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Brontosaurus😀 (@bronte_and_king)

Don't come back saying you miss me when it's your fault im gone 💋 #yourfaultnotmine #freshstarts

Scott Stornaielo (@o.g.all_the_vault)

Reading is. 🔑 Be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE! Everytime an exclusive shoe drops I put up a preorder. Everyone has a chance to get the shoe. When I get shoes PREORDERS are filled then what's left is left. #OgAll #VaultLifestyleBoutique #vaultlifestyle #yourfaultnotmine

Nikki Cruz (@darling_nickknack_216)

Worst thing in life u can do is be fucking liar to a real ass bish! #yourfaultnotmine

Rebecca Lykudis (@rlykudis)

Berkleys newest nice note......this time bc I sent them to bed at 7 bc they were hitting each other the whole ride home after asking them several times to stop. #iswearthemoreitellthemtostoptheworsetheyget #yourfaultnotmine #imsoooobad #daughternotestomom

Mila (@mila_furbaby)

To all those people who thought brady and I couldn’t do it on our own!! Well guess what sweeties we did it, we did not have to ride on the backs of others to do so, we have our beautiful dog, beautiful home and no one riding on our backs to make themselves look better! Karma was not a bitch to us karma is a bitch to you,who didn’t believe in us and who tore us down, sitting there all alone with no one around you is your own karma not ours! We have our little family growing and knowing you’ll never be in it,is karma on your end! Maybe you should start looking at your own karma and realize the true facts in life yourself!! #done #rant #myfamily #notinit #stayaway #ownkids #yourfaultnotmine #bye

Cookie the Cavoodle (@coowookie)

Silly human. Stop grumbling and come over here. I'll give it a lick and make it all better. #yourfaultnotmine #playingrough

Jen Chung (@jenjenc86)

1952 vs 2017 (learning how to use instagram. Just found out how to shrink my photo to fit the frame haha 😳OMG #toohardforme #oldgeneration #instagramishard #learningslowlybutsurely #sorryforrepost)

킴 넷 (@nette_kim)

When someone not willing to take the blame or admit their mistakes, there’s always someone else to blame and take the responsibility😓 #yourfaultnotmine #beresponsibleforyouractions #hidupjanganmenyusahkanoranglain

Keri Adams (@i_am_the_chief_of_you)

Cuz every Christmas season you bloody go to rugby practice and leave me with the woman , thanks egg.... #dogshaming #canibitethem #yourfaultnotmine #takemetopractice #dogsofinstagram #instagramdogs #bigdogs #mastiff #dontbullymybully #whymelord

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