march song. This new version is on YouTube, it came out appropriately enough before this years women’s march, info to look it up in pic. Melissa wrote this song before Trump was elected president, before the first march. Inspired by @madonna’s 2016 Billboard women of the year speech and the political climate. It was just something we did for me to work out some feelings without the intention of making it a WWM song. We write a lot of music that doesn’t make it onto an album or get released. But after the election it felt right to record and release this song. The recorded version (on our album and online) is toned down a bit. This YouTube video we added my original part about the “locker room talk”. The content in this song is more and more relevant everyday as things progress in this new society. It still seams unbelievable that we have allowed this man to represent the United States, or is it very believable... Personally I was and am offended and disgusted, but then again we are artists weirdos with unique views and I don’t fit in the mainstream norm. Much love to you all, thank you for supporting us as musicians. ✌🏽✊✊🏼✊🏻✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽💔 Thx once again to @sayheypdx & @teribriggs for all your work with #musiciansrisingup and including us.

Murni Wan mohd nor (@murniwmn)

While Ibu attended a meeting tonight, Ayah was managing the fort at home. Ibu called Maya before the meeting started, just to chat..and later Maya said, "It is ok Ibu. I think u need to go do your work now." Later that night, Ibu was not back yet, Maya and her Ayah had a conversation: Maya: Where's ibu? Ayah: She's at work Maya: Nothing is more important than family Ayah: You're right maya Maya: But we're not family, coz Ibu is not here. Breaks my heart to hear my girl say that. Sometimes, necessary sacrifices must be made..time is spent away from the ones you love most. But one day you will know, my babies, that I did everything for you. Even in the advancement of Ibu's career, Ibu thought of you kids first. All of this, all of Ibu's hard work, is so that Ibu can make this world a better place for you. And so that Ibu can show you that if Ibu can do it--work and give the best Ibu can give for you--then SO CAN YOU. #murnithelecturer #murnithemom #wwm #mywin #womenwithmission #mywinacademy

Karen Osburn (@womenwantingmore)

SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO WALK RIGHT INTO THE FIRE. Or in my case today, the Wind. There is a wind storm on Victoria Island where I live. The waves in the ocean at Willows Beach across the street from our house are like nothing I've ever seen. As I walked my dogs early this morning, and salt water literally sprayed up from the ocean onto the sidewalk......the Lesson hit. This Beach is normally very calm. Like almost zero waves. Stand up paddle boarder dream. Calm beautiful ocean. Like glass. Yesterday, it was calm. Today, it is Chaos and Energy and Wild. Even my 2 big dogs did not want to keep walking down the street. But I took them right into it, ears flapping away in the wind. I had the time of my Life. I felt giddy. So so fucking happy. Why was I so elated to be IN this experience? Because I felt fully ALIVE. Like every cell of my being vibrating and turned ON. AWAKE and ALIVE. THIS is the way Life is supposed to be Lived. Fully Alive. Now, you don't need to search our extreme weather conditions to feel this. You can experience it in every day. Being present with your kids. Feeling your body when you Train. Engaged and listening with all of you in conversations. Letting go and connecting to your partner during times of intimacy. ALIVE. Your Life is NOT meant to be rote. Same old, same old. Your numbing behaviours and choices. ALIVE. ENERGY. AWAKE. Where are you holding back in your Life, when you really need to wake right in to that motherfucking windstorm today? Get to it. Your Life is waiting for you. . . . . #livelife #jump #goforit #power #wakeup #fullyalive #women #womenwantingmore #WWM #TheSisterhood #TheEvolution #podcast #podcaster #podcasting #Marriage #motherhood #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #powerfulwomen #alphafemale #power #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #fuckyes #strongwomen #podcastsforwomen

The Warehouse West Melbourne (@the_warehouse_west_melbourne)

Afternoon inspiration. Are you ready to start your journey?

Piticas Shopping Boa Vista (@piticasrecife.boavista)

Nossos moletons fazem o maior sucesso em nosso Quiosque, essa semana nossas funcionárias e nosso cliente deram um show. Usando eles!! No friozinho quem não quer um, hein? Ainda não tem o seu? Garanta já! Procure nosso quiosque localizado no Shopping Boa Vista, na nova etapa em frente a Renner! (Voltamos para o lugar antigo) Estamos esperando por vocês!! 😍😍😍 #WWM #moletons #equipeboavista #garantajaoseu #Piticas #piticasboavista

Dr. Watchman (@drwatchman)

💯You know it’s got to be True Love 💏 💕 💯When you have a king-size-bed 🛏 💯But lay your head on the same pillow @ night 🙊 ✔️ 💯Hold hands throughout the night 🙈 ✔️ 💯With legs intwined all night 🐵 ✔️ 😍😘😜😋😛🤪👅 💟 #ThisIsOurLife ✝️ #WWM 🙏🏽 #truelove

Miri 🌺 (@miris.wwlife)

#mealprep Mein Essen vorzubereiten, ging heute schnell 😂 habe ein Fertiggericht von @weightwatchers_deutschland einfach umgefüllt, und zwar Rad Mango-Chili-Chicken 😊ich bin schon sehr gespannt! Ansonsten war es am Wochenende nicht so spektakulär, Freitag war ich auf einer Party, Samstag hab ich nur rumgehangen und heute hatte ich ein Spiel, wir haben natürlich gewonnen 😊👍🏼 Jetzt warte ich noch auf mein Essen & dann ist Couching angesagt 😍 Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Abend und einen noch schöneren Start in die Woche 😘✨ #pälmchenkocht #pälmchennimmtab #weightwatchers #wwdeutschland #teamweightwatchers #gemeinsamrichtungziel #punktfürpunkt #ww #wwm #wwmädels #wwrezepte #wwfooddiary #projektbikinifigur #bodytransformation #tupperware

Fanpage{0,1k}💕 (@ehrlichbrxthers)

Omg, ich feier dieses Bild irgendwie voll. Chris guckt mega beeindruckt und verwirrt😹🔨💕. Ich werde morgen und übermorgen nochmal ein Meme posten🙌. -------------------- Markiere @ehrlichbrothers in den Kommentaren🔽 und ich Folge dir bzw. Likespam. -------------------- •Fragen -> DM oder Kommentar. •Ideen -> DM. •Kontakt aufbauen? Partnerseite? -> Schreib mir DM .🌹 -------------------- #ehrlichbrothers #chrisandandreasehrlich #chrisundandreasehrlich #chrisehrlich #andreasehrlich #FASZINATION #geschwisterliebe #brüder #magier #magie #magic #hammer #ehrlichbrothersfamily #werwirdmillionär #wwm

Tallaferro Parker🔑 (@itsonlynatural.ferro)

“...life and death lies in the power of the tongue.” So we speak on living life the way we want. Learning to use my words to help build up, encourage, guide, and break people out of their comfort zones feels good... #itsonlynaturaltowantmore #PSN #WWM #vibes #BackToTheBasics #GroundUp video cred: @mr_wewantmoore

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