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Why I use the gear I use? or, Why I shoot the way I do it? Photography is all about your vision and less about the gear. With sophisticated cameras coming up every now and then in small packages (read: smartphones) photography has become all the more accessible to anyone and everyone. You can shoot great photos while using just a fixed focal length prime lens, like the 50mm. Alternatively, you can even use your phone’s camera. Both are my favourite tools for shooting a wide range of subjects and situations. Having said that, it is perfectly ok if you prefer using a number of lenses to suit your needs. Remember this: There are no rules here. I have used Nikkor 70-200mm and the 24-120mm zoom lenses professionally. But personally, my best shots have been done using only my favourite 50mm. I have photographed architecture, products, landscape, kids, portraiture, macro (yes!), travel, and street using just that one lens. It is so versatile. Take a look at my instagram here. In the beginning of 2017, I attended a workshop in Dubai. The instructor was a huge photographer with the National Geographic and she told us that she has shot photographs (that got published) on professional assignments with her iPhone. However, I do wish to try the Nikon D500 with 16-80mm kit lens. Let me know your thoughts about that lens in the comments below. Mirrorless cameras are a rage too at the moment. But they are very, very expensive. Moreover, since I switched to Nikon 2.5 yrs back I don’t wish to juggle my investment between different brands now. As they say, too many choices fuel confusion. Here are my top 5 reasons for shooting with minimal photography gear: 1. Reduces loads of unnecessary stress, both physical and emotional. 2. Forces you to think out of the box and stimulates creativity. 3. Shifts your focus on shooting rather than worrying about what lens to use and when. 4. It feels liberating to use minimal gear and is ideal for practicing minimalist photography. 5. The best camera or the best lens is the one you have with you. So stop worrying and start shooting :) So what are you #shooting today?