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sophie✨ (@slimmingsoph_ww)

going to try and do this everyday for myself but also maybe to help at least 1 person?! BREAKFAST- 4 eggs, lots of mushrooms, scrambled and a side of apple and grapes (not pictured i was sooo hungry!!) all 0sp! LUNCH- 3 slices of WW malted danish bread (4sp according to app?) wager thin chicken (0sp) and Tesco bunny bites crisps (3sp) DINNER- naughty one after a long late shift but planned and in my points allowance! (also not pictured oops!) large McChicken sandwich meal, with a diet coke (11sp for burger 14sp for chips, but it was no where near full so counting as 10sp! 0sp for coke) SNACKS- Costa medium americano with sugar free syrup and dash of skimmed milk (1sp) Butterkist sweet popcorn snack bag (3sp) and a few pringles (counting as 5sp) Overall i’m rather happy for this day as my first, the mcdonalds is not a regular as i’m planning to have it cut out completely but the late shift and lack of food left me no choice sadly! Also had 1 sugar free glass of squash to curb sweet cravings and a lot of water as usual! Here’s to tomorrow!! going to be prepped and take my breakfast into college to get one extra work in before my examπŸ˜“ #weightwatchers #weightwatchersuk #ww #wwflex #smartpoints #wwuk #wwuksupport #wwukfamily #flexplan #theflexeffect

Kay (@wwdarling)

No Count Day πŸ’— standard week day breakfast, porridge and fruit #porridge #banana #mandarin No Count Day πŸ’— hunters chicken, chips and peas for dinner πŸ’— 3sp for the BBQ sauce and lighter cheddar #chicken #peas #chips #cheese #bbqsauce #weightwatchers #weightwatchersuk #mywwjourney #mywwdailytracker #nocount #smartpoints #wwfood #wwmealideas #wwmeals #myweightlossjourney #wwplanning #wwworks #wwuk #wwlifestyle #wwukfamily #wwsmartpoints #wwnocount #wwdinner #dinner #wwfooddiary #wwflex #TheFlexEffect

Amys_WW_Diary (@amys_ww_diary)

I’ve been thinking about this allll day πŸ’­. Griddled Mango Slices, sprinkled with Sweetener & Cinnamon. A drizzle of @myproteinuk SF Maple Syrup. And 4SP of @halotopuk Cinnamon Roll ice cream. Happy now - sweet tooth satisfied and ending the day on 28SPπŸ˜„ #bluedotbuddies

Amys_WW_Diary (@amys_ww_diary)

A slightly adapted WW Mag Recipe for dinner. It was really zingy and fresh with the lemon zest & juice πŸ‹. Linguini Pasta (6SP) with Quark (1SP), onions, garlic, mushrooms, peas, asparagus, lemon zest & juice. Country Vegetables on the side 🌈. Pasta is definitely WW friendly if you use clever hacks such as Quark instead of creamy sauces x

Amys_WW_Diary (@amys_ww_diary)

I πŸ’— my pan separator from @lakelanduk. So clever to keep my 6SP portion of Linguini separate from my eldest’s portion. It’s a great idea for separating wholewheat from white or separating out your vegetables too x


Lunch Subway chicken tikka salad 4️⃣sp . #wwuk #wwukfamily #wwukfooddiary #weightwatchersuk


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